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Elphanor: Forced Fates

Centuries ago, there was a large kingdom called Galana. This large kingdom was a strange one. In the North, ice and snow ruled the lands all year around. The deserts and extreme heat were everlasting as the sands in the South. Forest of red and oranges leaves and lightly chilled winds were perpetual in the East. Lastly in the West, large green trees and seas of blooming flowers were permanent on the landscape with warm air surrounding it. The people of Galana were varied and had their own cultures and traditions. As with any one or more differences, the people clashed with each other. At first it was a long list of disagreements, which eventually became a series of small wars. These wars were fought with just two parts of the kingdom. All this tension, hatred, and bloodshed led up to the final war where all of the four parts of Galana clashed against each other. Complete chaos reined across the giant kingdom. Brothers sled brothers, friends became enemies, and countless of innocent blood stained the landscape.

War leaders, from the four parts of Galana, grouped in the capital in the center of the kingdom for one last battle. During the height of the fighting, the King of Galana finally brought the nightmare of the Scarlet Land War to an end. Afterwards, he made the wise decision to dissolve Galana to give birth to four new kingdoms: Iroldak, Ruthen, Tibolt, and Gai. The king then appointed new leaders for these new kingdoms to be the royal and ruling families. After he did so, the new royal families came together with a decision. In return, they gave him and his descendants the title of High King. With that title, they respected the High King and his powers to council and advise them as well as to deescalate conflicts between them.

After the nightmare of the Scarlet Land War, each of the High Kings has always put forth an effort to step in and prevent outbreaks of warring acts among the kingdoms in an effort to preserve peace. In a way to promote peace they created the floating castle of Elphanor, once the capital of Galana, was created as a neutral space for meetings between the kingdoms. Where the kingdoms' rulers can come forth and build relationships to preserve the peace.

Every child of has heard this old tale before, about why there has always been a High King. Everyone believes that everything that they need to know about the past was more or less common knowledge. Much like the birth of the four kingdoms is well known among the people. Little did do they know that there is blank slate in their history.

Why was this gap important? After all, there are numerous of brief gaps through out history due to lost or destroyed documentation. The thing that made this historical 'Void' so special is because where this mysteries gap beginnings and ends. The Void starts after only a few years after the final war of Galana begins and ends almost right before the last battle. The four Scarred Lands were never mentioned or documented before the Void. Meaning they were formed during those lost years.

The Scarred Lands are four areas inside theses four kingdoms that have not healed since the war. Not just plants or animals never growing/coming back, but there are weird effects in place that makes them hazardous. The people accept the simple explanation of these areas as the result of horrific battles. If anything, these areas enforce why they need a High King as well as to keep this forced fragile peace.

Still even knowing most of their history and the Scarred Lands existing, they still do not stop each individual kingdom isolated itself from those around them apart from necessary trading. Why? Reasons varied from superior pride to simply wish to be left to their own devices. The kingdoms grew even more distant and distrustful of each other. One of the only things they shared is their mutual respect of the High King and will answer his summons.

In the last couple of decades, the four kingdoms have been growing restless. With long time of peace, signs of another possible war are appearing the High King decided to take action. The few people that knew the details of his plan would think it as a foolish idea of a mad man. his plan is to arrange each of the princes and princesses to marry a commoner from another kingdom.

To set this plan into action, the High King summoned the Kings and Queens of the four kingdoms to inform of them that he'll arrange their children's marriage. Rather they agree or disagree with his decision, they have to accept it. Now four commoners from different kingdoms have now been chosen for various reasons and will arriving the floating island of Elphanor where the princes and princesses will also be in attendance.

The time grows near, and the youngsters bound by the King's thread of fate and arranged to be married will soon meet each other...

The Kingdoms:
This kingdom lies in the North, with a perpetual winter climate of ice and snow. The Kingdom of Ice, as many people call it. People in this kingdom have adapted to these harsh climates buy trading with Tibolt and Gai. Many commoners hunt down seals, polar bears, white foxes, and wolves for meat and trade their fur and skins for fruits and vegetables, but it's rare for them to have "green" portions of their meal more than once every couple of months and eat nearly an all meat diet.

This kingdom lies South. Largely encompassed by desert landscapes, Ruthen boasts a everlasting summer climate. The Kingdom of Forgotten Kingdoms or Kingdom of Sand, as many call it. Ruins of small and large ruins hide in the sand domes slowly turning into dust as time goes on. A few of the commoners of this kingdom have taken treasure hunting as their profession, while other tend to make do what they find and build inventions to improve their lives even a bit. Ruthen does trading with Gai and Tibolt. They mainly scales from Giant Scorpions, skins of the various snake species, and fruits from their oasis which that largest oasis is where the capital and castle are built on.

This kingdom lies in the West with a everlasting spring climate. Gai is often called the Flower Kingdom. It is one of the most breathtaking kingdoms, due to flowers always being in bloom and perfume like smells fill the air. So it's not all that big of a shock that the castle where Gai's rulers live in was made in the large and oldest tree in Gai. Healing herbs, flowers, and perfumes are mainly what Gai trades with both Ruthen and Iroldak. Also Gai has a large population of many deer, elk, and rabbit species.

This kingdom lies in the East with a perpetual fall climate. The Rusted Gold Kingdom or the Fire Kingdom, as it is often called. Tibolt got those nicknames from their maple trees that always have red, yellow, or orange colored leaves making an illusion as if the forests are either made of rusted gold or it is on fire. The harvest of Tibolt is all year round with apples, wheat, acorns, pumpkins, and chestnuts. Many commoners are farmers which many of them grow mainly apples and chestnuts since they are high in demand of their trading with Iroldak and Ruthen. Many people enjoy eating apple and chestnut pies along with fresh wheat bread.

The Races:
These are fighters that have super strength compared to the rest of the other races. They could break a boulder with a punch or bend any metal. The down side to the Tauras is that have no magic or mystical powers of any kind.

These are humans that come from a long line of spell casting masters and still have magic in their veins. They can do a wide field of spells anything from making the mop doing the house chores to summoning thunder to strike down your enemy. It takes decades to master the art of magic.

They are very skilled at potions and created machines. They can do any kind of potion, and most of them last forever, well, besides the love spell- but the love spell can last for a long time. For some spells they have to have certain things to make it. As for inventions, they have creative minds that allows for them to think of unusual ideas. Where they then try to accomplish their blue print through creation.

These are the fortune readers, future seekers, and are telepaths. They each have one ability along with telekinesis like they can read cards, read minds, look into the future, etc.

These are people that have the power of ice. Ymirs can create ice if they are at a high level in their skills, but usually they use what they have around them. Even though they can only control ice, they have no powers over water or steam, they can freeze water and then use it for their bidding.

Golems are elementals of the earth element. Though they can not create their element out of thin air, as long as they are on some kind of mass that was built with rock, clay, iron, etc they can control it. Not one Golem can control everything dealing with the earth element. For example, one Golem can transform metal can't control rock and another might even control sand and clay-like rock.

These are the fire beings. Ifirits can create and control fire, even though those with a high skill can create fire. Using fire is not a restriction to them since one can say they can control heat as well. Like a user can create their own armor by increasing their body temperatures so that it can burn (or in some case even melt metal) their enemies. Though it's more common to see a Ifirit heating up their tea that grew cold.

Djinns are people that can control the air element. They have no need to create air since air is all around them. When a Djinn uses their abilities, the air that they are using will have a light tint of a color, which various to person-to-person, so it's not completely invisible. Some that have more control their powers can even fly.

They are part animal and have cat, dog, bunny, etc ears and tail and can transform into their animal. Faaras will have ears, spots, stripes, feather-like features, tail or a combination of physical features. Like one Tiger Faaras might have faded stripes with a tail while another Tiger Faaras and can have ears and a tail. A Faaras can transform into the animal that they share characteristics with. Like a Tiger Faaras can transform into a tiger.

They are plant and nature loving people that have a magical green thumb. With a simple whisper, they could turn a small seed into a full grown plant and that can talk to animals. But a nymph that holds the purest blood of their ancestors, are selected guardians of a forest, mountain, field, and are gifted with eternal youth, a longer lifespan, and a few other things that vary from generation to generation.

These are people have blood from to races due to their parents being of separated races. Hybrids could carried only one of their parent's abilities, or they can have both. When they have both, one of their parent's races abilities is strong than the other. Also the hybrids that have both abilities, their strong abilities wouldn't fully compare to a pure blood. Hybrids are disliked and even hated through out the kingdoms from their mixed heritage, and townspeople tend to make that very clear. (Only Accepting Two More)

These are angel like beings that have different shades of white wings. They are righteous and just that hate to see a wrong doing unpunished or others are more pure hearted and hate to see pain of any kind on others. They have a ability to lift a person's mood by just by being in the room. They can do some white magic.

These are demons that love fooling the naive or causing another harm and get pleasure from it. In other words they are the polar opposite of Uranuses, and tend to highly dislike anything cute, fluffy, sugary, or nice. They can see people's inner demons like jealously or greed and use that against that person. Some are more evil than others, like some are cold blooded killers while others just enjoy tormenting or pranking. They can either manipulate shadows or use black magic.

Character Sheets:
*Anime/Drawn Pic for appearance *
Nickname: Optional
Role: (Ruthen Princess, Gai Prince, Tibolt Commoner, etc)
Age: 22-27

My Kingdom Runs Like (for Royals)/My Hometown is like (for Commoners):

*This section does not need to be complete when submitting the character sheet if you want to brainstorm with the RPer that has the royal/commoner to your character. It does need to be done before characters leave Elphanor, which will be in the OOC and I'll give you a heads up in PM if needed as a reminder. If you run into any problems please PM me. *

(For Royals)- Here describe the tradition and culture of the kingdom of your royal character. I would also suggest giving a brief description of the kingdom's Scarred Land. What makes your kingdom unique compared to the other kingdoms? Does the royal family rule with an iron fist? How are the heirs decided? Which is the dominate gender, men or women? Do they worship any gods? Special Holidays?

(For Commoners)- Here describe the overall feel of the character's hometown. Is it a big city or some back water small town? What is the general attitude of the townspeople (are they friendly, cautious, don't like newcomers)? Any local celebrations?

Power(s) :From your character's race.
Weapon(s) : Optional

Personality: At least two paragraphs
Past: At least three paragraphs
Former or Present Loves: Optional

The Characters:


Iroldak Prince- Reserved for @Lucifer
Ruthen Princess- escasriet
Gai Prince- mamoru
Tibolt Princess- Reserved for @Cana


Iroldak (Male) Commoner- Reserved for @UnfundedEmu
Ruthen (Female) Commoner- mamoru
Gai (Male) Commoner- SedentaryCobra
Tibolt (Female) Commoner- escasriet

Elphanor: Forced Fates IC Thread
Elphanor Character Sheets
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wannabe prince
Just so there's no confusion later on, I'll be making a Gai Prince and a Ruthen commoner.


Sweet, I'll reserve those spots for ya'! Since you're taking the Ruthen commoner, I'll send you a message in a few minutes. So we can brainstorm what the kingdom of Ruthen is like ^_^


Outhouse Poet
I'll take the Gai Commoner, if no one minds.

EDIT: I didn't realize this was so romance oriented, but I'll stick with it anyway. Might as well try something different.
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Finally completed my Ruthen Princess Character Sheet, with @mamoru 's help with coming up ideas of Ruthen's culture.


While there is quite a bit of romance in the RP, I'm planning on it running like an adventure RP. With the characters going to kingdom to kingdom and trying to figure out how the Scarred Lands came into existence and how to "cure" them. Since I'm planning of creating a NEED for them to be cured. Like suddenly the Lands are expanding to surrounding towns, Land creatures breaking out and terrorizing citizens, etc. Still deciding rather on having them being natural disasters or having something/someone influencing the sudden changes.


@UnfundedEmu @mamoru @SedentaryCobra @Lucifer @Cana

After another character sheet or two is posted, I'll start the RP. For the beginning posts, I was thinking the characters are either just getting the news of their summons from the High King. Where they can know they are getting betrothed or not (if a royal character knows they are getting engaged, they wouldn't know they are being betrothed to a commoner), or on their way to the floating castle of Elphanor.

At Elphanor, the characters will meet and greet and interact. Then at the end of their stay (which will only be a "week" or so in the RP), a ball will be held which the arranged couples will be announced. Afterwards, they'll go to one of the four kingdoms (we can have a vote to where we'll go first when it gets closer to the characters' departure). Once they spend a little time in the kingdom, that kingdom's Scarred Land will begin to act up.

That's the general plan for the start of the RP. As for the couples, I'll post them in the OOC before they are announced in IC.


wannabe prince
I'll take the Gai Commoner, if no one minds.

EDIT: I didn't realize this was so romance oriented, but I'll stick with it anyway. Might as well try something different.
Hey! seeing as you have a Gai commoner and I have its prince, it'd make sense to talk over the kingdom together. I'll message you in a bit with my ideas so far ^^


Hey, sorry for being a little MIA. Been a little busy and taking a little longer on Quinn's post. It should be up tonight or tomorrow!

Also @Cana has PMed me that she had computer trouble but it has been fixed.


@UnfundedEmu @mamoru @SedentaryCobra @Lucifer @Cana

Hey! I thought it might be a little helpful if I put up a event timeline for the RP. So you guys will know what's coming up.​

  • Once every character arrives to Elphanor (I think there's only one character left), characters will meet the High King.
    • The High King will also mention that the characters will visit all four kingdoms as part of his plan.
      • I've been thinking of having the royals stay a week or so in the commoner's hometown. Not sure to do this for everyone in every kingdom or just the kingdom's commoner and their fiance.
        • Example: If character's are visiting Gai, I'm debating if only have the Gai commoner's royal fiance visit the commoner's hometown or bring everyone.
    • We can have a "time buffer" (some time for characters to continue interacting) before meeting the High King, or we can drag the characters straight there.
    • We can go ahead and announce the couples, or we can wait to announce them.
  • After the meeting with the High King, the characters will spend a few "days" interacting.
    • If we decide to wait on the couple announcement, it could be fun to see the characters try to guess who they are betrothed to.
  • At the end of their stay in Elphanor, a ball will be held.
    • If we decide to hold off on couple announcement, this is where couples will be announced.
    • As a event inside an event, there shall be an assassination attempt to crush the party. Commoners will be the target.
  • Characters will leave Elphanor, same ship, and go to Gai.
    • Characters will arrive to Gai's castle and then possible the commoner's hometown.
  • Characters will leave from Gai to Ruthen
  • Then from Ruthen to Iroldak
  • Finally Iroldak to Tibolt
I'll have a more detailed event time lines for the kingdoms once we get closer to them.

So what do you guys think? Any suggestions, questions, or any request to what you want to see in this RP? I will say once we get closer to the kingdom visits, the Scarred Lands will start acting up and the characters have to figure what or who is behind it.​


wannabe prince
i like the idea of holding off the couples announcement till the ball! it adds some suspense, and everyone can still get some chances to interact with one another. as for the home town visiting thing, i'm not really sure about how that will go. we could keep everyone together for the kingdoms, but it might get redundant or just have everyone "branch off" in a sense so royals visit hometowns of the commoners.

otherwise i'm digging the stuff you have for ideas so far!!


moon princess
I agree with the others; holding off on the engagement announcements would probably be a good idea, but attending the ball in couples could be interesting as well.

Love your ideas so far! I'm excited to see how this goes.


Cool, then we'll wait to announce the couples at the ball ^_^

So do you guys want me to go ahead and post again with gathering the characters to the High King's throne room, or do you want to wait for a couple more posts (since a couple of characters are in the middle of interacting)?

@mamoru I think I came up with a way to work around the branching off with the commoner's hometowns when visiting the kingdoms. Instead only a pair going to the commoner town and the rest staying in the castle, the whole group goes. The method behind this 'madness' is for the royals characters to get a glimpse of commoner life in their kingdom along with the other kingdoms.