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Here we encourage creativity and want our members to pitch in ideas so that we can have fun! If you have any interest in GMing your own roleplay, and would like to have your idea heard, go ahead and tell it to us here!


Please see this document if you wish to submit a Main Event to GM. Also, see these GMing guidelines to know what is expected of you as a GM!

If someone wants to adopt someone else's idea, that can be added too as long as everyone has permission.


If a Main Event fits the requirements and is approved, the idea will be put on the "Upcoming Events" list in the Games and Characters thread once a name, a basic premise, and an intended time to play it are all given.

Do ask around in case you think you may need a helping hand here and there with a co-GM.

Also, note that you must have a very flexible schedule. We'd like to be flexible too, but not too flexible, or else some people will never run the games they want.​
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Brand of the Hawk

Based on Berserk, Castlevania, and elements of DC Comics.


How much have you ever hated someone?

Have you ever hated someone so much, that this feeling alone would drive you to do horrific things? Have you ever hated someone so much, that your whole life was focused on finding that person and ripping him apart? Have you ever hated someone so much, that you would forget about your humanity, purge it all just to find enough power, for one, single fraction of a moment, one chance to get your revenge...

What would your eyes look like in that very moment? Insane? Terrified? Passionate? Enraged? Happy?

Would you dare to ever find out for yourself if you ever got a chance?

He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.


Within the kingdom of Midland, rumors exist of an all powerful group of deities known as the God Hand who control reality and fate to their whim. When a group of unrelated individuals from across the multiverse are gathered by this God Hand on a seemingly mundane whim, they are provided with an ultimatum; become a sacrifice to the God Hand in order to preserve their existence, the inherent evil within them as sentient beings being the source of nourishment, or find sacrifices to offer who were just as evil. In essence, they were tasked with finding an evil great enough to sacrifice to an even greater evil, or face oblivion.

As they embark on this journey against their own will for the sake of their own survival, the shadow of a dark cloud looms over the decaying land that they have been thrust into, as they descend into the heart of unspeakable evil, risking losing themselves to the darkness within their own hearts in the process.

And as all this transpires, a mysterious castle rises from the ground in the distance, holding an imposing presence as though it were a sentient being, gazing and watching those below it.

And its name... was Castlevania.

What is done out of love always takes place beyond good and evil.
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High Noon

Based on the Western genre, inspired most notably by "The Magnificent Seven" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Named after the film "High Noon."


That was the name assigned to the remote world located among the many dimensions within the multiverse. Though most of it happens to be a barren, sandy wasteland, with naught but the overbearing presence of the sun looming over it, it has its uses as a hub, a home, for many.

Though there's no shortage of people native to the world that happens to resemble what some would identify as their "Old West," it's no stranger to people from other worlds settling down there or coming and going on a whim, similar to other places like Columbia and Avalon, and despite the somewhat imposing name, it's actually a rather mild-mannered town, peaceful and friendly for the most part. And as such a place, it had always been a stranger to violence, untouched by despair, fear, suffering... until it was brought to them from outside.


Within the peaceful, quiet town of Rolling Block, located in a somewhat remote world within the multiverse called Wolfgorge, undisturbed by violence and sin, unlike what one might expect from such a town like it, there lies an unsuspecting secret beneath the ground, or so legend says. Some believe it to be an ungodly amount of money, others believe it to be a mystical artifact of great power, but no one is certain, nor do the natives care much for the legend, believing it brings too much unwanted attention. But in the eyes of treasure hunters, it's something worth hunting for.

And hunted for it is.

When an unruly group of undesirables, bandits, mercenaries, and other criminals arrive, threatening to pillage and destroy the peaceful town just to find the supposed riches buried underneath the place somewhere, it is up to a number of altruistic strangers and inhabitants of Rolling Block to band together and fight against the invading treasure hunters, or the entire town be destroyed utterly.


So far, it's a little up in the air as to what I'll do for any special mechanics, like roles and regular death. I wouldn't wanna shoehorn stuff like that in here for the sake of it, though admittedly, it could fit in decently well if I'm careful enough, though it'd probably be weird to do an afterlife for this... unless I make it Traitor kidnaps instead of Traitor kills? Could be an interesting twist, but we'll see. No promises though. Guess you'll have to stay tuned for v2.

Due to the setting being a world accustomed to multiversal travel, I was thinking it'd be better if a majority, if not the whole cast, was also familiar with the concept, similar to The Grand Hotel or Civil War. Ideally, the characters would either be multiversal travelers (maybe as a member of a given organization if you so desire) or an inhabitant of Wolfgorge.

As for power levels, I'm gonna say that, like Restless in Rapture, your characters cannot be any stronger than around street-level. Closest I can feasibly do to implement some sort of themed character list or something.​
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Shadows in the Light

(Based on Coraline, Little Nightmares, and a few additional sources)

"And the subjects of the kingdom shall be thrown into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth..."

You never expected to wake up in a place like this, especially after the horrible nightmare you just woke from. A bed more comfortable than your and books and whatever else your heart could ever desire...a beautiful garden outside your window where sunlight breaks and you can hear birds chirping. But overpowering it all is the delicious smell of food, your favorite, strong enough to make your mouth water. Making your way down the stairs towards the source of the smell, you find a kitchen, where a woman hums as she works, making enough food for not only you, but at least twenty others. She stops as she hears you come in, her humming pausing as she turns to face you.


"Morning, sleepyhead. Did you sleep well? You have a bit more time to wake up-breakfast isn't ready quite yet."

Who...who is this woman? What are you doing here? And why...why do you feel so happy? As if this place, this house is...your home.


Not everyone has a happy life, or a happy childhood. Some children grow up in poverty, in unloving households, or in some sort of horrifying situation that no one deserves to experience. No matter the case, a small group of children from such upbringings are brought to a large house, to meet a woman known as the Other Mother, who desires nothing more than to make her darling children long as they follow a few rules, of course. But what poving parent doesn't have a few rules? that really the case? Is that all there is to this? Or perhaps there is something more, something sinister lurking in this place of warmth and love. But if you want to find out, you'll have to disobey Other Mother-and not get caught. Because all bad children get caught eventually. And if you get caught here...well, you really don't want to get caught.


This is going to be a player vs. environment game, and will involve the help of at least two co-gms. I don't have everything fully planned out just yet, but some characters will be given a special item that they may use, or give to another. But they must be careful not to let it be obvious they have it, or else they will get caught. Others without these items can also begin to learn the truth of this world, by breaking rules Other Mother puts into place. You must be careful, and once again, not get caught. Like I said, still in planning, but hopefully I should figure it out soon.

There will be character requirements for sure. Characters much be no older than 17 and no younger than 5. They must also come from a sad upbringing, and be in a point in their canon where they are unhappy. For example, Harry Potter would count as long as he's taken from before he goes to Hogwarts. Matilda would count as long as she's taken from before she goes to school. Amd so on. If you don't know, just ask, and I'll be happy to help.​

Blood Gulch Blues

(Based off of the Rooster Teeth series Red vs. Blue)

"As far as I can tell, it's just a box canyon in the middle of nowhere. No way in or out. The only reason that we set up a Red Base here, is because they have a Blue Base over there. And the only reason they have a Blue Base over there, is because we have a Red Base here."

You wake up on what looks like a military aircraft. The last thing you remember is growing unbearably tired before passing out, with no recollection of how you got here. Any weapons you had on you are gone, and any powers you may have possessed seem to be absent as well. As you come to, a man appears on a projection screen and sums up your situation.


“Yoyoyo dudes, dudettes, and dudeorinos! It's me, Vic, your local guideorino and best friendo! You lucky dudes and dudettes have been recruited to join the Red and Blue teams at Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. Now don't you worry your pretty little faces, ‘cuz it ain't that hard, my homies. All you gotta do is kill the enemy!”

As the video shuts off and you land in wherever this "Blood Gulch Outpost" is, you encounter what are perhaps the two most dysfunctional teams in the galaxy:

The Red Team:


and The Blue Team:


Just what have you gotten yourself into?

Blood Gulch is a boring place. There's not much there aside from two bases in the middle of a boxed canyon. The soldiers that inhabit it, however, are a much different story.

That's where you come in. You're the new recruits. The privates. The noobs. It's your duty to protect and serve your team at all costs. As you further through, you learn that this is much bigger than just two teams fighting in a boxed canyon. No, there's much more to the story than meets the eye. Aside from that, there's not much else to say other than, well....

Welcome to Blood Gulch.

So, the main mechanic here will be the teams. As soon as you arrive in Blood Gulch, you have the opportunity to choose between the Red or Blue teams. However, once the prologue ends (which will probably last a few days), you will not be able to change teams. So make sure that when you choose a team that it's the team you want!

Each team will usually have an certain objective to complete. Say, Caboose wants you to make him some ice cream. This would be a Blue Team objective. Of course, if you're Red Team, you can't participate in a Blue Team mission, and vise versa.

Power levels won't be too much of a big deal due to all powers being removed here. However, if your character's natural strength is as strong as say, Thanos or the Hulk, they'll be depowered due to the fact that I want teams to be as balanced as possible in terms of players.

Not only this, but as mentioned earlier, all your regular weapons will be gone. However, don't fret, because both teams have weapons for you! No special armor either, including the standard spartan armor that NPCs will wear.

Duos will be limited to 4 here due to me wanting to keep the teams as balanced as possible. My co-gms will be @Atomic Knight @Yun Lee, and @Pretentious Pineapple. If you have any general questions, feel free to pm any of us. However if it's a more specific question (like would so and so character be okay, something about the teams, etc) pm me specifically about it!

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Pray for Mercy:

Based on
Prey (2017)


"Good Morning. Today is March 15, 2032.

You have an Employee Orientation at 9:35 this morning in the TranStar Building."


Welcome to Talos 1 Orientation







Welcome, valued employees of the TranStar Corporation. I am the CEO, Alex Yu. We are a transnational corporation involved in many industries with several space stations, several moon mining operations, and a Mars colonization project. You have been chosen from a list of your peers to be transferred from your current station here on Earth to the Talos 1 Space Station to perform research on The Typhon.

[fieldset=Typhon|250px][padding= 10px][glow]


This is what we know of the Typhon and its types:

Mimic: (Typhon Cacoplasmus) Mimics are the most basic type of Typhon. They have the ability to mimic common objects such as pens, mugs, and chairs. There are more advanced types of Mimics that can mimic things such as turrets and operators. Mimics can multiply themselves by devouring organic matter.

Weaver: (Typhon Geneocratis) When enough Mimics are produced, they can be formed into a Weaver. Weavers can create more types of Typhon such as Telepaths and Technopaths. They also have the capability to create a luminescent, yellow, web-like substance called Coral. The purpose of Coral is currently unknown. However, we believe it has some function in the Typhon ecosystem.

Phantoms and their variations: (Typhon anthrophantasmus) Phantoms are humanoid Typhon created by a Weaver from human remains. Phantoms come in several forms including the Etheric Phantom (Typhon anthroplasmus psychoetheric), the Thermal Phantom (Typhon anthrophantasmus psychothermal), and the Voltaic Phantom (Typhon anthrophantasmus psychovoltaic). It seems that Phantoms have a limited speech ability, however, they have only been observed to say short phrases.

Telepaths and Technopaths: (Typhon Psychocratis and Typhon Technocratis) Typhon that are able to take control of humans and machines respectively. It is recommended that you wear your Psychoscope when in the Psychotronics division to prevent incident.

Further Research Needed


You will stay on Talos 1 for about two years until you are to be transferred back to Earth. All work performed on Talos 1 is to be kept confidential as per your contracts. If there is a breach of your contract, you will find yourself terminated from employment.


While working on Talos, you will remain in the division you are currently in here on Earth.

[fieldset=Departments|250px][padding= 10px][glow]


TranStar Employee:
As a valued employee of TranStar, you are stationed here on Talos I to assist in production of NeuroMods. You have been split into further categories of:

Security Officer: A safety officer sworn to protect Talos 1. Equipped with shotguns, pistols, and Tasers in case of security breach and to keep the peace.

Engineering: The division tasked with maintenance, running the Life Support systems as well as developing new technologies for use by employees on Talos One.

Scientific: Performs research on the Typhon among other duties, including medical treatment, NeuroMod Development, and Data Storage.

Sales: Responsible for the sale of NeuroMods and other TranStar products to people on Earth.

Volunteer: You have volunteered yourself to have NeuroMods tested on you in return for a new life.


As you will note in the folders you have been given, the highest performers in your departments have been given promotions to TranStar Executive. As an executive, you will have the final authority to decide where to go, what to do, and you will report directly to the board, Morgan, or myself.



While on Talos 1, you will have access to NeuroMods. Outstanding employees will receive them as rewards for their work. However, if you are terminated, your NeuroMods will be removed.

[fieldset=Example Neuromods|250px][padding= 10px][glow]
Human-based NeuroMods

Leverage I, II, III: The levels of Leverage enhance your muscles allowing you to lift heavier objects and throw them further.

Vitality I, II, III: Add 25-200 years to your natural lifespan, allow you to take more hits.

Typhon-based Neuromods

Mimic I, II, III: gain the ability to mimic small objects such as cups, pens, and other similar-sized objects. At higher levels, be able to mimic objects such as turrets and Operators.

Psychoshock: The ability to neutralize psychic powers and launch a kinetic energy blast.

Technological control: The ability to control electronic objects including Turrets and Operators.

Telekinesis: Move objects and push buttons without actually picking them up.


NeuroMod removal will result in memory regression to the time you put on the NeuroMod.


Every time you place a neuromod, a neural map of your mind is taken. This map is backed up onto a computer system centrally located in Talos I. This computer system is then used to restore memories in case of a critical failure, neuromod removal, or death. These neural maps can then be added into neuromods or reviewed by a Psychotronics research team.

Now, if you will follow my sister Morgan, there will be coffee and donuts in the next room.

Out of Character Information

Pray for Mercy is based around the game Prey (specifically the one from 2017) although elements from other games and media may come into play (Specifically Remember Me and System Shock.)

There are no traitors. This event will rely completely on player actions and consequences. If you attack another player, there will be consequences. If you attack a Phantom with just your wrench, there will be consequences. Every decision made will have an impact. The decisions made by the players and their actions will have an effect on the ending and what happens.

For the prologue (and beginning of the first round), you will have amnesia. You will know who you are, but everything will be strange to you. This will be a semi-Illusion type thing with hints as to what you did aboard Talos One being dropped throughout. I may PM you several things to work stuff out for later in the RP.

The Afterlife takes place in the central computer system of Talos. A simulation of the Earth city of San Francisco in the year 2032 reliving the memories of company Vice President Morgan Yu. However, with the release of the Typhon, a computer virus has infected the systems, and no one has been able to clear it, causing issues and glitches to appear.

Similar to Restless in Rapture, the powers would have to be street level at their base so as not to destroy the space station. HOWEVER! Numerous Neuromods and weapons would be found through out the game, allowing characters to take new powers. They will also be more numerous (and less dangerous) than Rapture's plasmids.
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This roleplay is based around the game Mogeko Castle, stationing events after the 'Normal End' of the game. This means most of the characters in the game are deceased.

An ordinary-looking train seems to be travelling through the Multiverse, picking up characters that wish to board it. It goes down its normal path and stops at it's regular stations, to this universe to that universe - all according to the layout that everyone can see plastered on the train's inner walls, detailing every stop. But suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the train stops at a station unknown to all, simply named 'Mogeko Station'. The train doesn't move as it is the final stop and you have no choice but to step off.

You find yourselves standing before a castle, oddly shaped but still intimidating. Stepping inside will reveal an adventure you and your companions will never forget. With doors locked and not a single window to be seen, chased around by strange creatures who love prosciutto out to capture and torture you, the only way out of Mogeko Castle is up. Six (can change this number) stories high, the highest floor contains a portal that can take the you back to your universe where you belong.

Something seems to be working in your favor. As soon as a single person from this large group enters the door to the next floor, everyone will instantly warp with them whether they like it or not. (For the sake of leaving nobody behind to be eaten.)

But it's not just the inhabitants of the castle they must watch out for because it seems like some of your own companions have been corrupted by the Mogekos... and want you dead.

Welcome to Mogeko Castle!

Floor 1: Lobby
It's bigger than you think. Lots of places to hide. Contains the dining room which you probably shouldn't enter.

Floor 2: Mad Prison Cells
It's loud in here, a lot of Mogekos are screaming and yowling. They're more ruthless here and seem to be more violent than perverse.

Floor 3: Flower Garden
A river of blood followed by an oddly peaceful flower garden full of wriggling Mogekos. They're small, but they want to eat you.

Floor 4: Moge-ko's Domain
You're screwed.

Floor 5: The Hospital??
It looks mundane and harmless. A good chance to stock up on medical supplies and tend to the wounded. At the same time, it's the perfect place for the traitors to make their move.

Floor 6: Lord Prosciutto's Room
You're screeeewed.
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Dead or Alive

You are home… enjoying your day… staring in the sky like nothing ever happened. Then it happens…

Multiple missiles are in the sky for no reason. Before you could scream, however you are pulled away by a stranger in green fatigues.


Not knowing where the hell you are and what happened to your world, several people are standing near this man in fatigues.

“My name is General John Connor.”

“What you experienced on your world was called “Judgement Day” here in our world.

“Welcome to the Resistance, soldier. The year is 2032.”


Lots of time travel, basically.


You have been chosen throughout time and space as the next Resistance member who has willingly or unwillingly sacrificed their own lives to make sure the Multiverse is safe from Judgement day in all times and worlds.

You may choose your path:
Returning home: If you survive, you can choose to "Avert Judgement day" in your world by stopping NPCs.
Cyborg path: You can return as a cyborg or terminator and choose to "Join the opponents." by taking over said world.
??? Path:

Terminator: Dawn of Fate
Terminator: Salvation/Final Battle

Out of Character Information

Dead or Alive is based off the Terminator universe.

But this is mostly a P vs P rp taking on elements of P vs everyone

This is a player actions and consequence game. Attack said NPC on either side, there will be consequences. Every decision has a consequence.

I have in mind the NPCs for the game, PM me for more info.

Weapons will be allowed here, from heavy guns to plasma rifles. Pretty much weapons found in any terminator related media.


A continuation of Reapers' Game and Reaper Squad

"Death is only the beginning."


A group of recently deceased individuals, souls gathered from all across the multiverse, have been granted a rare opportunity: a second chance at life. This chance to return to the world of the living, however, won’t be an easy one…

Welcome to Shibuya’s Underground, a spirit world where dearly departed souls, handpicked by the reapers of the afterlife, have been granted the opportunity to participate in a week-long game of life or death. These lucky souls will face trials and dangers, but should they manage to survive until the end of this challenge they will win a one way ticket back to existence. It is highly suggested that those brave enough to venture into this game tread carefully though. Losing this high-risk game means losing your spirit for good.

After learning about and agreeing to participate in this new game, the players find themselves at a party, a small event put together by their hosts, the reapers, and their leader, the Composer of Shibuya. They are celebrating the return of their Reapers’ Game events after a long hiatus and the players are their guests of honor… for now.

The next day, all players are thrust into day one of their seven day challenge. The game begins as normal, but a messenger bearing bad news lurks in the horizon with information regarding something sinister that could effect the very foundation of Shibuya and all other afterlife realms.


Players won't be granted access to any of their original powers or abilities. Instead, they will be given use of a few pins of their choosing. These pins contain unique abilities such as elemental powers, defensive abilities, and energy bullets. While these powers will be the primary method of attack for all players, other options may become available as the story progresses.

At the beginning of the game, all players must locate a partner to form a pact with. Without a partner, a player's pins will not function.


This game will contain a handful of traitors working against the main group. The reason behind the existence of the traitors, and their purpose, will be revealed as the story progresses. As always, kills will be done via PM.

For this game, you are highly encouraged to play a character who is considered deceased in their canon. Should you choose to play a character who has not died in their canon, you will need to come up with a death for them in their backstory.​
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War for Mewni

"I call the darkness unto me
From deepest depths of earth and sea
From ancient evils unawoken
Break the one who can't be broken
From blackest nights I pledge my soul
And crush my heart to burning coal
To summon fourth a deadly power
To see my hated foe devoured!"



Truly an awful thing, but almost an inevitable necessity when it comes to our survival. Basic human instincts contradict the laws man has put in place for himself. Jealously, hatred, greed. All of which are what man would call "animalistic" or simply "evil", though it's inside us all.

For some, it's worse than others.

As you wake up inside what appears to be a castle of some sort, you're greeted by a young, blonde teen, who smiles at all of you.


"Oh! You guys are awake! Mom thought you guys wouldn't wake up since you guys were rescued from Toffee." Not knowing what she's talking about, she explains to you who Toffee is and why you're supposedly here. And the more you learn about this being, the more you figure out that there's a war coming.

And you're caught in the crossfire.

So, players will retain their weapons for this event, and will be able to use them to their full potential whenever you want, however powers will be gone.

Traitors will also be a thing this game, and this will remain about the same. There will be three selected traitors and a death each round, with a traitor vote each round as well.

Duos will be limited to three.
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Illusion: Tokio Funka


Tokio Funka. What is there to be said for the city you've grown up in your entire life? It's beautiful and colorful, but also highly corrupt. The divide between rich and poor is far too grand to ignore, and crime rules the poorer districts. The ruler of this city, known only as The Shogun, is determined to stop crime at all costs, but has trouble doing so. Even so, it's still a lively place, where many can find joy and peace in their lives. As they say, "Tokio Funka is a crazy town that never sleeps at night." A bit of a mouthful, but nothing describes this place better.

This year, however, things are different. The Shogun declared his definitive plan to end all crime in his beloved city, with the aid of a special task force. In order to determine who is best suited, he hosts a series of fighting tournaments through the year, and the winners get to be part of this task force, which he calls, "The Guardians." You happen to be a winner of one such tournament, and today you will be arriving at the Shogun's palace, where you will train and carry out strike missions in order to aid him in keeping your beloved city free of crime. Nothing could be more perfect...until some outsider tries to infiltrate The Guardians in order to up crime. But you can all stop him and his plans, you know you can. You have to.

Anything to keep your city safe.


This game is going to be similar to your typical Illusion Games, with similar roles and whatnot. However, there will be an added element that I won't go into detail about, as it'll give away a big chunk of the plot. There will be Saviors in this game, but they'll be known as Spies, and their goal as before is to restore true memories to everyone. Cast size will determine how many there are, as each round they will choose one person each to save. Working against them are the Daimyo, who serve The Shogun under a special task force assignment: to eliminate the Spies. Each round, they decide one person to report to The Shogun, who will in turn bring in the person to see if they are a Spy or not, or if their memories have been restored or not.

Players who do not have these roles can also aid the Daimyo or Spies in their decisions each round, by "filing a report." In a PM to me, you may send some input of a character you think is acting suspiciously (for Daimyo reports) or that should be Saved (for Spy reports). Reports MUST be in character, as if the character themself is filing it. I'll pass IC reports along to the Spies and Daimyos and reject OOC ones. Daimyos and Spies can also send reports to each other, and if you so desire you can send false reports. Just remember your character's name will be attached to said report, so be careful. There won't be a "bad" end, per say, because I know some of you may get discouraged from sending Daimyo reports if you feel it'd lead to the bad end. Ultimately, the ending will be determined by character actions throughout the game, as well as how successfully the Daimyo and Spy roles are fulfilled. Therefore, the ending will be on a spectrum of Daimyo end and Spy end, with other factors deciding just how far the scale tips for whichever side.

Powers and weapons will be gone, as this is an illusion game; however, you may give your character three skills they excel in that can aid them on missions/affect the validity of their reports, etc.​
Illusion: Hogwarts after Dark



It has been two years since the battle of Hogwarts and Voldemort’s demise at the hand of the brazen Harry Potter and yet another year where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry opens its doors to old and new students alike! The new students do not have much time to see the scenery however, they hear that the Headmistress dislikes tardiness in her students.


You are welcomed, or more rushed, into the Grand Hall of Hogwarts where the rest of the school are gathered as well as all the faculty member looking over the students with friendly faces. Most of them at least, others seemed to want to be anywhere else but here. Those same faculty members rolled their eyes as the entire group was silenced by the arrival of the Headmistress of Hogwarts. Dolores Umbridge, the real hero of the war. With out her the entire Wizarding world was close to falling into chaos when Voldemort perished. As a show of great gratitude, the Ministry of Magic stricken humble by her great deeds practically begged Umbridge to take over Hogwarts. Of course, she accepted such a great honor, because who else could teach these children all that they needed to survive out in the world? After her rousing and in no way self-aggrandizing speech the first-year students were all sorted into the houses of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin they are lead into their respective houses where they will live for the rest of the school year among their peers and delve into the fantastic world of magic!

Or, that is the idea. The students will soon find out that everything isn’t as it seems…


In this rp players will have characters from other settings moved into the world of Harry Potter. All characters are stripped of their original memories and given new memories and sometimes even looks to fit better into setting. Players can choose to be a student from year 1 up to year 7. Each round I will randomly pick out one or two characters that will get their original memories back as they try to figure out the mystery of Hogwarts. For their own safety the players shouldn’t reveal that their memories have returned, who knows what will happen if they’re caught? Even if your characters memories return they are still stuck in the illusion and so can't use their powers if they have any and are still stuck in the form they have until the mystery of the school has been solved.​
Right Hand of the Magic God

Based on A Certain Magical Index and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


These small fights are such a pain.

I think I'll just end the multiverse.

And so, she did.

And just like that, everything ceased to exist.


As the Revanchist organization becomes stronger and rises in power while the Coalition continues to scramble to maintain its reputation, the Magic God known as Othinus comes ever closer to her mysterious goal. She seeks the magical spear Gungnir that will ascend her beyond an orthodox Magic God, and a specific form of the Arrow, a bizarre artifact that she hopes will ascend her power to a multiversal scale. Working alongside her is an ambitious man whose aspirations pierce the very skies themselves named Dio Brando, and his own confidant, Enrico Pucci, and all together, they come ever closer to conquering the entire multiverse.

Opposing the three are a man named Ollerus, one who came tragically close to becoming a Magic God, a powerful magician known as Fiamma of the Right, once corrupted by the evils of a villain long gone and now reformed, and Touma Kamijou, a former participant of the Murder Games of old, all of whom originate from the world of Othinus. Having caught wind of the Coalition, they come into contact with the organization to warn them of the impending threat. Brought into full alarm, the Coalition attempts to call for another multiversal summit and unite the many organizations sworn to protect it, unbeknownst that the fractured rifts in their relationships are precisely what Othinus has taken advantage of.

She was ready to make her mark on the multiverse, and no one would stand in her way.


Similar to Civil War and some other events, this event won't have any death system, being once again a more straightforward narrative. And also similar to Civil War, there will be a character requirement in place, mainly being that your character has to be affiliated with one of the major organizations of the Convergence Series, be it the Coalition, the United Universes, ODMA, or so on. Character nerfing won't really be a thing, as I don't think it'll really be necessary, but do keep responsible just in case.​
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Calamitous Reprise

Based on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Hey...can you hear me?


A voice calls to you, one you don't recognize. Who is this?

Wake up.

That's sounds like the voice is inside your mind. Are you still dreaming?

Come on. Wake up. You've been asleep long enough.

Whoever it is, it really wants you to wake up, huh? Well, might as well. You open your eyes, and when you do...

Good. Glad you're awake. Now come on, grab your stuff and get going. We have work to do.


This event takes place in the Hyrule featured in Breath of the Wild, and is something of a sequel to Legend of Zelda Extravaganza. That's about it :)


This game will follow the old Murder Game formula, with three Traitors who kill someone each round, and three Agents who investigate someone each round. It's in your best interest to hunt them down, really. The more people you have in your group on this adventure, the better. Especially since in this event, this will not be the only way you can die! If you're familiar with Breath of the Wild, you know that there are many, many ways to die. As a result, there will also be dangers that could kill someone if they aren't careful. Do your best to stay alive-the fate of everyone in this game, and even Hyrule itself, depends on it.

All powers/weapons will be gone, but everyone will be armed. You get to select some weapons from Breath of the Wild. Which ones will be elaborated on when the signup sheet goes up.


There will be an afterlife, as there will be death. But who knows? There may be a way for you to rejoin the group...somehow...

Character Requirements

You can play any character you want, as long as they follow two rules:

1. No Legend of Zelda characters. It just makes things easier storywise, lol.

2. No one that has ever appeared in the Convergence Series before, or has any knowledge of the multiverse or Murder Games or anything at all. I'm talking total blank slates here.​
Titans of Destruction

"As I am right now, I'm not strong enough to save her...

... so please, lend me your strength, everyone!"

Based on Percy Jackson, Class of the Titans, Campione!, Original Works & various other series involving Greek Legends & Myths in some form or way.


Perhaps you are, in some way or form linked to the Olympians. You notice that some of them are slowly disappearing from the sense - Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Hera. Even Hades has disappeared, and you know that is a bad thing. Some gods remain, however.

After a bit of research, you realise that only those who have been spawned from Cronus, and those who have been spawned from his six offspring, have disappeared. All else are present, but the big players, they're gone, I tell you, they're gone! If your Pegasus is myth-accurate, then you better file that police report for a missing horse.

You're in luck, as a mysterious force transports you to a quaint little town, where you meet a boy who requests your help.

It may not seem like it at first, but this is your first lead to finding the missing gods. Use it well.

Perhaps you're not at all linked to the Greek Gods, or any gods at all. Well then, too bad, you're here and there's nothing you can do but tag along. Don't want to be you! Actually, I would, but I love mocking you.

From what you have been told, you learn of the Cronus Force, its members described to be multiple instances of the Titan Cronus. As if one of them wasn't bad enough! Their goal is to rid the many universes of the Olympians they very much despise, likely revenge. Who knows what they could do together without Olympians to stand in their way!

Despite what is said above in the premise, it is up to you to decide who's gone from your universe. However, primarily, the twelve Olympians that fulfil the conditions are the constants in terms of who disappears, unless, of course, they are depicted as a player character.


The game will, for the most part, be akin to an old Murder Game formula, where the story is seperated into chapters.

There will indeed be character death. However, unlike most prior games where character death is performed by a traitor, character death is enemy or even environment induced.

The Afterlife will take place in a depiction of the Greco-Roman Underworld, where you start off by being ferried by Chiron. It's a fun fun wonderland to behold!

While I will not place limitations on powers and weapons and whatnot, I will ask that you be responsible with them. Don't want any planetbusters... well... busting planets. Keep Earth in one piece!


You are open to any possible character. There are 8 duo slots, and no limit on OC slots.

If you intend to play a depiction of the Titan Cronus, do PM me first for discussion.​
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Far Away Lights

Based on various science fiction series, primarily Star Trek, as well as some elements of Star Wars and Mass Effect


Captain's Log. Stardate 2259.49.

It's only been a relatively short time since the Enterprise set out for its five-year mission to boldly go where no one has gone before, and yet, in these travels, this crew has already been met with a number of strange encounters, full of both terror and wonder beyond any one person's wildest imaginations. Quite amazing when you think about it really, to explore just a small part of the observable universe and so quickly have your perspective changed as you learn about different cultures and their ways of life.

Of course, as First Officer Spock seems to almost enjoy dryly remarking, our history would have been significantly less bloody if such exploration was a thing that humans of the past enjoyed, and while there's little changing history, I suppose Mister Spock's words in of itself has given me some food for thought about how much humanity has progressed since our beginning, and how much further we could all come if we continue to keep moving forward with hard progress. Perhaps somewhere else, in another quadrant or even another dimension altogether, there's a world where humanity had decided to forego violence much sooner, but I won't think too far ahead. Not when there's so much left to explore and learn about.

After all, it isn't like I expect to find myself bumping into someone or something from a wholly different dimension any time soon.

That'd just be absurd. Even for a space traveler.


The year is 2257.

Before the Coalition, before the Arch Demon's rise to power, before even Gotham City, there was the final frontier.

After a number of grueling trials and tribulations, those serving on board the USS Discovery are able to finally take a moment and breathe. The crew is not without its scars and wounds, but they are able to continue working with confidence, and perhaps that is the most important thing. However, as life as a Starfleet officer has proven to be, their time for reprieve is brief and fleeting, as they will soon find out.

When a mysterious accident related to the mycelial network occurs, a group of individuals from across the multiverse are gathered and packed into one location; the Discovery itself. Determined to get this group of lost souls back to their home world, the Discovery makes their move forward, but this incident is quickly revealed to hardly be an isolated one as the crew's voyage home quickly becomes a grand journey through space and time that, unbeknownst to anyone in that moment in time or even beyond, will shake the multiverse as we know it today.

A journey that boldly goes where, truly, no one has gone before.

Do note that while this is considered a remake of the unfinished event, Into the Stars, plot details will be significantly changed, but a few may be retained.


As this event is a prequel to the series, taking place early on and even before Shadow Over Gotham, there will be the main character requirement (see also: Genesis) where it'll be, at best, ill-advised to play certain characters that have appeared in chronologically later events, so do keep this in mind if you think about reprising a character.

Also, while not set in stone, I'd also advise to be careful about characters who may or may not be OP. I'm hoping that nerfing won't be a thing (I guess it'll be a case-by-case basis if the need emerges), but just be sure to be mindful in case. Also, similar to Genesis, as far as duos go, they'll have to be from the same canon at the very least. We may or may not put a limit on the number of them as well, but for now, we'll see.​
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"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him"
― Revelation 6:8, King James Version

Tokyo, 2018

Life continues on in a specific pattern. You wake up, brush your teeth, pour a bowl of cereal, and go to school. This pattern continues on almost every day, uninterrupted. But what if something were to interrupt that pattern? Something that would completely change your life in a significant way.

One day, while going about your daily routine, you blink, and suddenly everything has changed. 30 years had passed, and the world was not as you knew it anymore. The world you knew has fallen into chaos and anarchy. Heavenly and Demonic forces now battle for supremacy. Now, you must adapt to this new world and perhaps save it from the disaster it faces.


An Illusion Game based on the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona games. The games this takes from will primarily be Shin Megami Tensei IV (+ Apocalypse), Personas 3 and 5, and Devil Survivor 2. Also, as this is SMT/Persona-based, it will have some elements of mythology and religion.

In this event, characters will have had their memories altered and replaced by memories of living a normal life in modern day Tokyo. This will then be interrupted by the arrival of demons into the world and nuclear incident that results in Tokyo being isolated from the rest of the world. The characters must then journey through the city in an attempt to save it and the survivors from the heavenly and demonic forces that now occupy the city and battle over it.


This is not a normal Illusion Game. You all will still be taken from your worlds, given a fake life, and made to think that's your new life. However, this will be a bit different. Instead of Saviors, certain markers will earn you your memories back. No duos will be allowed just to make it easier to handle.

Also, everyone will get to choose a demon to bind to them. This demon can be a hint to your past life, something close to your character's heart, or even just a random one you thought would be interesting to bind to you. This demon will be used in combat during the event. There will also be one character chosen to act a specific role that will determine the ending based on the actions taken by that character.​
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The screen flashed to life, grabbing everyone’s attention. The image was hazy and flickered in an out like an illusion. It was the Lord of Spirits, Milla Maxwell, likely bearing a communication from a wholly different realm. An action such as this was unprecedented, that fact alone awe-inspiring to anyone who recognized its significance.

One might expect that the woman had something important to say. It had to be either good or bad, there could be no in-between. She was not here to waste time or mince words.

“My Four are dead,” she began, her voice cold and distant as if she was in shock, “and the others are being hunted as we speak. There is no time. We must save the Great Spirits.”


It was gone. It was all gone. All that was left was the void. Cold, empty, lifeless.


Right Hand of the Magic God was only the beginning of the end…

Coinciding with Othinus’ plans, the rest of the Revanchist have been biding their time, painstakingly setting up the dominoes so that they may topple them all in one fell swoop, taking the multiverse as a whole with them.

From the moment beings first learned of the greater multiverse… From the moment Diablo did the unprecedented and escaped his infernal realm… From the moment beings across the multiverse first banded together to save their realms… they have all come to now, Flash Point, the point of no return and the breaking of reality.


Flash Point is the name we’re giving to a trilogy of events that start with Right Hand of the Magic God. The two events following this are meant to come immediately after Magic God chronologically, called Fighting of the Spirit and Zero Hour. However, there are currently other events planned between Magic God and its two sequels. This is mainly so we as GMs don’t burn out in the middle, haha.

These events are planned to be the largest in the history of the Convergence series, with the goal to borrow elements and references from nearly every past main event we have ever had.

We can’t give out too much info beyond the teasers above to not spoil Magic God or the other two events, but this will involve the Revanchist heavily, a group we have not focused on much but has been referenced to have their hands in quite a bit of machinations across the whole of the series.

Phase α - Right Hand of the Magic God


Phase β - Fighting of the Spirit


Phase γ - Zero Hour


A few things to keep in mind!

You do not have to play the same character or characters across the three events. In fact, due to the different requirements and limitations across them, you may not even wish to do that.

First off, Right Hand of the Magic God will require that your character has to be affiliated with one of the major organizations of the Convergence Series, be it the Coalition, the United Universes, or ODMA. This does not mean you can’t join as a new player, but you will have to associate them with one of these organizations as part of your character's backstory.

Fighting of the Spirit will require that every player plays two different characters (and is the only event of the three to require this). Keep in mind that these characters will be alternating each chapter, with the possibility of them coming together closer to the end of the event. It should be noted that this event of the three will be the most action-heavy and have the most fighting content, so keep that in mind. If you are a past player, it’s preferred you play past characters you have played for this one, as that is basically the whole point of all this, a big crossover of the past : )

Zero Hour will have no requirements for characters at all! Though, it may be best to retread a character. We shall see, as it is still some time off.

Due to scheduling, an event based off “Ultra Despair Girls,” (from here on out being officially named Dead or Lie) and an event based off “Ghostbusters” will occur between Magic God and its sequels. The latter is unrelated to Flash Point and chronologically takes place before Magic God. Dead or Lie is directly related to Flash Point but unrelated enough to not be a part of it (it also chronologically occurs before Magic God).

While we're talking character requirements... we don't have a premise or anything written up for Dead or Lie yet, but the character requirements will involve your character needing to have done something in the past that could be considered a sin or something that would land them in prison. You do not have to play a villain, but its preferred you at least go for a morally grey character. In addition, whatever character you pick for Dead or Lie may not be used for your characters in the Flash Point trilogy.

Anyway, hope this all makes sense! We're really excited for this. If you have any questions about these events, do ask me or @Ver !​
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"I'm sorry to have you all mixed up in the troubles of our world."

"It was a beautiful place once...but the Calamity Ganon struck. We thought we had finally managed to corner him, but..."

"...we didn't account for some new threat. Or so many of you to be brought here for some sick game."

"But we we won't let this stop us. We have one week until the Blood Moon. That's more than enough time for us to stop him, and to find out who he has set against us."

"One week to finally set Hyrule free."

"Now, please."

"Please...wake up."


Just days after Ganondorf arrived in Hyrule to begin his takeover, a group of random people across the Multiverse are pulled in with him, and must deceat him in order to break the seal of darkness on Hyrule and go home. But it will not be that easy. For not only is this Ganondorf powerful beyond all reason, he has certain...agents at his disposal. Agents that walk among the group, form bonds within the group...and kill. Why do they do this? What does he possibly have to gain from bringing all these people into a post-apocalyptic Hyrule?

All these questions will be answered in...

Calamitous Reprise


You all know the classic Murder Game formula. Once a chapter, secret traitorous agents kill someone in the group, and the rest must hunt for clues and discover who they are. Every few games, Agents will be in play, who can investigate one person each round to see who the Traitors are. It's a nice format that has worked time and time again.

But this time, things will be a bit different. Both Traitors and Agents will be in play, but they will not be restricted to one kill/investigation per chapter. Instead, they will be allowed to kill and investigate whenever they want, at almost any point in the game. Of course, there will be setbacks in play. Traitors are notified every time the Agents decide to investigate, and Traitors who kill too much will start to get sloppy and leave incriminating evidence behind. By the final chapter, no one may be dead, or half the cast could be. It will all depend on how the game is played.

Of course...if certain people feel like they can perform some vigilante justice...there's nothing stopping them. There are no consequences for taking matters into your own hands...right?

In addition to thesw changes, there are a few more things different about this game. For one thing, all weapons and superhuman abilities will be gone. Physical strength will still be available, as well as weapon proficiency and survival skills. You will get a range of Breath of the Wild weapons to choose from to aid you in your quest.

Furthermore, with the midround murder updates gone, the chapters will be split into two parts: daytime, where the main quests will take place, and nighttime, where you have the opportunity to relax and interact with the world around you a bit more...possibly even learn a few secrets about this world.

Finally, character requirements are a bit complicated. There will be no Zelda characters allowed, and also no characters that appear in Convergence canon at any point after Legend of Zelda Extravaganza on the timeline. I will make exceptions to characters who appeared in Extravaganza and didn't make it to the end of the game, and don't show up later. In order to compensate, though, I will be imposing no limits on duos.​


Journey Through the Abyss

Based on Made in Abyss


The Abyss is one of the world's greatest mysteries. A large pit of unknown origin filled with strange technology and terrifying creatures. Many have gone down into it, and many have not returned. Besides the mysterious advanced technology within the pit, dangerous creatures reside inside it’s various layers, monsters who are predatory and vicious.

Even more dangers lie within the Abyss. Each layer of the Abyss comes with it a curse that effects those in it. Some curses leave once you leave the layer while others change you permanently. Some who enter the Abyss come out changed. Affected by the "Curse of the Abyss," while others never return, lost to the creatures of the Abyss. Many still go in, lured by the promise of treasure and sights.

The Cave Raiders have called for assistance throughout the Multiverse. They're moving forward with the largest ever attempt to explore the Abyss and calling forth an expedition. S.E.A. was the first group to answer the call and has sent you because of your skills, toughness, or willingness to explore.

It’s time to enter The Abyss.


The player characters will be established members of the S.E.A., an organization introduced by @Yun Lee for the purpose of exploration of parts of the Multiverse. They’ll be sent by the S.E.A. to enter The Abyss and explore it to its bottom, facing all the dangers within, all in an attempt to reach the bottom of The Abyss.

The prologue would have the players preparing for the descent in the town built around the Abyss by buying supplies, interacting with NPCs, and learning some backstory.


There would be no traitors, Player murder, or anything like that. Instead, the players would be at risk for the Curse of the Abyss and in danger of dying from the monsters that lurk within. Each round would take place in a new layer of the Abyss where a new curse would affect the characters for that round. Characters would be allowed equipment and powers so long as it's not too overpowered.​