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Interest Check The Cardinal Heroes (Fantasy/Action plot idea)


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Hi to you, the person reading this!! I have had an idea for what I think will be a fun roleplay >w< though... the idea is quite generic XD so please yell at me if there is already a roleplay similar to this so I can change it up to make it more original or... just not do it. Anyways! Please let me know once you have read it if you are interested in the comments down below! And thank you for your time ^-^

Set in a hidden and enchanted forest which is divided into four tribes, which... have very plain and basic names. The Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western tribes. Each tribe is protected from the curse of evil beasts that plague the forest by an element. These elements being fire (north), earth (south), water (east), and air (west). The elements are used not only to protect the tribes but also to keep the source where the beasts get their energy and life from under control. However, after hundreds of years the elements are no longer able to hold off the source of the beasts and the enchanted forest becomes sick and starts to rot away. For the different tribe's and forest's survival, they decide to send out their strongest and most promising fighters on an adventure/quest to kill all the beasts and find a way to kill the source of evil energy bringing health back to the forest

The main characters in this roleplay will be the tribe members chosen to go on the quest. These characters can be any age! As long as they are able to go out and fight well that means they are able to go on this quest, there is also no limit on people who can be in this group, but please please please, no overpowered characters. Thanks >w<. Other characters can be people just living in the tribes, or the tribe leaders as they will be important at the beginning and end of the story (if we ever get to the end... this story really can go on for as long as we want it to). Also, I have beasts planned, but I want this to be a free roleplay so if you have any beasts you want to bring in and play in the roleplay you are 100% able to. And you don't have to tell me at first if you don't wanna XD just pull them out and surprise us and our characters!

Northen Tribe - This tribe is protected by the element of fire. They are in most ways the most modern tribe due to the imagination and the amount of change they go through. Most members are passionate about their tribe making them close to their fellow tribe members and can be quite intense people at times, either making them a bit intimidating or hard to deal with. This tribe uses spears for both throwing and close combat as well as swords as their weapon choice.

Southern Tribe - This tribe is protected by the element of earth. This tribe could be considered the most prepared and able to think things through as they are all very wise, grounded, and strong. This not only makes them able to survive in the enchanted forest safely but also makes them great in battle. Their weapon choice is axes, though they also have many healers who use the herbs gifted to them by nature which they can sometimes use for attacking as well.

Eastern Tribe - This tribe is protected by the element of water. This tribe is known for being the most emotionally driven group making them the most empathetic people to live in the enchanted forest and makes their bond to each other a close one. They are great at listening and putting themselves in someone else's shoes, though they can daydream sometimes. Their weapon choice is a kusarigama and some tribe members also use scythe swords.

Western Tribe - This tribe is protected by the element of air. This tribe are not 'airheads' like some of the other tribes may believe but are actually very focused people with that are clear not only in the way they present themselves and how they talk, but they also have quite a clear mind and this can help them in battle and with survival in general. Their weapon choice is are knives either for throwing or for closer combat. Some members also use a bow and arrow

Roleplay Requirements
You are allowed to use any formate of writing, the important thing is that you are comfortable with what you are doing. Annnd! Please do not worry about length, no one is expecting huge paragraphs! It's great if you do those! But the only important thing is that you make a reply that helps move the story along and something people can reply to, so the amount doesn't matter. You are able to play as many characters as you think you will be able to manage, I will be making a character sheet for this roleplay if people are interested later on and may add more to this section as I remember things as... my memory is pretty bad and idk what else to write here in this moment in time XD

This is currently an underdeveloped idea because I know this may be quite a generic and I'm not sure if anyone will actually be interested in this. Please comment if you have any questions, I'm also open to ideas! And of course just to tell me if you're interested in this idea or not XD. And once again, thank you for taking a couple minutes out of your day to read this if you got this far! It means a lot >w<
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explore some unknown dank forest that's brooding with evil for questionable reasons and-and-AnNnD have to hunt down monsters to cull it back to whatever its core is!? Puts on an extra pair of the tightest of whitey tighties for that double trouble padded armor Can count me in if you go ahead with it.


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Yay!! It makes me so happy this many people are interested >w<

Nods I do think it will be a single thread rp
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I’m not sure if you guys have this on your watch list but if you don’t I can just pm you ^-^
I was wondering if you could either post your characters in here or PM them to me?... that would be great! They are all already in, I just wanna know who they are and such ^-^ the following is the character sheet. Tyt with it! I don’t wanna pressure anyone or anything XD


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Tribe (Does not apply if monster):
Role (example: hero, tribe leader, monster, etc.)
Appearance (optional):
Weapon (Based on tribe):
Opinion of other tribes (optional):

Please let me know if you have any questions! I tried to put stuff in brackets but idk if that makes anything more confusing or not XD annnd.. the last one on that list is just for fun ^-^

Draco Shadowdragon

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I have my character ready

Name: Alarin Golza

Tribe: Northern Tribe

Role: Hero


Personality: Alarin is a blunt but friendly person. He will tell you the truth with no sugarcoating but means the best. He is loyal to his family (he views his fellow tribesmen as such) and friends. Hurt either his friends or family and you are in for a world of hurt. He will not judge a person until he has met and been around a person long enough to know them. He is driven to rid the world of evil. Alarin is, however, very indecisive, often not knowing which choice to make or not knowing what to do. He can be reckless sometimes.

2 swords

Opinion of other tribes: He has no problems with the other tribes.


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I’ll make a new thread for us to do the roleplay in ^-^ but character profiles either here or just PMed to me ^-^

I’m going to make my characters around what you guys make so... Ill be characters that are still needed to be filled for the story to move along


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Yep there’s still time! I have yet to make my characters too so ^-^ tyt with it! I’m hoping to get this started in maybe the next two weeks and post my own characters at some point this week