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Distance Heritage, Attempt 2

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Blue winter rose, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "Silvan said he'll be back in less than five minutes or so. He said that five minutes ago." Violet commented, then she saw Silvan stepping into the scene with what appeared to a fairly big sandwich. Two sandwiches actually. Silvan gave his sister one of the sandwiches, proceeding to eat the other one himself. "Oh, there he is," Violet commented casually.

    "I wanted my sandwich deep-fried," Silvan said very much randomly.


    "Without distractions, it would take no longer than 3-4 hours through the tunnels. Not too long of a walk." The priest responded, "With the police occupied with locking down the city, any bad scum would likely take the opportunity to do a few crimes. I'm not sure if that would make the tunnels safer or more dangerous." The Priest said to the adults in the room. He looked at just about everyone.

    "Going early the next day would be best, but we'll to be ready to go at any moment, encase the police decides to search this church without a warrant," Riley said soon after. She could use a decent nap after all. "Who knows, we might even have some time to save a few family pets, and maybe get some resources." She added.
  2. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola groaned at the news.''Please. We have to rescue my cat. You would want to rescue them aswell if it was your own pet in question.'' Viola said in a bit groaning manner.

    Viola's mom sighs.''Listen, we can't get hte cat. You could end up shot or kidnapped while the city is in a shutdown.'' She said. Viola turned to look at her mom with searing ire in her eyes.''He's my beautiful cat! He can't suffer from our neglect. He deserves a better fate than this!'' Viola shouted at her, soon staying silent as she crossed her arms.
  3. Leon looked at Viola, did she seriously scream for the cat? But like. He didnt really have pets at all, so he coulnt really relate to it anyway. "your mother got a point with that, its really dangerous to get out on the streets now" he said "even if your house was really nearby, it would still be to dangerous" he added to his previous statement.
  4. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Lyanne raised her eyebrows, "You went to get food?" Lyanne asked as she shook her head. She glanced over at Violet what the girl found of her brother's behaviour. She decided not to say anything about it. It was not worth the struggle, he already had the food when she showed up anyway. Not her problem. "You didn't go to the part with the other people right?" she asked worried the boy might just cause a security problem because he wanted a sandwich.

    Mateo nodded at Riley, "The safety of the teenagers would be the first priority," he said. Keeping them safe was hard enough he didn't had to worry about pets. Then he looked over to the priest, "Thank you for letting us in. Can we stay over the night?" he asked.

    Maria nodded silently, "When the lockdown is over, you can ask the neighbours or someone else to bring the cat to our farm, or maybe he is welcome in the forest. Cat's are really smart, I am sure he be fine for a couple days," she said.
  5. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Violet looked at the sandwich, "Can I have half?" Silvan nodded and proceeded to give Violet the other half of the sandwich. Next time, he'll have the sandwich deep fried.
    "No, I don't go to the part with other people," Silva responded. He proceeded to eat his sandwich very casually.


    "Yes, there's a couple of rooms you can stay overnight. Not very comfortable though. Boys and girls at separate rooms, anyone under the age of 18 must have adult supervision. All those stuff." The priest said immediately.

    "Cat's can survive on their own in the wild just fine, Bob the cat just needs to be able to leave the house." Riley injected immediately, she began to think for a little bit. "We should be able to leave early in the morning that next day. Hopefully, arriving at the forest by 2 pm at the latest." She said.
  6. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Timeskip later that evening
    Lyanne lay down on the lowest bed of a bunk bed. It honestly felt like it could collapse any moment and it loudly creaked every time she moved. She shared a room with Viola and Violet. Her aunt together with the mothers of the twins, Viola and Leon shared the room next to them. A floor higher Leon and Silvan shared a room with Mateo.

    The mattress she as laying on was so old she was almost laying on planks of the bed and her head was full of worries and doubt. Now she was actually laying down she really felt the effect of using her magic so intensive. She never really used her magic and it honestly felt like she had run a marathon or something. So despite a head full worries, she dozes of relatively quickly.
  7. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola laid in her bed, but she had no sleep. She was restless and worried beyond sane boundaries about her cat. She is afraid of him starving, and he may end up taken in by some animal abuser. Viola had taken Bob from an animal shelter and she got to see so many pets that were in a worse shape than Bob - even if Bob wasn't in the best shape. She does not want Bob to get to as terrible shape as other cats and suffer.

    After a while of restless movement in her bed Viola proceeded to quickly rise up from the bed as she walked up to the wardrobe where she had stored her clothes. She starts changing her clothes and, once she had atleast her underwear on, she looked at others.

    ''Psst. Wake up. We need to rescue Bob.'' She said to the two others in a hushed voice as she got her black shirt on, with her next proceeding to put on her jeans. ''We can't leave him to starve. He already suffered enough before we took him in.'' She added a moment afterwards.
  8. Leon was laying on the top bed of the bunk bed, also the bed he was laying on cracked more than a old shack in the middle of a storm. He seemed pretty calm as he laid pretty still but his thoughts were pretty restless. This was because of the fact that it was a close call at the school, he felt pretty safe with Mateo around. Although it still woulnt help with much with him staying really calm about it.
  9. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "Unless we're planning on frying Bob, I'm not getting up," Violet responded she kept her eyes closed even longer. The girl sighed and remained in her little bed, right next to Viola of course. Eventually, she opened her eyes and looked around for a moment. "Still not going to chase down a cat, unless we're eating it." She added casually and stretched for a moment.

    Silvan wasn't asleep, he was in bed but not sleeping. Instead, he sat up, staring at the wall for what seemed to be for quite some time. Not a single word was spoken at all. For the most part, he's counted quite a lot of tiny details no sane person would ever care about. "There's over 20,000 specks of dust on each side of the wall, except for the one right beside the door." He'll tell himself, after counting the walls repeatedly.
  10. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Unbeknownst to the group, they had been seen as they had slipped inside of the church. Multiple people had tipped the police about six children and the adults slipping into the church. As everyone was lying in bed, sleeping or trying to sleep a special unit of the police was surrounding the mega church and made itself ready for an arrest.

    Mateo sat on the side of his bed as he looked at the two boys in the bunk bed. He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t get himself to rest. Normally he could sleep wherever whenever. A very useful talent in the army. But, then it was about his safety and that of his men. Now it went about the lives of others, others that relied on him to keep them safe.

    “Go try to sleep boy, you will need it tomorrow,” he said Silvan as he stood up. Unrestful he walked in the direction of the window and peeked outside. At first, he saw nothing just a dark street, lightened by lampposts. He just wanted to go back to sleep when he spotted an agent hiding behind a car. They found them.

    “Come wake up, wake up, they found us,” he called at the two boys. “We need to warn the rest and get out of here, as soon as possible,” he said to the two of them as he already walked in the direction of the door.
    Lyanne woke up from the voice of Viola trying to wake them up. “What is wrong?” she asked still half asleep as she slowly woke up. From where she was she couldn’t hear Mateo and was still unknown to the danger that was waiting outside.
  11. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola glares at Violet with daggers in her eyes. Did she just-.... She did not just suggest that. No, no. Not possible. And then, after a moment of silence, Viola opens her mouth with screaming words.


    Viola stood there, looking at Violet with angry eyes at what she suggested. ''I am sure your divine parent wouldn't mind it if you were to get murdered, seeing how deranged you are to suggest that!'' She said.
  12. Leon who was still awake sat straight up from the warning of Mateo as he directly knew what to do. He jumped out of bed making the object almost scream it out. As he handed on the ground he looked at Silvan. "We got no time to lose." He said to Silvan as he got up and followed Mateo out of the room to warn the others.
  13. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Violet was going to say that she wasn't being serious, or at least partially serious. But, just when Violet was just about to open her mouth in order to speak. A cool sensation crawled into her senses. The young demigod stood up and gazed out of the window for a moment and looked just a bit. "I think something's out there," Violet commented casually. She continued to look for just a little bit longer.

    All of a sudden, there was movement on those trees, quite a lot of movement actually. And they seemed to have heard the loud talking in the room, and pretty soon, an impressively accurate dark got shot on the cheek with a dark. "I'm going back to bed..." The demigod said, then slowly began to get a little drowsy and collapse on the floor. STUMP

    Riley's eyes widened when she heard something, the mother entered the room just when she saw Violet collapsing on the floor. She took the dart from her cheek. "Oh, no.."

    Silvan heard Mateo and got out of bed instantly. He quickly opened the door at that instant and proceeded to go right to the other bedroom, where his sister and mom is. "I heard a stump," Silvan commented casually but he was a little bit panicking right in his very soul. Sensing something had happened.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2019
  14. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Lyanne sat right up in bed as the girl started to scream. “Who is going to get murdered?” she asked as she stood up from the bed as she tried to make sense where the fight was about. “Viola, what did you do?” she called as Violet suddenly collapsed to the floor.

    Mateo rushed after Silvan and Leon as he ran past the door of the priest he forcefully knocked on the door, “We are busted,” he called. Before he followed the two boys downstairs. Afterall they were his main-priority, not the priest. He had warned him, hopefully, the man had some sort of plan in place.

    As he ran into the hall where the rooms of the others were he saw met up with Riley rushing out her room and opening the room of the girls. Mateo sped up as he heard her shocked scream. When he saw the girl laying on the ground he gestured for everyone outside of the room to stay there. Then he went down on his knees. “They found us, stay away from the window” he said to the rest as he gestured them to stay low and crawled in the direction of the girl.

    When he reached the girl he first checked if her airway wasn’t blocked as he had learned. “Go get that amulet and prepare yourself to go through those tunnels I will come,” he said, looking up for a moment. Then he put his hand on the girl's chest and waited quietly if he could feel a heartbeat.

    As in a trance, Lyanne went through her knees, kneeling down. What happened? What now? Shacking she crawled in the direction of Mateo and Violet as she tried to stay as low as possible. ‘Is she alive?” she asked shocked. “Can I do something?”
  15. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola stood there as all hell broke loose. She was shocked at the presence of how the situation evolved. In just the span of mere seconds did things escalate, with Violet on the ground. Viola's anger soon faded. She looked at Lyanne.''Not me! Someone else! I don't know!'' She shouted at her.

    Viola quickly ducked to avoid being seen by windows.''Who ever is outside is out to kill us. We need to grab her and take her with us to safety. We need to find the priest so we can esxcape. This is not a safe place to be in. Anyone got explosives?'' Viola asked as she had an idea, crawling up to Violet to grab her foot. ''Quick, we need to pull her out from here.''
  16. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    Heartbeats are normal, breathing is normal as well, it seems that Violet has been drugged into a deep, very peaceful sleep where she literally cannot wake up. Even though she may want to. For the most part, someone's going to have to carry her, at least until she's up and able to move her legs. Riley noticed her breathing and she looked at the dart that she pulled from the girl's skin
    "She's been drugged with the dart." Riley said immediately, "We need to go now. Very now."

    Silvan looked forward and took a deep breath, there's something out there. A lot of people actually. He moved away from the windows from a second and helped Viola pull her sister out of the room, away from the range. Very loud knocks were heard and pretty soon, the front entrance was busted open. Sounds of glass being broken were heard everywhere.

    "A phone or laptop can be an explosive, given a few seconds," Silvan replied immediately.

    "We need to slow them down, Lyanne, I'll need you to make large stone walls to block their paths to delay them." Riley said to Lyanne, "Everyone else to get to the tunnels."
  17. Leon went directly low once he discovered that Violet was taken down. He looked around and noticed her breathing by the sounds of her until it was overwhelmed by the panicking sounds of the other people. When all the sounds came from the doors and windows being slammed in. He was directly being set to sharp, as anything could happen. "You can have my phone" Leon said quickly as he slides the phone to Viola, it was an old hand held phne.
  18. Blue winter rose

    Blue winter rose Active Member

    Lyanne nodded and created a wall of stone infront of the window before she left out of the room with the others. As she left she created a wall blocking off a part of the hallway. She ran in front as she blocked the side hallways, preventing the soldiers from coming from behind or the sides.

    As they pulled Violet out of the room, Mateo picked her up holding her over his left shoulder in a way so he could also hold a gun in his right. It wasn’t the most practical way and he wouldn’t be able to shoot really efficient. but, atleast he was able to carry her around the quickest in this way. Luckliy Maria and some others did had weapons.
  19. Enki

    Enki Basileus kai autokratōr Rhomaiōn

    Viola pulled out her own phone and then took Leon's own. She reacted the flip flop phone and handheld phone to Silvan. ''Make the biggest and nastiest bomb you can make to push them off our feet. The phones can produce sound, so make a noise grenade or something to deafen the people running after us. Also, if possible, make it explode some moments after making a screeching noise. I will throw it.'' She said as she proceeded to squat and walk her way to the door, carefully opening it to peek out if there are people in the hallway. The stone wall set up by Lyanne luckily blocked the mysterious strangers, so they are temporarily safe. ''Alright, we need to get to the priest or someone else for safety.'' She said.
  20. Lil Proton

    Lil Proton Liàng Proton

    "Yeah, find the priest and we get to the tunnels immediately," Riley said immediately, she looked right at her daughter for a second, a frown came across her face. She stepped out of the room and immediately proceeded to head right to the priest's own office. It's just at the other side of the fairly large megachurch, no biggy. Riley proceeded to make her way right to the priest's office, she didn't bother knocking on the door. No time for that.
    "We got to go. Now." Riley said immediately.

    The priest jumped up from a snore and nodded. " Alright, the entrance through the tunnel is just behind that bookshelf," he said

    Silvan grabbed Leon's phone and he took Viola's the boy looked at them for a moment, the phone batteries would definitely create an explosion. But it wouldn't be a big explosion compared to a car battery or something along those lines. He messed with them for a second, combining both phones into one small, messy device with some of the wires sticking out of it. Then he handed the bundle back to Violet that instant. Press one of them on buttons and it would explode in like 3 seconds tops.

    Some more noise was heard, it seems that the police is attempting to get in through the front door.

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