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The Evrensel Conflict -- Chapter 2: Fire and Sand


The cold bit at Alistia's bones, fur, and skin as hard as it could manage, but it wasn't even a bother to the Miqo'te at this point. For the past few months she had been within this frozen land to the north and it was now hardly a bother to her. Besides, whatever pain that could be delivered by the nip of the cold was secondary to the huge giant dragon in front of her! She was standing on a bridge as, overhead, a massive swarm of dragons churned and the final gate into the city stood behind her. She wasn't certain why the massive dragon had opted to land at the end of the bridge as opposed to further up along it, but what would happen once it reached the wall was clear. It was more than massive enough to destroy it and, with it, all the turret emplacements made to fend off the monstrosities. She had to stop it. Beside her were the armored city guards and several massive cannons, all of them named 'Big Bertha' for some reason despite making it impossible to tell which cannon was which.

The dragon let lose a massive roar as it started to advance down the bridge. Rushing at full speed Alistia charged forwards, the earth and air coming to her aid without even a second thought as she slung stone and cutting winds at the monsterous dragon, only for them to bounce off it's hard scales to no effect. Howling winds cut through naught as impregnable hide didn't even shudder. She rushed up between it's legs, the guards following behind her, as she unleashed a blast of arcane magic in a holy sphere at point blank to no effect. The beast took a step forwards and crushed three of the guards with its step, their howls filling the sky. The Bertha's opened fire, shooting massive harpoons, as swarms of smaller dragons flew down. The harpoons shot forwards as the giant dragon suddenly jumped upwards, avoiding them completely before flattening all of them with a dragons fire. Those guards were beset upon by the swarms, their howling and shrieking cries filling the bridge as the massive dragon tore off down the way. Alistia hurled stone after stone, aero after aero, each to laughable effect as carnage came up behind her. Then, with a massive swipe of its claws, the wall was blasted apart.

Alistia yawned as her eyes opened up with the knocking. She wouldn't call what had happened a 'cat nap' as she hadn't been asleep. Instead she had been letting her mind wander, seek to ebb into the lands in order to strengthen her connection to the elements. Something that had been interrupted by the strange man.

"Hello." she said simply, yawning a second afterwards as she jumped upright.

"My my. Aren't you a strange man. Doctor?" said Neptune, looking at the Doctor. "Do you have some kind of connection to this guy? Eh. Probably not. Verty! Time to wakey wakey! Try to let Plute nap if she nodded off as well. We don't want to disturb her nappy times."

With that Neptune walked right on up to the strange man, extending her hand. "I'm Neptune! And yes, I would very much like to come inside." she said with a smile. Alistia slowly came up behind the goddess. "Alistia. Likewise, I would certainly enjoy anywhere that isn't naught but sand, sand, and cramped people, with some more sand on top of that."

"I think you forgot about the sand." remarked Neptune wryly.


But We Were Happy
Scott McCall

Scott stared at her and didn't know what happened, but he had a feeling that it wasn't good what was happening. It also didn't help that he had gone into this alone. If he had learned anything from his past, it was that he shouldn't ever go in alone. It was always good to go in with friends and going alone had gotten him shot and possibly dying. Dying wasn't so bad, it would only be about the third or fourth time it had happened in his life. Once he had killed himself to save the lives of his family members, next time he had faked his death to trick an enemy. The next time was when he had nearly been killed by Theo and then finally, he had nearly died in the museum, but had ripped his eyes out entirely. He didn't stay blind as his healing factor kicked in and healed his eyes, so this feelings wasn't new to him.

When you were as both inexperienced and experienced as Scott, things never got better before they got worse. The bullet entered his brain and there was nothing to stop him or stop them from taking his body. All and all, it was not a good day for Scott McCall. As he was nearly dead, his body did what any person would do when in the thrangs of death. He dreamed about the dead and those left behind. Dreams about his first love, Allison, dreams about her evil aunt Kate, dreams about his second love Kira, dreams about those who he saved and those that he failed to save. While his mind was racing, his body was limp and ripe and easy for the robots to drag him along. All that would remain that anyone had even been there was a motorcycle close to a wall and a gray helmet laying on the ground.

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Lincoln Campbell

Lincoln rolled out of the way to make sure he wasn't crushed by the incoming slabs of Earth and being injured. He would do this until he would be in the clear. He was beyond pissed at this point, tired of the battle and this location, as he had already nearly been killed and fallen in a hole. " It's nice to meet you all, I would do better introductions later. Just call me Sparkplug," he said.

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Rose couldn't recall the moment of when her mind went blank, she didn't see it coming. One minute she was demanding answers and the next nothing, just following, obeying, without question. "I feel a bit light headed... Maybe I should find a place to sit" she repeated after him.

She knew in some sense that she was being controlled, but could do nothing, think nothing other than what her thoughts were telling her to do and that was to obey the red-eyed robot. She didn't even see what became of her saviour, just waited for her next instruction from A.R, whatever that might be.

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Raffia Kiryuin

Nothing to see here humans
The moment Vegeta was outside of her and standing on her palm she snapped shut with the same meaty crunch as she had opened up to catch him. "Smack him nice and hard you say? hihi now thats something i can do!" She said excitedly just before he took off and left a nice stinging sensation on her hand where he once stood. Her sensors picked up an energy spike growing within Vegeta rapidly before he released a beam that once more scattered her vision but not as badly as her own beams did. '...wait did he say garlic gun?' C-3 had an side thought for a moment before she shoot it away

Another energy spike but this time it came from the Centurion. one thats exactly as strong as Vegetas beam. "This will be fun~" This clash is all that she needed for an opening as her own particle density increased at her base. She went from 0 to nearly breaking the sound barrier in less than 4 seconds with her lance cannon already aimed down to pierce him upon contact. "Got you~" She said once close enough fro the Centurion to hear and with a smirk that was now clearly visible with that mask gone.

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In all honesty, Jason had very little idea what in the hell was goin go on. Everything seems to happen so fast here, that he was pretty sure that if he hadn’t had to deal with clusterfucks like this before he’d be curled up in a ball and muttering to himself in a corner. As it was, he knew he needed to think.

First of all, the big guy was about to fall into a hole that seemed... woah. Far too deep for him to survive, that’s for sure. Jason was pretty sure he could lift Rein out, but the armoured man was too far away for him to reach.

Fortunately mister Sparkplug presented a unique opportunity.

Turning around, Jason grabs the man by his collar. “So sorry for this, but catch him!” He apologises, before hurling Sparkplug down the hole towards Reinhardt, both hands holding the man’s ankles as he prepared to take both men’s weight.

Meanwhile, Jetfire grumbled to himself as his axe cleaved through waves of those primitive robots that thought they were hot shit. Look at that design! It was like if they had let a sparkling run rampant in a production factory.

His foot lashed out, shattering the carapace of a robot and sending it careening into those behind it as the decepticon looked up towards where the real fun was. He didn’t know who those bastards were, but judging from the sounds and flashy explosions he should be up there. Not playing nanny to these little shits.

With a swing of his axe, Jetfire manages to clear some room for himself. Enough time for the cybertronian’s shoulders and arms to open up and unleash a full payload in the general direction of the big, black glowing robot. The air filled with ordinance for a few seconds, the advanced artillery rushing forth before he was forced to once again circus on the little tykes and their weaponry, shouldering ranged fire as he charged.

Old Group
Norman looked up from where he was finished tinkering with his armour and remaining weapons, only to find that the tiny shack they had been in had been replaced with something that kind of reminded him of the Jedi temple.

He watched silently as Neptune and Alistia introduces their themselves, before the trooper stands up to do likewise. He strides across the floor, coming to a stop next to the two girls and giving a quick salute. “The name’s Norman. Thanks for getting us out of there.” He says simply to the man, so as not to overwhelm him.

Nero Kunivas

Thrower of Buildings
Lera Mishnev and Leon Quinn - Nazareth

Despite having only just begun their run toward Strife, everything around Lera and Leon went to shit very, very quickly, what with earth formations sprouting from the ground, the endless legions of walking, talking steel seeming to swell in numbers and now, their target was nowhere in sight. All around them, skirmishes between powerful people were firing off, the Prince from before making his declarations and facing off with a Centurion, perhaps more. The skyscraper-like robots were making mincemeat of their tinier brethren, a red-masked man making his moves including tossing another mechanical being around for some unknown purpose, at least to the scrambling Lera and Leon.

"Lera! Forget the fire support, I say we take our chances and group up with the walking buildings!" Leon called out, ruling Strife as a lost cause in all of this chaos, to which Lera gave a disappointed exclamation. "Let's hope we find him later, but I'm with you!" She replied, both of them making a serious break toward Jetfire, but not without signalling to the Decepticon that they weren't an enemy, with waved hands and calling out to the Cybertronian:

"Friendlies approaching, big robot! Please don't eviscerate us, yes?!" Lera bellowed, though Leon simply resumed his hand signals, feeling her bestial shouts were signal enough.

(I'll be honest, I've lost track of Lord Horus and his company.)

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Ben's eyes glowed a bright pink for a short while, before this glow faded away. He prepares to enter the portal.

"Hold up, hold up, what's in?" Ben squinted his eyes, a single finger poking the sublime surface of the portal.

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"What happen? I not have good feeling," Grimlock says, transforming back into robot mode.

He then saw Jetfire taking on an entire armada of robots.

"Decepticon truly evil, not letting Grimlock share glory!"

Grimlock joins Jetfire in cleaving and slashing the wide range of mechanical minions with sword in hand, absolutely destroying them. His footsteps thundered and crashes through the battlefield, flattening the minions under his feet. Upon seeing the Centurion's bright lights, Grimlock transformed into his dinosaur mode, rushed towards it and prepared to rip it to shreds with his maws. Audible roars emerged from his mouth.

Athena, in the meantime, follows up with Grimlock & Jetfire, summoning a giant night-hued scythe to follow up on their attack on the Centurion, particularly the neck area.

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But We Were Happy
Lincoln Campbell

Lincoln Campbell had introduced himself and the very next thing he knew he was being thrown down into a hole to catch someone. " A heads up would be very nice next time, I don't mind rescuing him, but god help you if I also fall in this hole," he replied, the disdain very evident in his voice. " Reinhardt, not sure how far I can reach, but I'm going to need your help to help me reach. I hope this works, but in all honesty, I expect to fall in the hole," he replied, trying to reach for him and hoping that it would work.

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Mr. Wade & Watch

Cult of Personality
Strange was sure to shake Naptune, Alistia and Norman's hands, greeting them as the polite doctor he was. While the Doctor and BJ looked around, Alec brought in Xiao over her shoulders, catching Strange's attention, who quickly walked over to the young avatar. "Hooooooooooow....... Never mind--" Alec had seen enough as of this point to not question it, the multiverse traveling shit was confusing enough as it was, he keeps questioning it, he would just be questioning the science behind Back to the Future. "Is there anything you can do for her?" He asked, letting Strange analyze her glowing eyes.

She looked in pain, that was clear, though Strange was unfamiliar with the symptoms. "What happened to her?" He asked Alec. The Doctor answered first. "She has a time vortex stuck inside her body. Merged with it to help us get out of danger." He explained. "If we don't get it out of her soon, it'll turn her to ash."

"Well, lucky for you, I just so happen to know how to remove that." Strange spoke back, looking to the Doctor with a small smirk. "Follow me." He closed off the portal and led the group out of the library, showing them to his home. The house looked victorian era, as everything seemed old but well kept, almost like they were walking through a museum. Didn't help the man had objects and artifacts on the walls and in glass cases that both looked foreign and expensive. BJ himself was looking at a case with what seemed to be one of those massive Easter Island heads shrunk down to size. He stared at it, nearly hypnotized by its stare as if he was looking at the Mona Lisa's eyes. His hand raised up to touch the glass, but before he could, Strange appeared from behind and said calmly. "Don't touch that." Shaking BJ out of the trance and wondering where Strange came from, as he was walking away from BJ, yet he appeared as if he was coming down the hall from behind.

Teleporting bastard.

It took a few minutes, but Strange took Xiao away from Alec and surrounded her body in a massive bubble. It was a dark yellow color, the same as her eyes, but small stems of energy began to grow out her body as if they were sprouting planets. The bubble began to glow once the stems hit the edges, and her glowing eyes began to slowly fade away. "It'll take some time, but this should remove the vortex inside her." Strange told them once he finished up the spell. "..... How?........" The Doctor was stunned. He was easily removing the vortex, the power of time itself, from Xiao without even a sweat. "Master of the mystic arts. It's how I was able to travel between worlds." Strange explained. "And you all are gonna help me fix it before things get worse."

When C-3 tried to grab at Erebus, the Centurion blasted around his body a massive wave of black energy, enough to force the giant's hand away. He quickly spun around twice, building up some energy along the front of his shield, before blasting it right into C-3's face, as if he actually slapped the massive Chimera. The blast was enough to knock her over, and while the other giants tried to fight off the robots, the transformers limbs were still dead from the strange energy shots they were hit with. And it only got worse, as behind enemy lines, another one of the leaders prepared to attack, though with a different strategy this time.

Under the legs of each of the giants, something was glowing in the cracks of the earth. It was pale blue and grew in brightness, so much that they were sure to notice. Before they had a chance to react, the blue brightness suddenly reached out from under them and trapped them in massive jaws, like a fly eater plant. They would be shocked as though electricity was hitting them while they were covered in water, the pain was intense. Their limbs would clench together and go dead, and as this pain continued, the world suddenly began to get smaller.

They were shrinking down, and when the jaws disappeared, the transformers and Chimera's were now the size of normal humans, as well unable to move from their muscles/circuits shocked into submission, like they were hit with a taser.

At least with the other guys things were going....... A bit better. Not by much, but at least Lincoln grabbed a hold of Reinhardt. "Pull me upward before I fall!" The German tank-man yelled, as Lincoln really enjoyed explaining the obvious in this situation. With his free hand, (as the still dead Deadpool was on his shoulders,) Reinhardt's one hand grabbed both of Lincoln's, and just in the nick of time, as Reinhardt's hammer suddenly gave way from the walls. If Lincoln was a normal person, likely the weight would cause his body to be stretched in half. But, somehow, even with the massive armor he was now holding, both he and Jason would pull Reinhardt out of the hole and save him.

Yet they weren't out of the woods yet. More of the enemy robots appeared right from the corner of the buildings, catching the group off guard before Reinhardt was fully out of the hole. They wouldn't have time to react before they were shot down. Thankfully, someone suddenly gave them covering fire, suppressing the robots from above. When they looked, there was Sam Fisher and his own group of misfits in a desert land, as he and the guardians would fire down, and their SOLDIER was likely to join Hood and Lincoln on the ground.


"You are a master of the arcane as well?" asked Alistia, her ears perking up noticably. "How interesting. I know a bit myself and I know many whom would wish to converse with you. Matoya alone would probably love to spend a month talking such arcane knowledge. However, that is not as pressing if the multiverse is in danger. I myself have seen some problems with the multiverse in my own world. Iroha, the Yo-kai, Omega and its creations, the Warriors of Darkness. I am well aware that the multiverse is ill-at-ease, but I know my small corner is but a drop in an ocean."

"Yea... Kind of like what she said. I know a bit about the multiverse stuffies too. Like, once I was a motorcycle, another time I was a chibi, I've fought alongside myself against myself... kinda... I've met a bunch of weird girls from a bunch of weird worlds as well which aren't all my own. Even had a few cameos."

Raffia Kiryuin

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C-3's maniac grin didn't waver as the blast pushed the lance cannon off course. This gave Vegeta another opening to strike. Anticipating his next move she crossed her hands in front of her face to block the incoming attack. "You're fun~" Block it she sure did but still there was enough momentum behind it to send her flying at the ground. Twirling midair she reoriented herself before burning in the opposite direction slow herself down. Unfortunately that wasn't enough as she smacked into the ground but remained upright while skidding backwards. Hardened plates on her lower body retracted as she knelt down and raised her lance cannon once more at the centurion.

Zooming in at him she locked target and adjusted her cannon accordingly as it charged up. "a little gift for you!" Zooming back out again she looked around at the other robots still firing at her with those green beams. Those things stung like hell but they were causing negligible damage so she ignored them. Right as she let loose the shot at near full power her vision suddenly went full of static while the unaffected sensors warned her of an energy buildup below her. Standing up her hardened lower half returned with a meaty crunch before she took off to the skies. She however didn't notice the fact that she got much smaller in that split second she was exposed to the energy beneath her. When her vision cleared out she noticed her lance cannon was beginning to bubble disintegrate. "Hmm too much huh? maybe more real body needed?" Moments passed as the weapon dissolved more before bursting into an explosion of light blue bubbles stretching for a few hundred yards. Those bubbles did nothing only slowly pop one after another when they landed on the ground.

Bad John

Incoming fire directed at the group helping Reinhart was quickly stymied as Alken joined the fray. "Robots now, huh?" He had a light smirk on his face as their projectiles began to focus on him; the SOLDIER was quick to raise his guard, pulling up his shortsword. Their blasts pinged off of the flat of his blade as he dipped into a defensive stance. Pressing forward as he deflected and slipped out of the way of enemy fire, he prepared to attack. Keeping his off-hand behind his back, he used it to pool some Fire Magic, before snapping his open palm forward.


A straight blast of white-hot flame flew from Alken's hand, lashing across the row of automatons and destroying a few. With the column of enemies disoriented, Alken prepared another spell. "Suck on this!" Forming a decent sized fire-ball, Alken lobbed it into the midst of the enemy. Fire3!

The spell landed, churned, then expanded into a slowly growing ball of flame before dissipating. Despite being well practiced, both spells were awfully draining. There goes half my mana-stock. I'll hold onto the rest in case someone needs to be healed. Before he knew it, the SOLDIER was under fire again; flipping out of the way, he scrambled for cover. At least it split some of their attention; the Guardians should be able to do some damage before I get in close.


But We Were Happy
Lincoln Campbell

Lincoln was thankful that someone had saved them from being shot down into a hole. He was really starting to hate these robots and formed an electro ball to aim at them. He wasn't sure if he was going to hit them, but he hoped that it hit at least one of them in this mess. After he took a moment to catch his breath from quickly using his powers, he would attempt to use his electric hands to aim at some more robots. " I really hope that these robots are weak to electricity, otherwise, I'm not going to be much help to you guys," he replied. He wasn't sure if the bullet had hit him, but he was sure he would feel it sooner or later if it did hit him.


Alicia. . . wasn't sure what to think when they suddenly entered a house the felt just like... home.
"This" she started but choked up blinking away tears. The design of the room, the furniture and the wood.
It was like home. Her old home, but that...

"Wh...where is this place?" She asked her hands clenching and releasing repeatedly. "I need to know"
It hit harder then she thought. It had been so long and yet just seeing something this familiar had her unravel so easily.
Now she no longer could just stand in the background she needed to know what this place was.

Something small hit the teen wolf shortly after the other robot shot him. The small object quickly embedding itself into the flesh and disappearing.
It was a risk but if they where taking that with them he could use the tracker and if anything and that creatures regeneration was fast then he could communicate.
But where did that portal lead? Was it far of or another universe? Pocket dimension would make sense as well due to logistics but he had no scope on how advanced the enemy was. Perhaps it was time to investigate the robots closer.
He needed a specimen. A quick review on the data of the field gave him a good angle to work from as he once more entered full stealth.
In the chaos of battle the machine moved patiently and awaited his prey adapting as new information flowed in.

And then he struck. Adapted mines exploded filling the air with chaff and smoke ruining visual and audio sensors of both machines and biological's.
Using 3D computing on the last known vectors Strife moved in blind and struck with his axe thanks to the stealth he was already close enough. And in mere seconds when the chaff and smoke had settled the robots had their combat efficiency reduced by a third in that formation. And Strife was again hidden furhter away. His hand clutching the head of a robot that weakly tried to resist. He ripped of it's exterior members before ramming a hand into the robots chest hacking nodes plugging into the hardware. "now lets see what makes you tick"
As he did he scanned the robot extensively.
The hack however yielded nothing. It was like facing a solid wall of security and he threw the machine to the ground. Aiming at it he sent a strong radiation loaded scan that fried the entire thing. Metals glowed and all circuits melted from the overload. Pondering for a moment that was long for him but was only fractions of a second in the real word he performed another test and skewered the robot on a pole leaving it out to see for pursuers.
Depending on reactions there was another gift inside the remains. Again Strife disappeared moved into his cloak and traversed away from the site.

When fighting a superior force mobility was key. And unlike mere biological's and free AI's his mind couldn't forget such details.
But perhaps the next target needed to be bigger than a grunt. Now that he knew how these things worked the challenge to his work had lessened. Still these where no cheap bots of war and mass production. Judging by that encounter he estimated each unit to hold combat capability on par with high tier veteran and elite units in his own world.

Perhaps he should consider allies this time around. It was not often that option became a necessity for Strife.