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    Count to 50 before a staff member

    Wow, so many pages on this thread. This has been going on for a while - since two thousand and sixteen?!
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    One more question: Is there a particular POV/verb tense we're using for this? I'm personally accustomed to third person limited in past tense, but I'm willing to do something else to keep everyone's writing consistent. It's a bit jarring to have a story switching tenses between posts. This is...
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    Looking for an (Anti-)Hero to take on my Rogues’ Gallery

    Sorry, I meant I sent a PM to @Ragenaut regarding the roleplay.
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    War of the Worlds

    I'm interested. It sounds pretty similar to another RP I did before (not here), just with one race that controlled the four elements, a prophecy with one human for each element, and a bunch of other weird stuff. It was one of the coolest RPs I've done.
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    Looking for an (Anti-)Hero to take on my Rogues’ Gallery

    I sent you a PM, but no response. Maybe you didn't get notified? If you aren't interested in my hero, that's cool too.
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    The avatar above you fights your avatar. How screwed are you?

    I'll probably win, but not without some serious injuries. Is that wolf rabid?
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    Improvised Roleplays Wanted! [Starters within, always adding]

    I'm up for the superhero one, so long as you don't mind me recycling a favorite character of mine.
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    Awesome! I'm assuming character sheets are being posted in this thread? I'm most likely going to post my character this weekend, since I've got a bit of homework to get done till then, and making characters is hard :/ Also, dibs on the mirror team! :p
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    Looking at the prompt again, I have a couple questions (and more sub-questions): 1: You have full control of who can come in this room and may furnish it with anything you find in the wild. 6: Whatever you find in the wild is yours and yours alone unless you share it with someone. Are these...
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    Well, that's five people interested. Six, including @Rachel Rider. I really wanna see this one happen.
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    New User Hello There!

    Took me a moment to realize what you were talking about :p I'm back in Bludhaven for now - Black Mask is trying to expand his territory again and a gang war's erupted over here. Damian's with Bruce in Gotham right now, shutting down the Penguin. He's been selling weapons to both sides, which...
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    A Few Ideas

    The Pins and Needles one sounds like it would make a good group roleplay, perhaps with three factions (Olympians, Titans, Hades/Persephone). That may work out better, unless you were planning on you and another person being Hades and Persephone as well as the various gods and titans.
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    ShadowWalker's Characters

    The Scofield Brothers I never came up with first names for either of these characters, since they were most often referred to by their titles and occasionally by their last names as known high-ranking members of society. They are more side characters than main, though I would be interested in...
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    ShadowWalker's Characters

    Inside the spoiler tag is the closest image I could find to match this character. The image is large enough that it does not fit on the page, though. ------------------------------------------------ Name: Lucifer Secret Identity: Joshua (never came up with a last name) Age: Mid 30s Gender...
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    ShadowWalker's Characters

    Name: Revenant Secret Identity: Matthew "Matt" Harris Age: Late 20s Gender: Male Hair/Eyes: Black/Brown Race: Caucasian Disclaimer: I originally created Matt because I wanted to make a character who was basically Nightwing. I may have a small obsession. Also, this bio summarizes years of...