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Illusion True Goddess Metempsychosis

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Minerva, May 29, 2019.

  1. Minerva

    Minerva Take Me Somewhere Nice

    It came to you in your dreams. A recurring dream that you had, a woman dressed in white, reaching her hand out towards you from a black void and calling your name.


    The city, on fire, covered in darkness. You were surrounded by people you had never seen before. The sound of sirens went off in the background.

    The woman reaches her hand out to you and others. "You are dreaming, and soon you will awake."

    The world burned away, forming a desert in its place. The desert stretched infinitely in every direction. An old man laughed.


    "This is not your home." The voice said.

    There was then a corruption, like when a TV cuts in and out, and then...

    The dream was over.

    Your phone went off.

    It was time for school.

    July 14


    "Good afternoon, Shujin Academy! I hope your final exams are going well!" A cheery female voice stated over the intercom. "Today, there is the Field Trip to the Diet for those who signed up. For everyone else, the library is set up for study sessions throughout the rest of the day.”


    Io Nitta sat in the library. She had a pile of books at her table and smiled at everyone who came in.

    “Good afternoon. Are you all here to study?” She asked.



    "Alright! Who do I have?" Kawakami asked. She held a clipboard in her hands. "Come on out, everyone! We only have a few hours left and a lot to see!”


    The Diet Building stood tall and proud behind you all. Bureaucrats, cops, and citizens all walked along the path. You saw several cops in riot armor with riot shields running past the building.

    You stood outside of a school bus, other students surrounded you. The day was hot, but bearable.


    Several had decided to slip out afterwards or even forgo their exams altogether. There was a large tech exhibition hosted by the Kirijo Group at the Tokyo Sky Tower, and a group of students was gathering in a grassy area in front of a small Buddhist temple.


    "Alright, we have a few hours before they'll notice us missing back at our schools." Hikaru said. Hikaru was a third year at another school, but was known for gathering people together from Kosei, Shujin, and several other schools in the general area. She was a great student, but well known among delinquents for her own "Field Trips" as she called them. Some also had a crush on her, saying she is “as pretty as an angel.”

    "So, I thought today we'd see the Kirijo Group tech exhibition at the Sky Tower in Asakusa. See what kinda cool tech they’re rolling out.” She laughed and tugged at her messenger bag.

    Alternatively, you could have slipped out to see Lane: The Professional, an action film about a mafia janitor in New York who everyone thinks is a hitman. The theater was conveniently next to the Sky Tower too!


    Akiyama, Itsuki (@York )

    Cooper, Andrew James (@Lucky )

    Omura, Hisoka (@Hida Tomonatsu )

    Manabe, Ienari (@Yun Lee )

    Nakamura, Sarah (@Jeremi )

    Shimizu, Kiseki (@Gummi Bunnies )

    Shiori, Nanako (@Alex Azure )

    Tange, Sakura (@Crow )

    Tormod-Oreson, Bjorn (@Sark )

    Yamasato, Leah (@Minerva )
    Last edited: May 29, 2019
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  2. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM


    "Sarah Nakamura, ma'm!" Responded a chipper voice to Kawakami's as Sarah stepped off the bus into the sun set. "We hit the jackpot with the weather! I'd say it's a blessed day, but," She smiled cheerfully to the student next to her. "Every day's a blessed day!"

    @Minerva @Anyone @NeutralRoute
  3. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Following Sarah was third year Ienari Manabe, who tugged at his uniform collar as he stepped out into the heat. Man, it was hot today. But it was nice to get some fresh air after all his exams...even though he felt confident he'd get good grades like always, it was still exhausting nonetheless. He couldn't wait to be out of school and never worry about exams again.

    Though he noticed something rather concerning: policemen in riot gear taking off running. "Er...Miss Kawakami? Is that normal?"

    @Minerva @Jeremi @Neutral​
  4. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "Definitely not," A cool voice spoke up from behind Ienari and Sarah, a set of hazel eyes peering from under a baseball cap that young Hisoka Omura had placed upon his head before getting off the bus. A touch out of place given his uniform, but for the young student council president, it was acceptable to keep the sun out of his eyes. Besides, it would only stay on long until they entered the building; there shouldn't be any need to look perfectly refined before then, right?

    He took a spot by Manabe and stroked his chin, considering the sight of riot-gear equipped police, then shrugged, "Though perhaps they're simply acting as security for a legal protest of some kind that's taking place. Government buildings are often the best place to demonstrate your cause for political change, but it also can turn violent if things aren't handled properly." Cue a pause as he realized that he was rambling on, along with an apologetic smile to the teacher and his two classmates, "Sorry about that, everyone, ignore my worrying. Hisoka Omura, Kawakami-sensei."

    @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Minerva
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  5. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM

    After that tedious exam period, Kiseki decided to reward herself by going off to something completely unrelated to school altogether. She wasn't a huge tech nut to really know what was up at this exhibition, but it sure sounded a lot more appealing than going to a field trip to the Diet.

    ❝ Sounds cool. Never been around a tech exhibition before, so a first is always nice. ❞ Kiseki gave an affirmative nod over to Hikaru.

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  6. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Grateful his friend Hisoka was here to explain things, but even so it didn't leave him so sure. "Yeah, but...I hadn't heard about any riots or even protests on the news. You'd think something like that would be broadcasted, right?" Then, he realized he had forgotten something. "O-Oh! Um, Ienari Manabe."

    @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu @Jeremi @Neutral​
  7. Lucky

    Lucky Just A Light Snack

    Andrew James (AJ/Andy)

    AJ had been planning to go to the museum trip, but well, one thing had led to another and he had forgotten to give in the permission slip.. He looked over at Hikaru. " I'm actually going to the movie next door. I wanted to at least let you know when things go south where to get me. That Lane movie looks good."

    @Gummi Bunnies @Minerva @Chaos Boys
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  8. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "It could just be training!" Sarah added. "You got to stay sharp if they are supposed to protect us after all!" It hadn't even come into Sarah's mind that there was actually something real going on. Had to look at the glass being always full after all.

    @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu @Yun Lee @Neutral
  9. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "Well, depending on how small the group protesting is, it might not make the news," Hisoka countered with a wave of his finger, "Even the smallest groups need some security in case someone tries to do something violent to them or vice versa. Even for a minor demonstration, safety and security is key." When Sarah gave her suggestion, again, the student council president seemed uncertain of it, mulling over it in his head before speaking, "Doubtful... usually, training occurs in special facilities away from the administrative centers. Of course, maybe it's a public show of their training and readiness to perform their duties?"

    @Minerva @Yun Lee @Jeremi
  10. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "O-Oh. Well!" She smiled again. "Either way we don't need to worry! They got everything under control! Let's just enjoy our trip!"

    @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu @Yun Lee @Neutral
  11. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "Right, of course, Nakamura-san!" Even if he had just been worried a moment before about the riot squad, Hisoka couldn't help but smile as well. Sarah was always chipper enough to cheer up an entire classroom, and for the sake of the entire class on the trip, he was all for enjoying the day rather than getting caught up in other things. It was his duty as student council president after all to make certain their morale as students remained high, "Today is the day for us all to experience the wonders of our government's administration and meet those who run it as representatives of Shujin; we can worry about that other matter later."​
  12. Minerva

    Minerva Take Me Somewhere Nice


    Kawakami looked concerned when they brought up the riot officers. “Uh, um, let’s just... head inside.” She said. She then cheered up again as the students continued discussing protests.

    “Let’s just think about them as ‘The Government in Action!’” She said cheerily. She would be interrupted by an American running past in a uniform that Third Years would recognize as the one Guest Lecturer Zelenin wore.


    This will make for an interesting story for tomorrow’s issue of the school newspaper.” Leah Yamasato said, stepping off.

    @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Hida Tomonatsu @Diet Building​
  13. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "...does the 'Government in Action' require all these officers running around?" Back last year, Ienari would've stayed quiet about all this. It was easier to be quiet and let the world happen around you. Don't make waves, do as you're told...it was miserable, but it kept you safe. But now he was different, and trying to find his voice. One of the biggest staples of the occult was never just accepting the world as it is. There's always something more.

    @Minerva @Jeremi @Hida Tomonatsu
  14. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "... Maybe not a demonstration then," Hisoka muttered under his breath as he recognized the suit. While it was certainly an intimidating visage to behold and well-protected, it didn't seem at all what one would need or want in a riot. Leah would certainly have a field day figuring out what a supposed scientist was doing running around with riot police.
    Cue a shrug from the student council president, "Not normally, no. However, officers act as the fingers by which the state is meant to delicately handle individual cases on their own, and at times, a great number of fingers are needed to prevent anything from slipping through the cracks." However, Omura couldn't help but shake his head before finishing, unwilling to keep his own thoughts to himself, "Though you may want to focus upon the man who just ran by us... that American-looking guy in the suit. He dresses similarly to the guest lecturer, Dr. Zelenin, yet he was running out there as if to join the police."

    Something more was certainly happening, if random scientists suited up in special gear were heading out. Yet they couldn't cancel the field trip just because of a few weird sightings. So far, nothing had come out to try and attack their entourage; leaving now would be suspect and reflect badly on the students, and Omura would rather not allow any of them to suffer for his own paranoia by being questioned by the police out of suspicion.

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Yun Lee
  15. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "Oooh I love it!" Sarah exclaimed clapping her hands together in glee. "Cause if the government isn't in action then why have one at all?" As the guy in the suit stopped to talk to them Sarah had to give him a proper look over.

    She didn't like the suit, just really creepy and weird but the guy himself. "He's pretty cute..." She mumbled softly to herself. Hopefully no one heard that. "Golly, I wish he would've been our tour guide..." That however was said loudly enough for others to have heard.

    @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu @Yun Lee @Diet building
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  16. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Really? He seems kinda busy...he might rush us through the tour," Ienari commented as the soldier rushed on by. "And yeah, he DOES look like he hangs around with Miss Zelenin. I'm sorry Miss Kawakami, but is something going on today? None of this exactly feels...typical. I-I mean, I don't know anything about politics, but still..."

    @Minerva @Jeremi @Hida Tomonatsu
  17. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "Well, it would have certainly been a good idea if he's in the same field as Dr. Zelenin; maybe they even work together usually, Nakamura-san, and he could have introduced us to her," Hisoka commented innocently, all while trying to ignore what his classmate had first said about the man. Goddammit, he really didn't want to deal with a student wanting to go out with a man who looked old enough to be their father. The lecture about keeping that sort of thing from happening that he had to sit through when becoming student council president due to Kamoshida still gave him nightmares.

    @Minerva @Jeremi @Yun Lee
  18. Minerva

    Minerva Take Me Somewhere Nice

    "Let's just... go inside." Kawakami said, a bit flustered at the conversation.

    Once inside, after going through Security, you would be herded into The Diet's meeting room by several more cops. A woman stood at the podium, being addressed by several news reporters.


    "There has been a small biological weapon released in Shibuya. We have everything under control, however." She said, addressing the Diet. "JP'S has taken temporary control of the JSDF in order to maintain control of cleanup." She then turned to the Shujin group. "To those school groups present, your tours will still continue. Thank you for your time, our lead researcher Stephen will now field any questions you have." She then stepped down from the podium and put her fingers on the bridge of her nose and sighed.

    A man in a wheelchair came forward towards the mic. He had a calm demeanor and wore a red suit.


  19. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    "See? That doesn't sound so bad," Sarah replied in a hush tone to the others. I mean biological weapon sounded pretty bad, but it had small tied to it in the beginning so...yeah it's fine. "Everything's fine."

    She smiled and turned back towards the podium to hear what the wheelchair bound man had to say. He seemed pretty smart so she was hoping it was something good.

    @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu @Yun Lee @Diet building
  20. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "She seems rather... exasperated," Hisoka commented, not able to really blame the young officer who had delivered the news. It seemed whatever had gone down in Shibuya was, despite being secured, a major shake-up, as he himself had never heard of JP'S before today let alone them being able to take over the JSDF for such purposes; evidently, she didn't seem quite ready to deal with that new responsibility either. Turning his head to Kawakami, the student council president gave her an uncertain expression asking for guidance, "Should we worry about this, Kawakami-sensei? The officer did say we could continue our tour without any trouble..."

    @Minerva @Jeremi @Yun Lee

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