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Illusion Happily Never After

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Yun Lee, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. M a r

    M a r GrayLu

    Huh... that went as well as she could have hoped. For a moment, Olive stared at the area Ludovica had once been and thought to herself. With a shrug of her shoulders, she went back to work with setting her belongings to places they belonged. A couple of knick-knacks, some books, and articles of clothing in a dresser. When she'd finished, she eventually decided it was best to grab something to eat.


    She left her quarters and headed for the Village Cafe.

    "What should I get, I wonder..."

    @Yun Lee @Village Cafe
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  2. Lissamel

    Lissamel Morally Ambiguous Telly-head

    "Should've figured," He said just under his breath, but quickly he smiled again, shrugging. "Well! I'll be sure to show up at your sportsball games -- do me some favors and maybe I can...Influence the crowd to cheer a little louder for you!" He winked. He was mostly joking. Mostly.

    Mortiz saluted once more, beaming. "Should probably actually head out -- I don't have a spot guarenteed like you do. See'ya!" With a hop in his step, he left the dorm, maybe a little cheerier then usual. What could he say? Daisuke was a cool guy. Helpful to have a roommate who was more physically inclined when you...Weren't.

    Now, off to the Dark Fairy's class -- popular place, apparently.

    [ @Yun Lee @ShadowCoyote0 @Archmage Jeremiah @Crow ]​
  3. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    ❝ Oh! ❞ Crescent blinked in surprise, letting out a quiet voice. She felt that itching feeling to insist that she was only paying for herself, thinking that having someone pay for all of them was a bit much. Though, if Jean was okay with it... then it shouldn't be a problem. Oh, and talk about the small little group they've gotten at this point.

    Crescent was already feeling shy enough as is.

    @Yun Lee @Takumi @Sark @York @M a r
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  4. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Caroline stared at Fledging for a while. Why was school so important that it was worthy of flying around as so? Class hasn't really started yet either...then again, school's not really school for a while, given it's their first week back and the whole Legacy Day stuff. School was hard, constantly cramming her head with hard facts, and the rules! Given, Caroline might have been a bit spoiled, but for her, it was still too harsh.

    Then again, some people have differently opinions on Ever After High. Caroline only has to be child-like and curious to be her mother's successor, others, on the other hand...

    Oh, why was she thinking so much? School hasn't even started yet! Caroline turned her head back to the village, and with a quick hop and a skip, she was there. The place she loved the most should she be at school, a beautiful little village, full of most leisurely necessities! Hmm...Where should she go (That was open)? Caroline let her heart take her, staring at the homely village...

    And when she turned autopilot off? She was opening the door to the Village Cafe.

    @Village Cafe @Open For Interaction
    @Yun Lee @Takumi @Sark @York @M a r
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  5. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Good." Mr. Charming smiled at Verde. "Well, Miss West, I look forward to you taking part in this elective. Truth be told, I wasn't sure anyone would be signing up for this. Conflict is something many of us try to avoid, after all." He sighed. "It takes true courage to actually try and diffuse a situation."



    Godiva giggled. "You are just the cutest!!! OMG! Please tell me you're going to Ludovica's party tonight? You have GOT to let me do your makeup..."



    "See you, Mortiz!" Daisuke gave his roommate a wave goodbye, and Mortiz soon found himself in a classroom along with his teacher, three students, and a very angry raven.

    @Lissamel @Archmage Jeremiah @ShadowCoyote0 @Crow


    As more students entered the cafe, Jay whistled. "Aw gee, brought your whole entourage already, Jean? You better tip well..."

    "Or, what. You'll pick his pocket while he isn't looking?"

    Jay's mood seemed to instantly sour as another new arrival made himself known. "Aurelio."

    "Jay." The future Sheriff of Nottingham removed his glasses and began wiping them off with a kerchief from his lapel. "No one else could be causing so much noise pollution. I could hear this din all the way from campus."

    "H-Hey, it's pretty good music!" Rochelle said, stepping in between the two. "I'm more of a classical fan myself, but..."

    Jay ignored her attempts at peacemaking. "You gonna order something? Or are you just here to get on my nerves?"

    @Takumi @Gummi Bunnies @Sark @M a r @MelodyMeister @Neko Shogun @York
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  6. Crow

    Crow YOU MEAN

    "Ahahaha... man there sure are a lot of people here... ah! Mrs Dark Fairy! Good morning!" Fledgeling nervously exclaims. "I'm interested in taking the Gardening Elective and hope to learn more before making my mind up..."

    She looks around.

    "... so this is the gardening roster..."

    @Lissamel @Archmage Jeremiah @ShadowCoyote0 @Yun Lee @Crow
  7. M a r

    M a r GrayLu

    @Village Cafe
    { @Yun Lee @Gummi Bunnies @Takumi @Sark @MelodyMeister @Neko Shogun @York }

    "I'm in the mood for one of those scones," Olive spoke up out of the blue. She wasn't all too hungry considering her parents made sure she had a great breakfast before she left. Though snacking on something small was something she was in the mood for right at the moment.


    "Oh! And if you're paying for everyone, I will happily treat you to something—maybe some desserts for later!!"

    Olive loved sharing whatever she could—especially if it was food of all things.
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  8. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    A party? Pyry hadn't known about that but... "I don't have anything else so I guess I could partake in some merriment." She clutched her arm, it's not like she hadn't been to party's in the past, but she always felt a little left out. Maybe there was something she could do to change that. "If you want to, fair warning, my complexion clashes with almost everything...which is why I don't usually doll myself up. Mother also says that a girl doesn't have to cake themselves up...but I enjoy doing it at times."

    @Yun Lee
  9. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    Angel grew a bit amused when Olive spoke up, but didn't comment. As for Crescent, the amber eyed male glanced to her. "You alright there-" oh, Aurelio's here.

    "I'm pretty sure we can all agree that it's too early to start you guys." Angel spoke almost deadpan to Aurelio and Jay with a small sigh. A little drama wasn't all that bad but Crescent already seemed ready to leave, so for her sake he hoped to calm the situation some...and get his order before classes started.

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Gummi Bunnies @M a r @MelodyMeister @Neko Shogun @York @Village cafe
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  10. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Verde West

    Verde smiled back at him. " I can see why no one would want to take part in this elective. Ignoring the fact that nobody likes conflict, nobody wants to be the person who helps resolve the conflict. I agree with you fully that it takes true courage to actually try and diffuse a dangerous situation," she said. She hoped that she could help people in whatever way she could before her fate was decided.

    @Yun Lee
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  11. MelodyMeister

    MelodyMeister Flagship Character(s): Cute Anime Girls

    Huh...Seems like the air is a bit tense, isn't it? If she had a knife, she supposed that she could chop it up and use it even! Then again, she supposed they needed tension after all. If Jay and the other man are going to be hero and villian, then genuine distain is better then acting? Caroline kept silent, curious to see how this will turn out (and also she's not really interested in failing to make peace).

    Finally Angel (tried to maybe?) disarm the situation, so she supposed the two will direct attention to him? Not that she was planning to gather attention, but...
    Caroline, fiddling her thumbs, finally broke her own silence.

    "Excuse me, What does this cafe sell again? I would order some pudding but....Actually, can I have some scones with jam and marmalade?"

    Caroline was pretty sure she had enough money...

    @Yun Lee @Takumi @York @Neko Shogun @Sark @Gummi Bunnies @M a r @Village Cafe
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  12. Sark

    Sark Im-im-impossible!!

    [QUOTE="Yun Lee, post: 123453, member: 2381"][/QUOTE][QUOTE="Yun Lee, post: 123453, member: 2381"][/QUOTE]​
    How fortunate that Jean had made a conscious effort to wear his best smile that morning
    "What can I say? I am a gentleman and a saint? I'm like... Superman, only with a better sense of style, no?"
    "Eh, Sure. Let's share the love, right?" Jean shrugged, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a tightly wrapped bundle of notes of various colours and values."There's about... 100... 120...200 there? That should cover the next few customers, no? I never know how much you are required to tip in this country... so just keep what is left over for yourself, yes? There's plenty more where that came from, mon chéri, do not fret. Just keep the lattes coming, yes?"
    "Ah, the Pain au Chocolat, eh?" Jean teased, his eyebrow raised "I hope you are ready to enjoy the taste of my homeland! How fitting that a the girl with a crescent namesake would find her eye drawn to a crescent meal, no? Or is it that the sweetness of the chocolat complement the sweetness of your character?"
    "Oh, for a meal without vanilla your pallet is so... vanilla" Jean rolled his eyes in jest "For my treat, I suggest we add... a slice of traditional American Angel Cake... and... a cup of Bubble Tea. Now is a great time for us to broaden our horizons, no?"
    "Oh yes.. Scones with jam and cream and hazelnuts... specular taste. We'll take a Baker's dozen!" Jean gestured back towards Jay. Soon he would be able to make a scarf out of the length of his receipt. It would surely be money well spent "And do not worry about treating me, Olive, my dear. You are far too kind. But I wish to keep my pallet clear for tonight's party- nothing will be holding me back then, believe me"
    "Ah, honourable sheriff!"
    Jean placed his hands across Aurellio shoulders, letting the man's tension flow through him. Had the man never heard of massage? Meditation? Movies? Wine? How could one man find himself wound up so pitifully tightly? Such a sight pained Jean greatly. Aurellio truly was a fixer upper.

    He took a mental note:

    Graduation Bucket List Part 35:

    Get Aurellio to laugh, smile or at least exhale-quickly-through-his-nose-in-response-to-something-funny before the year's end.

    It would do the man a world of good.

    "I'm sure dear Jay-Jay has no ill intent, Aurel. Besides; I don't remember the storybooks telling us about how Robin Hood stole from the rich to find his restraint, now did they? Let us all take a load off, yes? Have some...nice, relaxing hot cocoa on me, aye friend?"
    "Another excellent idea, Roché; What better way to prepare for tonight's party than with a pre-pre-party? Now we're really starting the year off right!"
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  13. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Ms. Blackwood nodded. "Indeed it is. I'm honestly surprised so many people want to garden, between you and me. I figured it'd be the least interesting of the five offered."

    @Crow @Lissamel @ShadowCoyote0 @Archmage Jeremiah


    "Hee hee! Hey, remember? I know snowflakes back home, and I've, like, helped them with their makeup before!" Godiva tapped her chin. "Now, I don't have their cosmetics on me, but I van totally make do with what I have! Too bad none of the shops are open right now, we could totally get some makeup before Grimm's big speech!"



    Mr. Charming nodded. "Glad to see that you and I are on the same wavelength, Miss West. Once classes begin, I'll make sure to train you in all the necessities.
    ...you'd be surprised how many of these conflicts can turn violent."



    "Believe me, Angel, I'M not the one trying to start something here." For how angry he was about his future archnemesis' goading, Jay at least made sure to enter in all orders to the machine. When Jean dropped that wad of money down, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Dude...you seriously don't have to..."

    "Indeed," Aurelio huffed. "Knowing him, he probably scrounged up some-!!!"

    If Jean's goal was to calm Aurelio down, he did the opposite. Aurelio tensed considerably, but it at least stopped him from finishing his sentence. In fact, he remained silent for a moment, until finally saying:

    "...I prefer cider."

    "Cider it is!" Jay was now in a much better mood, ringing the items all up and getting to work on drinks and food right away.

    Rochelle was impressed. "Wow...you all handled that so quickly! I've always been so bad at conflict resolution..."

    @Takumi @Gummi Bunnies @M a r @Sark @MelodyMeister @Neko Shogun @York
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  14. Takumi

    Takumi Member of the Yato Club

    "I'm eating light this morning, you were convincing me to go to a party later, may as well spice things up then." Angel retorted playfully, before blinking for a moment. Did Jean just make an Angel cake joke oh my-bringing a hand to his face, Angel held back a laugh, his shoulders shaking from the brief effort of keeping his giggle contained. Damn it all, he really didn't know if he wanted to smack Jean a bit for it or let his laugh out. Once that was over he let out a breath with a small shake of his head.

    "Oh I know, but as they say it takes two to tango." Angel responded, lifting his hands in a small shrug. He did feel a bit bad for Jay but the future Robin Hood's mood seemed to take a turn soon enough thanks to Jean's best friend; money.

    Luckily things calmed down in the end and he finally let himself relax fully. Man, maybe he should of taken debate this year or maybe had some self defence class during the summer. Glancing to Rochelle, he gave a nonchalant shrug.

    "I didn't do too much compared to most of the others really, but live and learn." Angel replied, before smiling and adding, "I'm not necessarily good at it myself, but sometimes things work out." Temporarily, in this case.

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Gummi Bunnies @M a r @MelodyMeister @Neko Shogun @York @Village cafe
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  15. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Pyry thought for a moment before she responded. "If it's make-up you need...I think the servants packed my cosmetic set for me in one of my bags." She leaned back in to their room to look at the bombshell that her stuff looked like right now. "But where I'm not so sure."

    @Yun Lee
  16. Lucky

    Lucky The Merc With A Mouth

    Verde West

    Verde looked over at him. She was always surprised that she could ever agree with an adult, but then again, trust was always a hard thing. " Well, it is good to know you will be training me in all of the necessities and yet, somehow, conflicts turning violent doesn't really surprise me," she said, thinking of how her mom's winged monkey often got into fights after arguing.

    @Yun Lee
  17. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    With how timid she's momentarily gotten, Crescent finally let out a brief laugh, being able to do at least that once she noticed Jean's light teasing. Somewhat needed after she had no idea what to say or seeing that small period of tension between two others.

    ❝ Yes, I wasn't sure what to say earlier, but we can be at ease before noon time. ❞ Crescent started up the momentum for her usual vibrant self, working up a smile while joining a conversation with the rest after ordering.

    @Yun Lee @Sark @Takumi @M a r @MelodyMeister @Neko Shogun @York
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  18. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM


    To what was surely the relief of everyone, the rest of the morning was without conflict. Even Aurelio was able to lighten up somewhat. And once noon came around, Jay closed up shop, and everyone hurried to the assembly hall in order to receive their welcome speech from the headmaster.


    As this particular speech was for seniors only, it wasn't nearly as crowded as it usually was with the entire student body there. Still, the students were all encouraged to sit close, so no one was by their lonesome. Once attendence had been taken and everyone was accounted for, Headmaster Grimm made his appearance.

    A tall, stern man, Headmaster Grimm stood upright, his imposing glare unnerving even the most willful of students. Despite his white hair and beard and aged body, all of this world knew that above any other, this man was the most powerful by far. After all, he was an immortal who had created these stories, and brought them to the mortal world. Having presided over this school for 200 years, all worked under his iron fist.

    "My students," he started, his deep, booming voice piercing through all. "Welcome back to Ever After High. I am sure you all must be very excited; this is the last year of your time at our school, and the first true year of you fulfilling your destinies. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you rise up to your destinies during your time here. But first, a few announcements. First of all, remember that Legacy Day is at the end of this week. Make sure you dress formally, for this is a very special occasion that only comes once in your lifetime. Take it extremely seriously, as the fate of you and all in your story depend on it."

    Grimm paused a moment, as if to let the weight of his words lay into his students, before continuing. "Secondly, make sure you sign up for an elective by the end of the day. If you do not, one will be assigned to you. Third, I would like to announce that, as seniors, you now have an additional hour of curfew. Be in your rooms no later than 11 each night, not 10."

    That was met with a murmur of excitement.

    "However, the Enchanted Forest will be off-limits after 8."

    That was met with groans.

    "Oh, please. I know that is a popular space for...couples..." A stern glare cut any giggling short. "But there have been reports of increased hostility from the animals at night. This is for your own safety."

    Grimm glanced briefly at his notes. "I believe that is all I must go over...oh, one more thing. Miss Ogr-ahem. Miss Medici, please come forward and share your announcement."

    Ludovica Medici stood up, seeming to have ignored the headmaster's faux pas, and took her place at the podium. "Ahem. Good afternoon," she said, formal to a fault. "I will be hosting the traditional Medici family celebration tonight in the Grimmnasium. There will be food and dancing." She paused, quickly adding, "...I hope you will be there," before rushing back to her seat.

    Grimm returned to his podium. "Those of you who opt out of this party, please stay on campus for the night. As you can imagine, keeping track of students during an event like this would be hectic. Other than that...I believe that is everything. Enjoy the rest of your evening, and remember classes begin tomorrow."

    And with that, students were free for the afternoon. Of course, the party was quite a draw, but if that wasn't your style you were free to wander around the school itself. Considering you would be busy with classes starting tomorrow, it was a good time to explore.


    A. Girls' Dorm Building
    B. Boys' Dorm Building (a bridge connects the two)
    C. Castleteria
    D. Balcony
    E. Grimmnasium
    F. Destiny Court
    G. Sports Field
    H. Bridge to Book End
    I. Bridge to Concert Hall
    J. Library

    @Lucky as Verde West [Wicked Witch of the West]
    @ShadowCoyote0 as Hunter Wolf [Big Bad Wolf]
    @Neko Shogun as Lina Blossom [Thumbelina]
    @Crow as Fledgling [The Ugly Duckling]
    @Takumi as Angel [Little Red Riding Hood]
    @Gummi Bunnies as Crescent Houraisan [Princess Kaguya]
    @Jeremi as Pyry [The Snow Queen]
    @MelodyMeister as Caroline Lewis [Alice]
    @Lissamel as Mortiz Pfeifer [The Pied Piper]
    @York as Erin Wood [The Ill-Fated Princess]
    @Archmage Jeremiah as Mallory Jekyll and Ms. Fortune [Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde]
    @M a r as Olive [Rapunzel]
    @Sark as Jean LeDompeteur de Beaumont [The Beast]
    @Minerva as Georgia Pierce [St. George]
    @Alex Azure as Hector Louis [Heracles]​
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  19. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    A hour longer curfew huh? While interesting not something Pyry was probably going to use. Otherwise it was the usual things that come up in assembly. She was going to go to the party of course, but she wasn't sure how long she was going to say. Either way she needed to go and sign-up for debate and that was what she was going to do as she made her way out of the hall.

    After having done so she headed back to the girl's dorm. She still had a few things to unpack and she had to figure out what to wear to the party later.

    @Yun Lee @Anyone
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  20. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Hunter was rather bored during the assembly, though he was never thrilled to attend in years past either. The extra hour of curfew was nice, but the earlier closing of the enchanted forest was unfortunate. Unlike the other students who would often go there for "romantic" outings, Hunter would roam the forest by himself to relax and meditate. Whatever these hostile animals were, he was surely bigger and stronger than they were. If he kept quiet, maybe he could sneak to it at night.

    But that wasn't relevant for the time being. He now had some free time. He wasn't much of a party guy, but he felt like attending the celebration. He made his way back to the boy's dorms to change for the evening.

    @Yun Lee @anyone

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