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Distance Heritage, Attempt 2

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Blue winter rose, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Saturday evening first week of school Place: Highschool in Iben jibzen
    Maria(Lyanne’s aunt)
    Maria sat around the tables they had moved together for the weekly meeting. She was in charge of making notes so whilst she listened to what is been said she also typed along. Most of the people at the meeting were guardians of the demigods but, there were also a few demigods there that, were of age and so allowed to join. This week there were no immediate threats to discuss, just a couple possible security problems and a couple of stunts a couple of the demigods had pulled during the summer break.

    Lyanne sat at a table in the lunchroom of the school. Whilst she looked at the other people in the room, most of the underaged demigods were there as well, although a couple of them had some sort of after-school curriculum or didn’t come along. Lyanne being 17 years old was the oldest of them and she did feel some sort responsibility for them. Some of the young teenagers sometimes forgot that there were also other people in the lunchroom, that weren’t allowed to know who they were. Someone had to be there to watch them, too be fair she did like the social contact as well. It was nice to talk openly with people without having to hide her big secret.

    Even though she liked being around the other demigods, it bothered her she wasn’t allowed to attend the meeting, she was 17 not 14 anymore. Surely she was adult enough to join in a meeting about her own safety, but they had been really clear no one below the 18 was allowed to join. Something to do with making sure they got a normal childhood. What was a stupid excuse in Lyanne’s opinion. They were children of Gods and goddess, hunted by the government, not necessarily a normal childhood. She would turn 18 in a couple months so it wouldn’t take long before she could join in, till then she had to do with the stories she got out of her mother. Once she had even tried to hack in her aunt's computer but, it had no use since her aunt had all the information on USB stick she carried around everywhere around her neck.
  2. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola Cheroutte would be walking down the halls of the school as of now. She had made a slight detour in her way to the bathroom to grab some water to drink, as she was taken by slight surprise and did not manage to drink at home at all. There would appear to be a meeting for the parents of demigods that Viola can join in on now that she is finally 18. Because it is new she decided she could join in. Because there was time before the meeting officially started she took a slight detour on her own around her high school. It feels nice to be back here for her.

    After walking around Viola would make it to the room that was meant for the adults - parents and demigods alike - as she opened the door and entered the room. There were a couple of chairs and tables, with most of them filled up. It was clear that there is just enough seats for parents and demigods that are 18 or above. ''Sorry I'm late. I had to get myself a little drink.'' She commented as she proceeded to take a seat next to her mother, not looking at her or talking with her as she waited in silence for how things would continue from now, seeing how this is her first time in a meeting like this.
  3. Leon Wood was sitting in one of the chairs, he had been in the meeting a couple of times, he was always the silent one in the meetings, since he was a person who didnt talk much at all, he mostly only said the necessary things, if he didnt need to say anything or if he thought he didnt need to say anything, he wont say anything, he is mostly busy with thinking, thinking about alot of stuff
  4. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Riley, Violet's and Silvan's adoptive mother was just outside the room, talking to the two twins. She had arrived a little late, because of them and she needed to have a decent little discussion to make sure they behave themselves this time. Now it was clear that the twins and the mum weren't related at all. Violet and Silvan were dark skinned with brown eyes while Riley was much more pale with blond hair.
    "Now, I want all of you guys to be at your best behaviour. It's for your own safety, remember."Riley said to the two of them
    "Yeah, yeah we know. One question, have you ever met our mum? Like actual mum?" Violet asked Riley.
    "Oh well yeah. I think I did though it was a casual appearance."

    Back when Riley was a teenager, she often watched some of the guys placing basketball right after school. It was here she first met her husband Mr. Sultan and the twin's real dad. Both guys always played after school.
    "Hey, he's pretty cute." A random girl, appearing no older then Riley said.
    "Oh, he's my boyfriend."
    "No, I mean the other one. The black guy."
    "Oh yeah, he's pretty cute too." Riley responded.
    "Yeah, we're definately going to have twins in the future."
    "My name's Liang."

    *end flashback*

    "Oh really? So what was she like on that encounter?" Violet asked.
    "Ehh... A pretty average person, there's nothing about that first encounter that's note worthy." Riley responded, she just remembered the flashback. Well, at least Riley knows where Violet's randomness most likely came from. She left the two of them in the hallway and proceeded to walk right inside of the room. She proceeded to take her seat right before anything important was brought up.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2018
  5. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member


    “Don’t worry, nothing important came up as for now, you are not the last one either, we are still expecting, Riley,” she said. Right at that moment, the woman walked inside of the room, “Oh look there she yes,” she said as she typed down the times that they all arrived.

    The one leading the meeting scraped his throat, “are we all complete?” he asked. Maria nodded, “yes, Mateo,” she said as she checked up the list, “Everyone saying they would come is here,” she answered her brother. He had really short dark brown hair, broad body build and loud strict voice, typical for a soldier in a high ranked. The man had retired years ago after he got severely wounded at his shoulder during action. The man unable to do nothing had focused himself on protecting the demigods after Maria had told him everything. She wanted to keep a secret, but, keeping a secret for Mateo is as good as impossible. He was wary at first, knowing first hand what, they could do. Over the years he did grew found of the demigods especially the ones of the gods of war and the guardian.

    “Good, let us begin with a round, to share anything that could be from any value of the security, a strange car, something stupid your children have done, anything no matter how small it may seem,” he said as he looked at everyone at the table, all serious in a tone that made you doubt about yourself if you couldn’t think about something. He did that every week and every week at least something came up, it wasn’t always a treat but, he did stop some disastrous from happening. “all right let’s start with Maria and move clockwise,” he added.

    “Lyanne had told me about the new English teacher, Mr Brewers who seemed to have a lot of interest into the demigods, she couldn’t tell for sure, but, it seemed like he was filming them as well,” she spoke. Her brother nodded seriously, but, waited for the others, to tell anything that caught there attention, sometimes those things could explain things, what gave a better overview of the situation. besides, she had already called him as soon as Lyanne showed her worries, as he had ordered them to in addition to sharing it in the meeting to keep everyone up to date and discuss problems.

    Two men dressed in military clothing walked into the lunchroom. On their helmets was written DCR. Those three letters ware enough for Lyanne to go into survival mode. Quickly she picked up her phone to message her uncle, she didn’t dare to call in front of the men like that. As she watched the math-teacher stood up and walk in their direction. She tried to think of what to do. Stay here to listen to the conversation and protect the younger ones and hope her uncle had seen her message or go to the others to warn them. Finally, she decided to go for the last option. With a bouncing heard she stood up and walked to the exit opposite of where the men stood. Every cell in her body wanted her to run as fast as she could to the others but, she forced herself to walk slowly like she was just going to the toilet or something. “Can I help you?” Lyanne heard the teacher ask the two men behind her. “We have restriction order,” the men answered just as Lyanne slipped into the empty hallway.

    When she was far away into the hallway that they couldn’t hear her anymore she started to run. She nearly ran into Violet and Silvan standing in the hallway when she came to a stop in front of the classroom. “There are people from the government with a restriction order,” she said to the two of them as she tried to catch her breath.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
  6. Leon nodded from the story of Maria "i have heard that story as well, quite suspicious if you ask me, since only us demigods were in her interest.. and none of the non-demigods were in her interest, so i can confirm that i have heard it from other students who had classes from her" Leon answered Maria as he explained of what he heard from the other students
  7. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola would listen carefully at what was said to them as she sat there silently. A teacher filming the demigods? It sounded like a typical story of a creep filming children. ''So there is a teacher that likes filming demigods? Where does he film the demigods? In the showers? Because that would be a pretty quick route out from employment - especially if he films female demigods.'' Viola decided to ask in a rhetorical manner. It sounds like Mr. Brewers might be a bad teacher who she should do her best to avoid. Viola is slightly caught in her thoughts as of now, thinking about potential scenarios of what could happen if she ever catches the teacher filming her.

    Viola's mother would be gently irked by her comment as she soon speaks. ''There may be something,'' Jessica started. ''My daughter had recently into a fight with a guy outside of school while returning back home. It was one of the jock from the school.'' She said with a dissapointed face. Viola soon gently groaning at her mother. ''It's fine, mom. I only broke his face a little bit. He deserved it like the jerk he was.'' Jessica would quickly react with an irk. ''You shouldn't even fight, Viola. You could have killed him and caused a ruckus and ruined your life permanently.'' Jessica said to Viola as the duo started arguing. ''What ever. I know what I am doing, mom. I am now 18, remember?'' Viola said, sighing.
  8. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Riley took a deep breath, it could very well be that the teacher who's taking pictures could just be a pedophile but the risk is obviously something much too high to dismiss. She'll have to report the potential incident to the principal the moment the meeting is over. "The demigods would just have to be extra careful whenever that teacher is near, and also avoid answering any potentially personal questions he might ask." Riley commented once it was her turn. She began to think about just how her own adopted kids might react to such a thing. The twins aren't exactly very secretive when it comes to their own abilities. While their prime powers may just be a little bit difficult to detect, people looking closely might be a little bit suspicious about it.

    "The twins managed to secretly join an engineering competition, they beat the three times champion just yesterday. Note the average age of the contestants was about 18 years old. I doubt it's a big deal but they may be pushing their luck." Riley finially said, the trophy was back home, much too big for her to carry.

    "Oh, and Viola, listen to your mother."


    "Maybe the government finially caught up to my piracy of new movies and video games." Violet commented. She was just interfering with an RC plane controller. She looked up to Lyanne. "If that's true, I must destroy the evidence." Violet added, then the smashed her phone on the floor and jumped on it, the phone broke that instant.

    No, that was Silvan's phone. Violet smashed hers yesterday for a totally different reason. Silvan frowned at her and picked up the broken device, it's still fixable.
    "Maybe we should tell everyone that they're on to us?" Silvan suggested, he looked the cellphone and proceeded to see what was damaged exactly. It shouldn't take more then five minutes to repair. This might be the moment when interesting things actually happen.
  9. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Lyanne shook her head and held up her eyebrows as she stared at Violet smashing her phone. She nodded at Silvan and threw open the door to the meeting room. “There are men who have the order to arrest us,” she spoke quickly before anyone could tell her to leave.

    Lyanne wasn’t even done speaking or Mateo had already stood up. ‘Where are they?” he asked as he walked in the direction of the door.

    “last time I know they were in the cafeteria talking with Mrs. Smith,’ lyanne answered. Mateo nodded, “all right stay here, I go take a look,” he said. “You two to,” he said as he gestured Silvan and Violet to go inside the room. When we wanted to walk in the direction of the cafeteria the two men with the teacher already arrived at the classroom “This is one of the members of the club,” the teacher said relieved she didn’t have to deal with it anymore.
    “We have an order to arrest everyone from the SPOSC, don’t worry we will take the children to somewhere safe,” one of the men said. “I much rather take care of finding a place for them myself,” Mateo said as he placed himself in between the men and the classroom.

    Maria quickly pulled the USB- stick out of the computer and clicked it back on her necklace and hid it under her shirt. Mateo had given it to her, it seemed just like an ordinary necklace, only if you investigated very carefully you could see, a fine line where you could pull it apart.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  10. Leon saw the two men and remained really calm, but in his head. He was thinking about alot of things, from possible escape routes to object that could be used as a weapon to ways of taking the weapons away from the mans of the government. He also listened carefully to the conversations being held, and also looked around to see what everyone's reactions were and actions were. he also noticed Maria putting away the USB-Drive underneath her shirt, an extremely good way of covering it since it was barely isible indeed. No one would think of that place when you would be searching for an USB
  11. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola sighed and groaned at the comments that were on the side of her mother. ''Yeah, yeah. Sorry if I am a bit angsty, mother.'' She said at her mother, with a bit unserious tone.

    Viola would listen to the issue of a pair of demigods defeating a champion. She could just almost instantly know how worrying this situation can be, but then again they only beat the champion once, which can easily be a case of luck. ''Hey, the champion only lost to them once, so it can be viewed as a case of luck and less as a case of the duo being demigods. I don't believe they are pushing their luck just yet if it is just the first time they did this.'' She said. ''Besides, a little pushing one's luck once in a while can be helpful in certain cases, like it can make people actually believe their feats to be thanks to luck and intense training - latter of which is obviously not true - and have them not believe that they are demigods of any sorts.'' Viola would comment as she rested in her chair, gently leaning backwards, having her back facing the door leading to the room.

    ...Viola then hears the door opening as she thought it was someone coming in that entered even later than her, not reacting too much at first. Once she heard what was mentioned her facial expression grew stale. She could gently feel the adrenaline start pumping in her veins as the situation grew tense in just a simple unexpected moment. She quickly made her way to stand up. She would flip around her chair as she took a steady hold from her chair, preparing to carry it with her as a weapon. ''Alright. So government is trying to take us in for some creepy experiments? Then let's make sure they have to experiment on our dead bodies if they ever catch us. Does anyone have any ideas as to through where can we escape?'' Viola said in a hurry, eyeing others.

    Viola's mother would stand up as she looks at others. ''We could try escape with a car, but that has the issue of them potentially tracking it down, so we would need to switch our vehicle at some point. We could drive a while, then split up and grab a couple of taxis and use that to meet up somewhere where they wouldn't expect demigods in - a bar. Does anyone has a plan as to how we can sneak out and grab a one of our cars?'' The mother said.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  12. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "The theatre arts room is just a few doors from here, maybe disguises." Violet suggested. A bad idea unfortunately the police is already outside with an old guy stalling them for a couple of seconds. There's do way to get to the theatre basically, no way at all. Fighting could be the next option, or just getting arrested. But, Violet really doesn't want to sleep in a jail cell.

    "While disguises can work, the government is already outside and we'll need a decent enough distraction in order to sneak pass them. And that doesn't solve the problem that we'll need to get out of the school, and not together." Riley responded instantly and took a deep breath, she began thinking a little bit more and looked at the other two demigods. It may be inevitable for them to attempt to fight their way but that might just alert even more of the soldiers to come chase them down. If they just allowed themselves to be arrested, things would just be too unpredictable to do anything.

    Riley continued to think for a moment. So, there's two War demigods, two Creation demigods, and one Earth demigod.
    "So. It's simple. I need Viola and Leon on either side of the door. Once the soldiers walk in, the both of you would have to grab and restrain them enough. Once that happens, the twins should be able to knock them out with pressure points. That should buy us enough time for a meaningful escape. All that in 5 seconds and less, understood?"

    "I will not be held liable to any serious injury or permanent paralysis of the soldiers in the event I accidentally cause a blood cloth or damaged nerve. Any murder charges will therefore be brought to the respective guardians." Silvan commented with a blank expression.

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
  13. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Maria nodded quietly as she held her hand on the USB stick resting on her chest. She should have deleted what was on it. She glanced at the door, behind it she heard the voice of her brother trying to keep them back. He would do anything to keep them safe she knew that other than the coward that was Lyanne’s father.

    Hoping the kid would have enough time, she did her necklace off and threw it in the direction of Silvan, "You know what to do with that," she said nodding at the boy. They had talked this over before when the need came high he or Violet could make the USB stick useless. It still felt bad giving something important like that to a young boy, they were supposed to keep safe.

    On the other side of the door, the two policemen started to get annoyed with the men stubbornly standing in front of the door. “That is not for you to decide,” one of the men said holding up a paper. The other nodded at the door, “So, I assume this is where the rest is, be nice and let us past,’ the other police-agent said. “No,” Mateo said as he blocked the door completely.

    The man holding the paper took a gun, ‘it is useless, man you just step aside, there is more of us there is no way you can’t get away you don’t want any violence in front of the children, do you?” he said calmly. Behind him Maria opened the door, “What do you want?” she asked. The man put the gun away and smiled, “see the woman is smart,” he said. Mateo walked backwards pushing Maria away from the door.

    Lyanne felt her heartbeat race as she watched how the two men walked into the room, “ok just all keep calm, nothing bad will happen,’ one man said as the other put his hand on his ear, “They are all in the classroom 056,” he spoke quickly, as he rapidly counted the people in the room.
  14. Leon nodded as he went to stand on his place, waiting calmly for the police men to come inside. his heart was racing but he seemed calm for the others, as the police man walked inside. he stayed silent and awaited for the sign to attack one of the men to keep it restrained
  15. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola nods, dropping the chair in a careful manner as she walked up to the door to make her way. She leaned against the wall with her hands squished into fists. Soon the guards would walk in and is their chance to beat them down before things go south. She would stay silent as she waited and waited for her chance to assault the two men.

    Soon the door opened inwards, with Viola holding her breath as she stays stationary there, waiting in hopes of the guards entering far enough for her to see how many there are. Listening to the footsteps as the men entered she would suspect that there were two, and her suspicion was soon corrected as the two entered the room. She would eye them carefully, hesitating in one field - if she attacks and the other demigod does not help her, then the guard that she is not assaulting at the time can easily shoot her up, which would only make this a problem for them, and more specifically her.

    Viola was done hesitating once she heard the guard mention some words quickly, with her barely making out that he said the classroom. There are reinforcements coming and they have to leave this room quickly, so no time to knock them out peacefully. She quickly starts running towards the two from behind, with her quickly walking up to one of the guys to raise her foot up and high to give the guard a roundhouse kick from behind. Her foot would hit his head in a fashion that most force would be just above the ankle as she used her brutish strength in hopes of pushing the guard to the ground and unto his side.
  16. Leon saw Viola move towards the guards as he ran along with her, picking up the pace as she starts to run to the guards. As she went for a roundhouse kick to the head of guard #1 as he applied the same kind of kick to the second guard since it was really effective, Leon's and Viola's kicks would hit at nearly the same moment on nearly the same spot on each guard
  17. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Silvan and Violet waited for the right opportunity to strike, once the two demigods gave the officers the appropriate kick. Violet was most eager, going to the one closest to him. The specific clothes they were wearing did make it rather problematic but she could manage. The girl made her move, she targeted the pressure points on his shoulders, she then stepped forward to hit one on the spine. That should be good enough for a temporary paralysis. Silvan didn't hesitate either. He stepped forward, hitting multiple points on the point for a longer, slightly more dangerous paralysis, especially one around the neck. Silvan stopped for a moment, fearing he might have accidentally stopped the heart, so he hit a particular part again. Once all that was done, both laid on the floor, motionless.
    "Done." Violet commented instantly, she stepped back for a moment, just hit them on the head to knock them out.

    Silven then proceeded to break apart the flash drive into tiny little pieces, before he forgets. When he was done with it, he placed the pieces in his pocket.
  18. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Mateo put his hands in his side, “Seems like I underestimated you,” he said nodding. “We need to get away, Viola, Leon you will follow behind. Silvan, Violet, stay at the sides, the rest of you stay in the middle,” he ordered, when he said the last words he looked in the direction of Lyanne. When she nodded shortly he walked through the door nearly walking into the teacher that was still standing there in shock.

    “Better you be silent,” he whispered at the woman before he leads the other through the hall. He held up his gun and walked quickly to the door that what lead to the theatre. There he stopped them as he carefully peeked around the corner of the door, his gun aimed at anyone that would lurk behind it, as he had learned at the military. When he saw no one he gestured at the other to follow him inside of the room.

    Lyanne followed her uncle to the other room staying in the middle as she had been ordered. It annoyed her that she was allowed to help, where Violet and Silvan even though being younger could help. She knew better than to complain about it right now. When they were outside her magic would have been more useful she knew.

    Just as Lyanne walked into the theatre at least ten policemen better armed than the first two hurried around the corner. As they got sight of the last demigods and their parents running into the theatre they, yelled at them to stop and the once running at the front even started shooting. But, only aimed low, only to stop not to kill. “Don’t shoot,” the teacher said but, her voice was barely hearable over the noise of the men running through the hall and the firing of bullets.

    When Mateo heard the screaming he stopped and turned around. “hurry up,” he called pushing them to enter the theatre room a bit quicker. He waited patiently to make sure everyone would enter the theatre safely before they would escape through the window and into the woods.
  19. Leon followed up the orders of Mateo carefully, since he was in the military, he knew what he was doing and Leon trusted him for that. Once Leon was inside the theater and heard the gunshots, he helped with the later people to help them inside together with Mateo, making sure no one is left behind and would get hit by the bullets
  20. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola panted for a moment after the kick, witnessing how their hastily changed plan was a success. She looked at Silvan and Violet do their work, seeing how they effortlessly knocked them out. ''So it is that easy for you to knock them out, huh?'' She commented. She gave a sigh of relief a moment later as she reached in down at one of the knocked out persons that wielded a gun when entering the room. She decides to grab the gun. She is a child of god of war, and so her taking the gun is just natural - better make use of one's heritage than deny it. She eyed the black and slightly heavy gun, slightly rotating it around before she stood up and looked at others.''Alright, we better make haste, as I heard the two mention the name of our class, so there may be reinforcements coming.'' She said as she got ready to do her part in their escape as she took the rear.

    Viola would walk closely in the back, while her mother stayed in the middle as she was told to. Once the gunshots started Viola would automatically react as she shouted. ''Quick quick!'' she said as she gently pushed the people that were in front of her to go faster as they rushed and made their way into the theatre room. Once they were there Viola would close the door shut, grabbing one of the chairs in the room that must have been there ready for a little meeting or something that must occur later in this room, using it to atleast a false sense of hope for them about the door staying locked. After the door was locked she looks left and right, noticing the window. She points at the window. ''Alright. We need to go out as quickly as possible once we break the window over there, because the sound of a window breaking will attract unwanted attention.'' Viola said as she looked around for something to safely break the glass with, but, after some failure at finding something she decides to walk up to the window as she bashes the glass, shattering it with the back of the gun taken from the knocked out guard in the classroom. Glass shards would fly a bit as they fell to the ground, with Viola flinching slightly before looking at others after the window was broken and a route outside was opened. ''Hurry up. We need to make it out as quickly as possible.''

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