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The Inner Circle 001

Discussion in 'Fantasy' started by Wintergreen, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    9 years after the War against the Sacred Blood Cult...
    8 years after the Witch - Wizard Dispute....
    The population of this society has been weakened by the recent war......
    The society divided by a great dispute against it's own......

    Time heals all wounds..... But there will forever be a scar..... However, when magic is involved: what happens to the scar is a mystery.

    It's been ages since he joined the inner circle. So many days of lonesome study, All for the sake of becoming one of the most well renown mages in the world. That was the description of the inner circle, the very goal of every mage. It was all they ever knew, It was tradition over modernization. This was the mage world now and the mage world forever. In these traditions held respect and honor for the whole society. So in a way the society was already modern. It is also in this society that he found these beliefs were worth following.

    In the alleyway near the Mitch N' Witch shop Mr. Eisenrose sat there. He would come here regularly to just hangout before a match, And even to just chill out. The wall in front of him had plenty of graffiti. The one word in particular he was looking at said 'Warlock'. It was funny really - Did warlocks exist or was it just a punk gang name. When he would come here it was to just wonder off and think of such silly concepts. Though when he came here it was almost always alone. It made him think about the old man he once knew. He taught him how to use his chains better. When he learned of his magical affinity, he worried about himself. But the wise old man would always say something cheesy. The one thing that he remembered was when the old man said that one particular quote.

    "A white sheep who lives in the shadows is not an evil sheep" The old man said.

    "Ah. Come to see me off old man?" Eisenrose said...

    But no one was there. The old man had long passed. The last thing he had left after his family died. It was about time to forget the old man. But he just couldn't, The name was easy to forget, But he could never forget a face. It was about time to snap out of it and focus. He started to prep.

    He was sorting his vials for the combat to come, and swiftly sharping his mage dagger (The only non-magic created weapon allowed other than a mastercraft weapon). His favorite vials were elemental ones. They could be used to enchant his magical chains and save mana.

    The time for preparation was over. It was finally time for his duel.

    @Wintergreen as [???] Eisenrose
    @Siegward Blut Verheerung as himself???
    @ChelonianCommander as Marcus Aldor

    This is their story.........

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  2. The story so far...

    The verheerung family's estate was one of the oldest buildings in the area.There is a small garden surrounding the large 3 story brick building.It looked like some old church. Its dark exterior fit in well with the family line of work. They were the largest group of exorcists in the circle. Siegward just happen to be apart of that family. Exorcising ghosts was a difficult job and often dangerous but someone has to do it.

    He was on his way to a farm that needed an exorcist. Siegward got an alert from the mage society that there was a possible ghost sighting there that needed to be removed. The farm is located just outside of the main walls of the mages society. It was terrorizing the cattle and had pushed someone out a second story window. He hoped it was not going to be a very tough ghost. He was not awake enough to want to fight for his life today. If its weak enough it should be easy enough to deal with.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2018
  3. Wintergreen

    Wintergreen The Heart of The Party

    With his hands in his pockets he walked into the arena. It was Inner Circle Rose's most popular duel ground: The Downtown Joint. It consisted of a long stretch of road that went down a street, and had four buildings long abandoned. Their were two buildings on the right, An old apartment building, It is the tallest of all the buildings and has a huge light up sign; And the pawn shop, a very small building that they left when opportunity arose. Then there was two buildings to the left, The Market, it use to be very popular among people who liked their food freshly picked; And the bike shop, A place that wasn't visited much even when it was open. They were currently vacant and left to rot. The perfect place to have duels. In the event a building did collapse, they were easy to repair, Though very costly as dueling areas are.

    Their match today was a public one. Anyone could come and watch it, And many did. Today also was a special event for the entirety of the whole Inner Circle, Headmaster Galfrey said that there was a big announcement to be made today. All the Mages who came to watch were scattered along the tops of the four antique buildings.

    Galfrey had emerged from the crowd, they all split like the red sea to let him get through. There he was, the legend himself: Glafrey. He was a very old man, no one really knew how old he was for a fact, though his appearance gave hints. He had a long white beard and long white hair, he looked like any legendary Mage should. He wore a blue robe that had yellow stars spread all over it, the universe on his robe, and his long wizards hat matched it. He was the Headmaster of the Cast Arts, There's legends that he has detached magic from his body for over an hour, most people can't even manage a minuted without some magical connection. The old man had really made a name for himself in the society, and the rumors showed that.

    "First, I'd like to welcome everyone here today for this friendly duel! Today we have two great Mages here for a duel, Mr. Eisenrose, A well known mage who has spent hours upon hours of studying to master his magical abilities, A conduit type mage, who uses specialization type magic as his major; And Ross Firan, A student very new to our Inner Circle, who is young and has plenty of talent, He is a channeling type mage, and uses enhancement type magic as his major-" His voice quivered.

    The entire crowd had started to cheer. They were always pumped to be able to see a magic fight in action. In this society there isn't anything like it.

    "Ross! Ross! Ross"
    "No name! No name! No name!"

    The crowd had cheered for them.


    But Galfrey had used his fragile, yet powerful voice to stop all the racket.

    "-Yes I know! We all want to see these promising young lads duke it out. But first I have one of the biggest announcements to date in recent years. I'd like to introduce Valery Firestalk-"

    A young girl around her mid-twenties had stepped fourth from the shadows. She had mysterious blue hair that no normal person could possibly have, Her hair was also long and touched her waist, which wasn't saying much, she was short. Her eyes were a light green, and she had an innocent looking smile. She was very attractive looking.

    "-She is the first witch to work within the Inner Circle since the great Witch-Wizard Dispute. And I'm honored to tell you all she will be a secretary working directly under the Headmasters. She will be helping all mages find any jobs in the circle that they may seek. And may I say it is good to see our society to start to come together again after such a long time!-"

    The whole crowd had clapped for Miss Valery giving her a very warm welcome. It was nice to have a little more variety in the circle. They haven't seen a witch work directly under the circle in 8 years, they all knew exactly the gravity this held in the Inner Circles community. It was a step forward in a society that has been stopped in place by all the recent conflicts. This announcement had probably helped everyone feel better about the future of the Mage society.

    "Now, For what all you have came here for. The duel!"

    The whole crowd had started to let out there cheers again.

    "Now I can proudly say today's judges will be, Miss Valery and I, Now......Let the duel begin!"

    Eisenrose stared across the roofs to see all those Mages. One in particular had caught his eye, he was wearing a helmet all the headless horsemen Mages wore, and he was wearing a dark blue robe. He slowly walked away from the crowd. Eisenrose quickly adjusted his eye around the battlefield. Yesterday when he got his 'custody' of the Downtown Joint, he placed all his magic runes, basically magical traps he could activate at will. Every Mage got time to place these before a match. His were all set and ready to go.


    Eisenrose had channeled his magic to his runes, He activated them all right away, all the runes had activated releasing magical chains all over the battlefield, causing some rubble to fall of the buildings and straight into the street. This caused Ross to raise his eyebrow, giving a look of curiosity. Eisenrose has used all his traps, straight from the beginning. Ross raised his hand and it started to glow, from his elbow to his wrist were glowing blue, his finger tips also started to glow blue, and last a blue circle had started to glow from the palm of his hand.

    The battle finally began....
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  4. As siegward got closer to his destination he saw a very large red tower like structure off in the distance. He wasnt really sure what a building like that was used for but he knew alot of farms had them. As he got closer he was able to make out the rest of the farmland. It was a fairly large area with plants growing in one field and some cows in another. They were seperated by barbed wire fencing, probably to keep the cows from eating the plants. There was also a shed with tools in the area.

    Next to the shed was the farmers house. It was a white two story house with a decent sized porch. On the porch was a man who looked to be in his mid forties. He was wearing blue overalls and a white shirt. His beard was trimmed close to his face and his hair was short with a mix of gray and brown. Siegward walked up towards the gentleman to ask him about this ghost problem. The farmer gave him a startled look. Its a reaction he gets a lot in his line of work. His outfit is a long black cassock with his family crest keeping his cloak in place. The crest is an image of a purple bat wing and an angelic wing on the other with there family name being held by them.

    “Good morning sir, i am here on behalf of the blut veerherung exorcists. My name is Siegward and you are?”

    “Ah alas i was wondering when someone was going to come. Its nice to meet you siegward, my name is Kyle Flynn. We have been having weird things happen around the property. Things have been moved to strange spots and the noises at night are very eerie. Can you help us?”

    “I will need to take a look around the property to find it. It probably has a prefered spot, is there anywhere these odd occurrences take place the most?”

    “They happen by the shed mostly. A few times around the outside of the house as well.”

    “thank you kyle, i will start my investigation immediately. I will come find you when i am finished.”

    “Thank you sir.”

    Let the ghost hunt begin...

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