Witch Hunt [1×1]


The Eager Rper
Mia blinked at the man for a moment. So he did have a voice. Not that he didn't, but he was able to talk back, even if it was barely any more smartass than the last he did it. She growled lowly as she snatched the man's hair, making him look at her with pained eyes.

"I'm an asshole huh? An asshole? Tch. I'll give you that. I'm pretty sure this ain't how you talk to people anyway," Mia said as she saw the man's scratch again. She felt the guilt well up within her again, and she shook her head slightly.

She let go of the man's hair. "In any case, you ain't gonna be doing this alone. You need someone to keep you in the bed. Take care of you..." Mia suddenly got a bit nervous. What was she doing now? What the actual hell was she doing? Something she was going to regret. Again.

"If you'll let me, I.... Can help you out. With your injuries, you'll need help getting stuff. I... don't mind it..." Mia said as she rubber her arm.


Alex let out yelp. He hated his hair being pulled. He gushed up and stopped resisting Mia. She talked about how he needed someone to help take care of him.

She let him go. His head now hurting again, but she offered to help him which he wasn’t ready for. He sighed and moved to the passenger seat.

“ take me home please.” He politely asked Mia. He laid back and closed his eyes. Taking a moment to rest then he gave her the address. He sighed. “You’ll have to carry my uselessness body up some stairs. I’m sorry .”

“How are you today?” He asked awkwardly not knowing what to say to this seeming demon of his life. A statement that was more true than he thought.


The Eager Rper
Mia blinked in surprise when the man quickly accepted the offer. She didn't expect him to relent so quickly. Was he really that submissive?

He then scooted over to the passenger side of the car and asked for her to drive them home.

Shit. She should've seen that coming. She should've known that it would be a possibility for him to ask for her to drive. If she offered to help, she had to be able to do all the normal stuff humans did. And driving was one of them. Oh no. What was she to do now? She couldn't back out now could he?

She froze while the man kept talking to her. Stood still like a deer in headlights. How we she to get around this? The man was watching her.

'Say something!'

"I am.... fine. So far at least."

'A little more than that. Jesus, Mia.'

"I... um.... can't...."

'Just say it Mia. No wait.... don't say it! He'll make fun of you! Then you'll have to give him another mark for his body! No! He's already inflicted! Don't do that to him!'

"Um.... I... can't drive," Mia quickly said through the last part. She tensed up and looked down at her arms, wondering what the man was going to say.


Alex blinked and sighed he scootched over to Mia and took the steering wheel from her. “Go to the passenger seat. And pay attention.”

He gives Mia a crash course on driving and using the vehicle so she can at least operate a fork lift. “Up for left down for right. Don’t slam the breaks unless you have to. This part here? Sets the gear. Got it?”

Alex proceeded to make Mia drive around the parking lot. And yelled really loudly when she got close to damaging his car. He also didn’t put up with any of her sass reminding her who was the one who couldn’t drive when she got snappy.

After a few hours Alex drove them home because Mia probably needed a break, and he wasn’t going to risk her getting a ticket he’d have to pay for. Alex was exhausted in instructions repeating himself and doing this to get that done.

They pulled into a small parking garage and they were now at the apparent building. Alex opened his door, before getting out coming over and leaning on Mia. He arm rapped around her neck. His hand accidentally touched her breast. He quickly moved it but it sent electricity running through Mia.


The Eager Rper
Mia sighed when the man told her to sit next to him in the passenger seat. Nervousness settling in her stomach, she tentatively listened as he actually tried to teach her how to drive. She was conflicted - how did one use this contraption? Up was what? The brakes and gas pedals and the gear stick were the only things she understood. Everything else was lost to her.

She swallowed hard when he made her practice. She tried as hard as she could, but she was just too nervous. She nearly crashed into poles and bushes, flinching and cringing when he yelled and reprimanded her.

She tried to shout back and get sassy, but she was always shut down when he kept reminding her of Who was unable to drive. How humiliating. She wanted to cry inside. Or go to a dark corner and curl up in a ball to hide from the world. Maybe she could do that later. This was too stressful. Even moreso than what she went through the other night.

Eventually, they switched, and the man was soon driving them back gonna place. She sat in the passenger seat with crossed arms, embarrassed to all high hell. She couldn't even look at her driver, unwilling to try and guess how he was feeling throughout the whole failed lesson. She never wanted to try and drive again. She'd rather travel by foot in her demon form or hitchhike, which wasn't any safer.

Finally they got to his place. He parked and got out of the door. He walked over to Mia's side, and she got out of the car to help him walk. She took a few steps before the man's hand touched her chest. Again? She shivered at the touch, immediately reminded of how he groped and slid his hands all over her skin a couple of night before. With a huff, Mia forced the memory down, unwilling to allow herself to get aroused in the face of this man. It would've been utterly embarassing.

Trying to play the innocent newcomer, Mia looked around, as if wondering where she was supposed to go.

"So, where's your place at?" Mia asked.
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Alex sighs. “I’m sorry Mia. I may have been harsh on you.” He sighs before he wraps the other arm around and hugs her. “But! It’s okay because I care about you.”

He then tells her the number of his apartment. Alex’s cheerful demeanor returns. He leans on Mia, dependent on her now. Alex feels light even for a her demonic strength. He probably doesn’t eat properly. Something she can fix

He hums softly as the two walk up the stairs. Alex struggles even with Mia’s help. It may be easier for her to just carry Alex, but that may seem suspicious. Alex looks soft again. Unlike the man teaching her to drive, the man who yelled at her. It was like a switch flipped.

Alex pulls out his keys and unlocks the door for them. Been slightly cleaned up. The perfume and Booze smell aren’t currently there. Despite a new bottle of vodka sitting in the night stand. “I-I’ll make you a nice spot on the couch. It isn’t a pull out. No wait! You take the bed I’ll sleep on the couch. It’ll be easier for you that way.”

He sighs.


The Eager Rper
Mia blinked at the sudden embrace the man gave her. She stiffened, still uncomfortable when a man touched her. She didn't think he would be so.... touchy-feely. At least not so quickly. Harsh.... it was something she didn't expect to come out of him. It was.... interesting, even though it still triggered her aggression.

This man confused her greatly. How is someone going to care for someone else they barely even know? Why bother? "You are very confusing. How do you care for me, when you don't even know me very well?" Mia asked.

She carried this overly friendly man up to his apartment, and into it when the door opened. She walked inside, pretending to be new to the house. She turned her head around, looking at the walls and furniture with a nod.

"Not bad," Mia said before guilt swept over her. Now she had to be in here willingly? The things her mind puts her through. She slightly sniffed the air. Good, the alcohol scent was gone. As was the strange perfume. No matter.

Wait... was he offering to have her sleep here in his home? On his bed?! No way!

"N-n-no! I mean.... I'm sleeping here? What is this, a sleepover? I can't sleep here," Mia protested.


Alex relaxed in Mia’s arms. It felt nice to finally once have someone who’d shoulder his burdens with him. Even if it was only physically and for a short time. He almost didn’t want to heal. He missed someone watching out for him.

“Hmm, I care because the world needs more good qualities. When no one carries the values any more they die out. And kindness as well as some other things shouldn’t die out. Besides aren’t you doing the same with me? Maybe we meet in another life or we’ve things to teach each other. Coincidences don’t happen.”

Alex was happy to be home, it felt odd Someone else being here in his home. He’d been carried up the stairs once before by a young woman. Where had she gone? He wanted those days back! At least the ones right before the end.

Alex laughed at Mia.”first you can’t drive so you can’t get home. Another thing aren’t you suppose to be here to help? I’m not going to just not magically need help at night. Another thing you still need to learn how to drive, you carried me here at least let me return the favor and keep you here. Besides I can cook you something nice if you stay.” He listed off all the reasons of why she had to stay, why she couldn’t go, and the benefits of her staying all in one fair swoop.

“Now please You’re my guest let me treat you well. Take the bed I’ll lay on the couch. So I won’t bother you.” Alex assured her.


The Eager Rper
Mia felt her chest tightening at this moment. It was bad enough that she was back in this house, and now she was asked to stay in the house? And to sleep on the fucking bed that she had been basically dragged into, and turned into a moaning mess. She couldn't believe how worked up she had gotten. It was a miracle that the man didn't wake up! She branded him as a strange ass sleeper.

Mia shook her head. "I know how to walk! I have working legs. I've walked further than this you know."

Her eyes narrowed at the mentioning of driving. "I refuse to drive again. Fuck that. I'd walk across the country before I'll sit behind the wheel," Mia said with crossed arms. She couldn't take the panic that she had when trying to drive. She had too much anxiety as is to be worried about vehicular manslaughter.

The man was really trying to have her stay. She sighed and put a hand to her head. "If I stay will you stay in your own bed? Normally, the injured don't sleep on the fucking couch of their own home. The guest does." Mia said with a snort. While that was mostly true, she really couldn't handle the idea of sleeping in that room alone. No. That couldn't happen. Not again.


Alex took a moment to ease into his chair. It hadn’t seen use in a long while. He propped up and watched Mia. Trying to read her and the look on her face. He wondered what was going through her mind oblivious to the fact he’d made Mia a Mess.instead he was thinking she was a cat. Didn’t wanna be messed with and not very loving. She was very much a dark person.

“You need to learn how to drive what happens when you want to get to another city? You won’t be able to walk or run there you know. Besides it’s easy it’s like driving a bicycle it’s all muscle memory.”

“Alright alright I’ll sleep in the bed as long as you stay. Do you need a gun? I can loan you one. But you aren’t allowed to use it to commit a crime you understand? Anyway if that’s it help me to the bed. And I guess we’ll watch some tv.”

He sighs


The Eager Rper
Mia sighed and sat down in a chair. She tried not to let her nerves get the better of her. She tried to think of anything that could calm her, but it wasn't going much when she kept being spoken to.

Her head lowered as she scoffed a little. "Oh please. If I wanted to leave, I'd do it the way I got here: hitchhiking. And before you say anything about how dangerous it is, I already know that. But that and walking are the only two ways to get anywhere. For me anyway." Mia sighed.

She looked down and muttered to herself. In a way, what he was trying to say made sense. Driving was the only way to get around in this day and age. But she wasn't too keen on doing that. She never had a reason to learn. Her demon form was very endurable for travel.

Her head shot up when the man mentioned needing a gun. Her mind immediately went to that night when everything went crashing down on her. At least nearly. This man sitting on his chair had his gun trained for anything that moved, searching the house for his intruder. She couldn't let it show, but she was scared. She hated guns very much.

"No thank you. I don't want a gun. I don't even want to touch one. I hate guns." Mia stated. She didn't want him to pull one out on her. And she hoped it wouldn't happen again. She got up on her feet to help the man to his own, and carried him to the bedroom. She laid him down on the bed and made him comfortable, sensing those feelings bubbling up within her. She jerked back and fiddled with her fingers, then walked out of the room, forgetting what the man had offered before.
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Alex sighs and relaxes laying in the bed peacefully. Several hours slip by. Alex hasn’t asked for a thing not a glass of water and certainly not food despite it being late and he hadn’t eaten anything since they’d been home.

Mia can feel eyes transfix on her angry upset and very unhappy eyes fixing on her. It as if the rage of hell itself has come for her. However no one was there. It was as if she were being judged. Quite harshly as it should be noted.

Despite this minor in inconvenience the place was nice much like Mia already knew. The Tv was an older one, that mainly relied on antenna. Probably needed to cut costs. However the Santi and drab little thing did it’s job.

The couch laid back nicely and Alex has left her out a very nice pillow and blanket. The pillow was fluffy, almost brand new and soft. But it had the faintest of odor. Something that had been very strenuously cleaned to avoid. There was that womanly smell again. But not if perfume just that womanly scent.

If Mia checked the fridge she’d find very little in the way of left overs besides 1 tray I’d Chinese food and 1 of Mexican. The rest was ingredients and things that could and should be used in cooking. To add flavor or as active ingredients to the mix.


The Eager Rper
Hours passed after Mia settled her.... patient in bed. She couldn't tell if he was watching tv or sleeping; to be honest, she wasn't paying too much attention - but she hoped he went to sleep. That way, he wouldn't accidentally hear something that she might say to herself.

Those hours went by extremely slowly for the half-demon - she had nothing to occupy herself with. No games, no phone, no television. It was so bad that Mia feared that she might die of boredom. She thought she'd have more fun being in her other form and scaring the living hell out of the man. Maybe.....

"Hmmmmm.... ugh, no. I can't do that. What kind of person would I be if I'd just do that?" Mia said to herself. With a shake of her head. But it would be so fun, toying with the man while he lay trapped in his bed. The thought made her shiver with excitement.

But then she felt eyes on her; these angry eyes that pierced her soul. Why did she feel this glare? The horrible judging glare that made her super conscious of her surroundings? She looked around nervously, a hiss in her throat as she peeked over her spot on the couch.

With a small whimper, Mia laid herself down on the pillow given to her. She inhaled a little, and froze at the scent she picked up. It smelled feminine... like that perfume she smelled the other night. But it wasn't the perfume, but rather just the scent of the person itself.

Who was this person? In her subconscious, Mia seemed to think that this woman smelled better than herself. Her chest tightened a little, a feeling creeping in her chest. She didn't know what it was, and she forced herself to shove it down, unwilling to explore the foreign emotions that threatened to course through her.

She decided to get up for a snack. She slowly and quietly went to the refrigerator, and saw that the leftovers were scarce. She was unwilling to eat them despite how hungry she was, so she opted to lay back down on the couch and think on what she could do.


Alex was having a bad dream. A terrible dream that he couldn’t escape from. He began to restlessly struggle before letting out a cry for help.

He was in a orange jump suit and he was pitted against a god. A smiling multi limbed cat. With a deep purple fur, and six arms with four legs. It easily bent reality to its whims changing the very room around it. To say it was an unwinding situation was sadly correct.

Someone else was inside his body. A highly irrational individual that wanted to pet the giant kitty. At least the god’s fur was soft. Was the bright side of the argument. However, by then they were to close. And wrapped into its soft tail. It opened its gaping mouth-

The dream ended in darkness. Alex slipped back asleep.

The clock ticked by for Mia. It was a beautiful old pendulum clock, it would swing backs and for counting down seconds as intricate gears moved to slowly move the minute and hour hands. It was a beautiful system.

But that’s wheres the niceties ended. Alex’a Door slammed shut. And the room was suddenly very large. As quite a dark presence swept through the room. The shadows began reaching out for Mia, as the room turned red. The clock began to scream her name. The glass shattered, and broke into eyes. Something inside her resonated here. Her demonic parts found this a tantalizing show.

A much more powerful entity had just entered the house. And Mia could feel it inside this place. The wood began to splinter as a hand of dry wall reached out and grabbed the chair she was in. She’d be smashed into the wall.

Then just as it started It was over. Nothing had changed. Mia was still in her spot. The room hadn’t changed. She wasn’t being dragged into the darkness and the clock wasn’t screaming at her. But she could feel the darkness.

That darkness was now in Alex’s room. He tried to scream out for help. But it was quickly cut off. Alex was pulled from his strange and odd dreams. Fantasies and subconscious and found himself unable to move. The room was red and shadowy figures waited at the edge of his vision. His face frozen in horror.

Mia’s chance at amusement both presented and called to her.