Witch Hunt [1×1]


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The longer the groping continued, the more aroused Mia was becoming. Shit, this wasn't going to end up well. She almost never did anything to herself, so this was still a relatively new and foreign feeling that she wasn't keen on experiencing. But her body didn't care about how much she disliked what was happening to her.


Mia softly whimpered. This time, a soft hiss threaded itself into the sound. Fuck, that was not good. She was going to end up being too noisy if this was to go on any longer! Her eyes shut so tight she was seeing spots, trying her hardest to deny the small tingles of pleasure flowing through her body. She even felt some sensations in her lower area.

Mia wanted to cry. Never had she been so humiliated in all her life. Especially when the one humiliating her was fucking asleep. This had to go in the books as one of those stories that nobody would ever believe if you told them, even if you were someone who'd never told a lie.

And who would blame them? Who'd believe this kind of crap? This was the kind of stuff that happened in movies or books. Not real life. God, how does she get into these kinds of situations?

The groping and prodding continued for what seemed like forever. At this point, Mia's mind was - to her dismay - filled with a small amount of lust and desire. She panted and whimpered, getting incrementally louder as time passed. Was she really this sensually deprived that she couldn't lay still and take the contact without a sound? He then sucked on her skin, making her tingle with small shivers slithering across her spine. Another soft yet broken hiss escaped her mouth. Stop it Mia! Oh God, he needed to stop before she would end up doing something she would regret.

Finally, he stopped touching her so much. Panting as softly as she possibly could, Mia laid in the bed to regain her senses. Fuck, he had her pinned. He laid on her chest, where it still tingled a little from his lengthy ministrations.

He asked for her to not leave again, and Mia had to remind herself that he was talking about the woman that Mia was so graciously in place of.
She waited for the man to go limp again. After a short moment, she made a move to free herself from his warmth, something that she somewhat didn't want to do. She knew how cold she was going to be when she finally left this place, especially since her clothes were soaking wet. The man then spoke up again. He said something about "her" being pretty and special. Mia sighed with the smallest whimper, assuming that he was talking about the woman in her place. He must've been - there was nobody else he could've been talking about, right?

... But then he said something about being mean and dark.

Mia froze. Was he talking about her? He thought she was dark? Well, she couldn't fault him for thinking that. But awesome? Pretty? Special? What could he even see in her? This man baffled her very much.

Suddenly, the man did the most horrific thing he could've done that night - he woke up. Terror swept across Mia's face as the white in his eyes presented themselves, and she stiffened as he felt him shift around in his bed. Oh god, what was she to do now? Play it off? How?! Knock him out before he completely woke up? That was a slightly better idea. But she was still wrapped around his body. Even with her speed she couldn't react that fast.

He asked who she was. Her heart pounded at a million miles per hour - what was he doing?! Didn't he know who she was?


But he seemed to be out of it. By some sort of ridiculous miracle, he still didn't recognize her. He went back to sleep, as if she was supposed to be in his bed all along. What the hell? She was free, just like that?

"Oh my God," she breathed. It took her a moment, but she rolled off the bed and collected her clothes and bag as quiet as she could. She had just tiptoed out of the room before she heard movement from within. She gasped - fuck, he actually woke up this time... And with a gun?!

As quietly as humanly possible, Mia snuck into the bathroom and hid in the shower. She panted heavily, but quietly, trying her best to be silent to the man who was now awake in the house. She prayed heavily that she wouldn't be found - she couldn't be seen now. Not now.


Alex looked around his apartment. He hadn’t heard or seen the door open yet. So they still had to be in here. Softly he felt around the edge of the bed. Was that? Ooh Gosh DARN IT! That was his vodka! Then he felt something else. Softly he picked up a bra. He was confused why was a home invader sleeping with him. But he felt how hard he was. That was embrasing

Slowly Alex slid to the other side of the bed. He slid off keeping his eyes on the entire room when possible. He crept around and closed the bathroom door. Leaving Mia trapped in there. It would be a bad idea but he’d be able to tell where she was at. He entered the living room and began his search there.

He checked the kitchen slowly and surely careful of glass just in case. He checked every nook and cranny and human could possibly be, even the terrible places like inside the curtains. It was a slow sweep but by now he had his flash light. Slowly he crept over towards the door. He should check it.

The light swept through the apartment. He locked the outside door, trapping the both of them in there. Well it could be unlocked but it would slow down and escape quite a bit.

Alex went through the living room. Another long and slow sweep turning the place upside down but always keeping his eyes on that door. His mind working and choosing where a human could fit.

He came to his bedroom and called out. “I’ll find you soon enough! Come out and I won’t hurt you! I just have questions lots and lots of questions. Especially about why your stealing my things and sleeping next to me.”

Luckily Alex hasn’t noticed that she’s been through his Ex’a bag. Alex waited for quite a long time waiting for someone to come out and face him. Slowly he crept up and checked under the bed. A beam of light bounced into the bathroom. It lit up the underneath of the door.

Luckily Alex searches the rest of his room in the same low sweeping manor before he opens his bathroom door. The flash light shining straight into the shower curtain. Luckily he couldn’t see through it besides a basic shape.

But for Mia it meant he was combing and quite close.

“Come out now I won’t hurt you. I just have some questions. But if I have to find you I’ll be very upset.”


The Eager Rper
This was shaping up to be a horrible night. Mia was hot and annoyed thanks to all that touching she had to endure. And now, she had been trapped inside the bathroom, with a crazy man who had a gun. Of all the houses to pick.... Who thought that stealing from a gun-owning alcoholic was a good idea? Who?

She heard the man scour through his entire home, gun and flashlight in hand no doubt. He kept calling out into the darkness, hoping to get an answer from whoever was in here with him. Not going to happen. She growled lightly to herself, scolding her thieving nature and the chances of her picking the wrong house.

She needed to get out - now. But how? The man was walking through the house, and there was no way for her to get out undetected. A light shone through from under the door, suggesting that he was close by. Shit. The footsteps drew closer and closer until the door opened up. She forced herself to keep the gasp in her throat down, to not alert the man with the gun. Oh how she hated guns. Let her count the ways.

He may not want to hurt her, but Mia had no qualms about hurting him, if it meant escaping the apartment. She tensed up and slowly put her backpack on, putting her shirt inside the bag for the moment. She'd have to risk being seen outside, but it was much better than the situation in here. Mia waited for her nerves to bubble up, spurring her to do the unthinkable in a situation like this - attack an armed man in close quarters. In his own house.

With a growing hiss, Mia tensed her muscles and gathered her strength, a hiss instinctively rolling out of her throat as she prepared for pain. She pulled the curtain a little, refusing to let her fingers be seen, before pausing once she accepted the space gap.

After a pause that seemingly lasted forever, Mia snarled as she lunged out of the bathtub, arms extended as she attacked the man before her. She did her best to avoid his gun and light, going low before she went high on him. She slapped and slashed at his face, open handed blows playing the man's head. She then slammed his back in the wall repeatedly, before twirling and throwing the man into the shower curtain. She dashed out the door and around corners of the apartment, and soon enough, Mia opened the door and had escaped the establishment. She skipped down what was almost the whole staircase in her panicked haste. She turned several corners before hiding in the shadows, taking a moment to breathe. She peeked around the corner, wondering if the man took pursuit.



Mia though robbing a a mad Alocholic with a gun was a good idea. Sooner or later her luck would turn sour. And unfortunately for Alex his had to.

He stood before the bath tub and slowly crept towards.the shower. He got his gun and light ready as he gripped the curtain. Only for it to get yanked back, Alex shot into the bath tub wall. Then another.

Luckily Mia wasn’t hit, unluckily she weaved up and struck him. Alex tipped back only to have his gun and light slapped down. He shot himself in the foot. Shots went off a few more times, but none hit Mia. Alex shot himself in ge leg, he couldn’t see, his left eye was swollen shut. Mia cut Alex up pretty badly. Blood ran down his face, and one scratch ran form his fore head down his nose eye lid to his lip, would probably scar and remain for the rest of his life.

She shoved him against the wall. Alex let our s pitiful yelp and went to fight back against her. But Mia was unsurprisingly stronger than him with her demonic strength. His back let out a crack, and Alex was thrown easily into the curtain, it caught him but gave way, the Shower was turned on. Alex smacked his head on the shower wall. His vision began to blur.

He watched Mia escape, but couldn’t stop her. The shower rod smacked him on the head and Alex blacked out.

Mia in the excitement hadn’t slipped her nasty shirt back on. The cold air nipped at her skin. However soon enough the shadows covered her, the foul shirt in her hand but her bra was missing.

Despite no one being around, It felt like a pair of eyes were intensely boaring into her body. As if someone were glaring with lethal intent. However no one was in sight. She was completely alone. (Had more but the rest was erased)


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Mia stood in the darkness for a few minutes, making sure she wasn't being chased. If she wasn't being chased, that would be one less thing to worry about. After those few minutes, Mia went to th3 conclusion that she wasn't being chased. Good. She slid down on the ground, panting as she went into her bag. All of a sudden, she felt this foreboding and ominous feeling.... Like hundreds of eyes were watching her. It as overwhelming, and it made Mia extremely nervous.

She shivered, half regretting leaving the house. It was so much warmer in the house. In the room. In the bed. A whimper flew out of Mia's mouth, but she shook her head and pulled out the vodka soaked shirt. Despicable. How was she supposed to breathe with this stench in her face?
She didn't have much of a choice though. She slid the shirt on despite how cold it was outside. The smell hit her nose like a truck, and she got dizzy from the smell. With a growl, Mia made her leave, sneaking out of the apartment complex and back out into the streets.

It was a good while until the young woman got back home. She took off her soaked clothes, got in the shower, and got dressed for bed. It was an exhausting night, that didn't go completely as she wanted. And what's worse, she got back home with her thoughts still on that man. The whole reason she left to go out was to forget about him! Now she was subconsciously thinking about him and his..... Desires.

Damnit. The next several days was going to be hard. Once something sat on her brain, it was going to be a long time before it relinquished its hold on her thoughts. She sighed in defeat. Having anxiety concerning this man was not something she wanted to go through. Thankfully, she was so tired that she managed to go to sleep.

Through the course of a couple of days, Mia went through the hours as best as she could. Friday night was her shop night, so she set up shop and waited for her customers. The whole preparation process was a couple of hours, in which entailed a whole bunch of decorating, caution and a smidge of paranoia. One couldn't be too careful when doing an underground shop. Normally, she'd take whatever stuff she might've snatched throughout the week and set it up in the shop, but this time around, she didn't. She couldn't place a solid reason - but maybe it was because she never got the chance to look at her spoils. Or maybe it was because she never wanted to see what was inside. Perhaps she just didn't feel like thinking about that embarassing night. Either way, it never left her place, and she just had to try and sell the stuff she already had.

The next day was Saturday. The weekend. A day that people often took to relax and do what they wanted. So Mia did just that- she took a walk to the park. She wanted fresh air, and a walk was the perfect way to do so. She had washed her black jacket, since it stank of alcohol, and so she had it on her body once again.

She sighed as she sat down on the same bench that she sat the last time she was there. It just appealed to her - the quiet, the relative solitude, the placement of the bench. It just helped her feel better.

As the wind blew, Mia snorted as she forced herself to keep her mind on other things. She wanted a break from the troubles and trepidations from the week.
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Alex has missed work and had to be checked on. A department buddy found him in rough shape. Alex still tried to go to work of course. Ha hitched a ride with his buddy.

Alex tried his best to attend his job, but the captain sends him home for obvious reasons. Realizing he had free time, Alex slowly and cautiously wrapped his legs and then covered them so the guaze and bandages were hidden. Alex puts on a hat. He wasn’t sure how to cover up the big scar and scratches. He didn’t have make up, and he was sure that would lead to an infection. He put anti infection agent on those and limped down the stairs and to his car.

He needed to clear up his date with Mia anyway, hopefully he could find her.

He tried the coffee shop, she wasn’t there but he needed something to eat and drink. So he got coffee and some croissants. He got back into his car and went to the park.

The journey was long and painful. A little ways in he was putting all his weight on one leg and dragging the other just barely. He took himself to the bench where Mia normally was.

He limped over to her and sat down. His face was scratched from the last night with a really bad scratch down his face. (Possibly poisoned?)
He smilies pleasantly and slides onto the bench as quick as possible. He looks at Mia happily. “How are you today?” His leg was hurting and probably bleeding again.


The Eager Rper
No matter how much she tried to avoid it, Mia kept thinking about the man. The man whose entire being just invaded all her thoughts for the last several days. Why? She'd never given anybody this much thought, whether it was born in concern, annoyance.... Or even the slightest bit of lust.

Mia shifted in her spot. It was very uncomfortable - and unforgettable - what that man did to her. Her eyes shut tightly as she involuntarily imagined his hands stroking and searching her body. It felt like he was being a pervert, but he didn't know what he was doing... Or rather, not know to whom he was doing his actions towards.

In reality, Mia couldn't deny how.... lovingly the man was to her. But alas, his love was not directed towards her, but instead for some other woman who left him. She was just there at the wrong place at the wrong time to find that out.

At that moment, this intense feeling bubbled up within Mia. How lucky was that woman to have been with a man who wanted her? To have wanted her so badly that he still thought of her in his sleep? Whatever happened to them, he had clearly failed to get over it. Maybe the break-up was relatively fresh.

... And now, she was here.... Thinking of him?! Of how he touched her? No, she couldn't do that, not in a public place! Not to mention how disrespectful it was! Mia's eyes opened as she tried to keep these strange feelings down. What was she feeling? It made her nervous.

Suddenly, a presence managed to present itself despite her distraction. She turned her head with a small jump, and her face turned from that of deep thought to one of shock. No. No way. What were the chances? It was the man from earlier in the week!

"Y-you! What are you doing here?" Mia asked as she stood on her feet.


Alex chuckles as Mia’s reaction thinking she was surprised to see him. Of course he didn’t know the real reason why she was so surprised. He smilies at her.

“Because I forgot to ask you things for our date that’s why!” He smilies politely at Mia. A warm loving smilie which shed normally reject, somehow pulled on her heart.

His face was badly scratched up and she could see that much. But his smilie, which she had tried to destroyed when they first met, was hiding three great pains. Two of which she probably knew already.

“I forgot to ask you about the time. And maybe the day? Not sure what else I forgot either. So I just wanted to talk to you.” He light rubs his head still feeling the effects of getting thrown around last night.

“So how are you? You look pretty traumatized to see me. Which kinda hurts I didn’t think I acted that badly last time did I?” Mia looked so soft. He wanted to lay his head on her and use her as pillow. Something about her comforted him. He wanted to embrace her and not let her go. She smelt familiar to.

He looked into her eyes. Something was terribly wrong he could feel it. “Ma-maybe I should go and try again another day.” He stood up leaning heavily on one leg.

“Hey what’s your name? Maybe your number at least in case we can’t meet back up.”
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The Eager Rper
Mia blinked at the man with a scoff. This man actually went to look for her? Just to clear things up about their...... date? She grumbled to herself, somewhat wishing that she didn't see him so soon, so he'd have to postpone the date.

But here he was. No chance of that happening.

"Pfft. Don't be so dramatic. Traumatised is not even close to what I'm feeling. Just surprised. So you went all this way.... to....." Mia couldn't help but to stare at the two large scratches that marked his face. What happened to him? Don't tell her....

"Um.... I'm... I'm sorry, but I can't stop seeing.... that," Mia said as she gestured to Alex's face. "I don't want to be rude, but what happened to you?" Mia asked as she sat back down on the bench.


Alex blinked feeling ashamed of his face. He wasn’t handsome any more. There was no way she’d go on a date with him now. She had expertly dishes his questions.

Alex pulled the bill of the hat down over his eyes and upper he pulled his shirt over his lower face to hide his injuries. Alex felt like a unloveable cur.

“Umm. I don’t want to discuss it... I may have fell in the shower.” Nervously Alex told her that much. But Mia has also thrown the man into his shower and one doesn’t scratch their face and get two bullet holes in their legs from a shower.


The Eager Rper
Mia tilted her head when the man began to cover his face. He must've felt ashamed of his new wounds. She had never seen such insecurity in this man before, despite only seeing him about three times... If robbing his house counted as actually seeing him... then again, she never really tried to see too much of the man to say much about his personality.

She was going to tease the man about his newfound shyness, but when he said that he fell in the shower, Mia suddenly felt a bundle of shock that forced her mouth shut. After the shock, guilt quickly set in. The shower? He 'fell' in the shower?

More like she threw him in there.

She stared at the scar and wounds that riddled his body, eyes blinking with poorly hidden concern. She did this to him. Despite her aggression and viciousness in her escape attempt, she never wanted to do any physical pain other than maybe a headache and some small scratches.

But this? Between the fear of the gun, the fear of being caught and the blinding light, Mia had no clue what wounds she could've possibly inflicted. She was too busy trying to get away.

She tried to shove it down, but it wouldn't let up. Damn. She fucked his face up. And those leg wounds must've been from her as well. That wasn't what she wanted. She sighed and looked down at her hands.

"I'm.... Sorry." Mia said. Her pause was too long - it could've suggested something. Mia caught it, but she fumbled with her words.

"F-for what's happened to you. That must've been a nasty fall."
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Alex was surprised Mia didn’t berate him and tease her usual teases and instead hit a soft and gentle response after a while. Which he wasn’t expecting from Mia.

She was sorry? What for. Then she said the accident. Alex couldn’t do it any more. He fell over his head laid in Mia’s lap. He curled up as he felt the pain suddenly become overwhelming.

His jaw stretched in a silent scream. That even Mia could probably feel. He didn’t wanna scare her to run her off so he wouldn’t make a sound. After all he’d been through worse right?

He wraps his arms around her waist and buried his face in her stomach. Before Mia can protest to much, her shirt is wet with tears. He was trying to hard to hide the pain. And to bottle it up inside. She could feel his muscles tense as his brain was over whelmed.

Sadly she was the cause. He stayed there still for a moment. The tears dried he looked at her. “Uhh sorry about that. I -I should probably go. I’ll see you Wednesday at 7:00 sharp!”

He got up and tried to walk on for his bullet ridden leg to give and he fell flat. He began to get up slowly, but his other leg began to wobble and give.


The Eager Rper
Mia truly felt sorry about harming Alex the way she did. And she had never really felt this way for anybody. Maybe it was because she never really hurt anyone.... No wait. She did hurt someone before. It was a long time ago, and she did feel sorry for what she did, but somehow it was nowhere near how she felt now.

Why was that? Suddenly, the man just laid his head down on her lap. What the hell? What made him want to do this? He just loved to put his body on her didn't he? Just because she felt sorry for what she'd done to her, doesn't mean that he could do anything to her.

She then felt mositure on her pants. Was he.... crying? Blinking her eyes, Mia felt herself being filled with this sadness as she watched this grown man shrivel up on her, crying about his appearance. He was so... Pitiful. But she did that to him, so she couldn't say anything. Nothing smart, nothing snarky, nothing mean. It was her fault.

She hated this already. It was very possible that his self-esteem was shot from this injury. Then he wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled himself against her stomach. She cringed a little, but she had to bare it. sighed as the man went through his little crying fit.

When he was done, the man sat up and apologized. To be honest, she felt extremely awkward having to go through that in public, but she just had to take it. Maybe it was her punishment for what she'd done. The man tried to go, and thus time, he actually said a day and time for their date. But he still forgot one thing.

Mia wanted to say something, but the man then fell on the ground. She shook her head and sighed. He needed help walking. It was a miracle that he made it all the way out here without crutches. Or something to help him walk. She got up and helped the man to his feet, and went under his arm to support him.

"Look.... You are hurt. And you can't be walking around like this. Why didn't you get any crutches? Didn't the hospital get you anything?" Mia asked with a scolding tone of voice.


Alex was humiliated by falling flat on his face. But Mia helped him up. Which was a huge surprise. She wasn’t the touchy feely type. Why was she helping him up.

She scolded him, something that actually made sense. “You know you never told me your name.” This gave Mia the chance to ask what she wanted. Of course Alex didn’t want to tell her that he’d tried to go to work instead of the hospital.

He leaned on her a bit, after all he didn’t want to flatten her. Of course he didn’t know about her demonic strength and the fact she could probably carry 6 of him with no problem.

“W-will you help me get back to my car? Sorry I know it’s a lot to ask.”


The Eager Rper
Mia turned her head away when the man asked for her name. She hesitated - why would she give her name? Then again, she was supposed to go out with him, so..... at this point, the two people would already have a name down, just as courtesy.

She sighed. "My name is Mia. And your name is 'dumb'. You give me a time and day for this.... meeting of yours, but you fail to give me a place. How in the hell am I to know where we're meeting if you don't give me a place? Time and day don't mean anything without a place." Mia said with a scowl.

She scoffed. "Honestly. Have you never asked a girl out or something?" Mia asked. She then realized what she was doing again, and decided to ease back on him. She didn't want to hurt him emotionally as well as physically. The young woman sighed as she shook her head.

"Never mind. Sorry. T-tell me where you parked."

It was hard to walk with this man, knowing she was the cause of his injuries. Why must this stuff happen to her? Why can't she just do a job, and everything be normal? With no incident. Was that too much to ask?

"Do you have anyone to help you at home?"


Alex opened his mouth to introduce himself but then Mia called him dumb so he gushed and listened to her. Taking it like he was suppose to do. She talked he listened and nodded. It’s what he did when his mother or his ex or his boss scolded him. Just try and improve.

He shuddered thinking of a night so long ago when he upset her and she’d really had it. She took the other sis did the broom. The handle, and struck him with it. Over and over that beating hurt worse than this. At least physically.

“Parking lot C. No one to take care of me. It’s fine. I’ll take care of myself. And I said the other day is was the coffee shop. Sorry I didn’t re specify.” Alex spoke briefly and quickly.

Today was a bad day. A very bad day. He hadn’t had one in a long time. He wanted to break down. To come apart but he didn’t. Luckily for him. He hobbled along with Mia.

“Just say the rest already. You can’t hurt me. And you won’t hurry. I’m not some poor creature made of glass. Yes I’m stupid. But I live with that. But we’re only human after all “

Mia didn’t care for him. She was only doing what she though looked right he reminded himself. She would help him to his car and be done.


The Eager Rper
So the meeting place was the coffee shop? The same coffee shop where she met him? And then proceeded to say such mean and embarassing things to him? Oh God. Why can't she get a break? Is it the fact that she met this man? Cause nobody else tried to do this. Talk to her without any looks of utter diatain or wariness. Unless he had and she just missed it.

On the way to the parking lot, Mia felt a twinge of pity again for the man. But she shouldn't, should she? And she didn't know why she was suddenly a little disheartened at the man being alone. But she already knew that.... Unfortunately.

Why did she feel this way? She was alone herself, and she didn't want anyone to feel that way about her. Besides, she thought that everyone wanted to be on their own at some point in their lives. But he seemed like a man who wanted to be with someone. Perhaps he was a sort of social butterfly, as they call it.

The two finally got to the parking lot, where she searched for the man's car. "Humph. I didn't say you were stupid. And I don't aim to... break you. You can't be that fragile. Unless you are. Which in case, you'll definitely need someone to take care of you."


Alex enjoyed walking with Mia now that she was Quite. Maybe if he just duck tapped her mouth and hugged her until she stopped fighting. Wait. That was definitely a crime. But duck tap would help. Definitely.

Alex got a weird sense of Deja Vu. Maybe he should just get bossy with Mia? He was tired of being nice humble or trying to be helpful only to get sharp snappy and down right snarky replies.

She smelt nice though, and familiar. Like someone he use to now. “It’s the red 1987 impala. I got it from my family.” He replied softly and put More weight on Mia. She deserved to lug around a little bit more weight at least.

“Thank you. I think I can get home. I have some medicine at home I can use.” By medicine he meant a self diagnosis of booze. And sleep. The body healed when it sells he’d take booze and those herbal supplements the nice people passed out.

“Thanks I really appreciate it.” He slides into the car and closes his eyes do a moment. That was tiring and Mai dd all the work..” thanks so much”


The Eager Rper
Walking with this man was.... embarrassing to her. She couldn't tell why she felt that way exactly. Maybe because she never really tried to help anybody. Or rather, nobody that was older than 18. She had a much better time with kids than with adults, that is, if the kids weren't afraid of her.

She wouldn't admit it, but she was terrible with cars and the different models. She wouldn't be able to tell one make from another, with the exception of those classic few cars that everyone saw about every damn day.
As such, she was ashamed at the fact that she wouldn't be able to tell what an Impala is -- but of course, she would never admit it to this man. Thankfully, there was only one red car in the entire parking lot, so she was able to assume that that car was his. She walked over to it - not even taking notice of whatever added weight may be added to her load - and helped the man inside it.

She grumbled at the man's so-called medication preference. Medicine? Medicine wasn't going to be able to help him drive, or make him food, or help him walk. Well, technically, it would if it was strong enough, but that wasn't what she was thinking about. He'd be bored out of his mind, alone and having to be forced to stay in bed. She bet all her loot that he was supposed to be in bed at this moment.

"You don't look like you're fit to drive. Are you sure you're alright for it?" Mia asked with her arms crossed.

"You look like you need someone to take care of you. Seriously. Someone to tell you to stay in bed when you need to."


This girl kept talking meanly. And he finally did it he hissed at Mia. “I’ve got no one. So unless you’re driving me home, I’ll go back to being alone, because there isn’t a soul in this world that still loves me you understand? And the person I’ve tried to be nice to and treat kindly IS KIND OF AN ASSHOLE! So unless there is some magic bag you got that’ll produce a care taker. I have to drive myself back home.”

He stared at Mia waiting for her to get going. He figured she’d leave him be and he’d go and meet her for the date. Of course Alex felt tired as he looked at Mia his face lessened and he laid his head on the staring wheel. He shouldn’t have yelled at her. She was some shy girl who didn’t know how to handle herself.

“Have a nice day.” He told Mia weakly. He waited to see her off. There was of course a problem. Alex couldn’t walk across the park how would he get up all them stairs? And he had no one to take care of him.

He turns on the engine but doesn’t put it in gear. He sighs as he leans up to get ready to go home. But he pauses and waits, Mia still hadn’t moved. So he waits for her. Before watching her begin to move.