1. NecroticPest

    Interest Check Casual Powers/supernatural/weird RP?

    So I'm wanting to RP something that's not super serious. This is for people who want to RP as supernatural characters, characters with Superpowers and just things like that. I just want a ton of crazy characters interacting! As long as you're having fun and not hindering anyone's else's fun...
  2. Lucky

    Side Story The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths

    Prologue- Does The Story End- There was a red wave that passed through your world and there was absolutely nothing you could do about it. You couldn't stop it, there was no running from it. It engulfed everything that crossed its path. Maybe you got unlucky and saw one of your close friends...
  3. Lucky

    The Only Hopes On Infinite Earths

    Maybe you were at home having a cup of tea when the red wave came. Perhaps you were in the middle of the battle against your big bad, No matter where you were when it happened, you watched as people you were close to were turned into dust, erased. You thought you were next. You were sure that...
  4. Lucky

    Collateral ( A Superhero RP with Consequences)

    After the destruction of multiple cities within multiple different regions of the world( Notable examples include New York, London, Beijing,Cairo, Rio De Janeiro and Sydney along with a research lab on the frozen continent), the world has had enough. One thing was true. There was too MUCH...
  5. Shadowwell

    Thicker Than Water (A Superhero Story)

    Thicker Than Water Sometimes, I wish I was never born with my powers. I mean sure, they can be awesome at times, but they come with quite a bit of baggage, for me at least. The problems start with my parents, kind of, my mother, bless her heart, was normal, my father however was a Superhuman...
  6. Kin no Keifu

    (OOC Thread) Aiuto, Prego

    In which a lonely, large city is haunted during the night, within the dreams of many, and to leave the creatures there means death. In which a group of children are forced to fight them night after night. In which the death toll is exorbitantly high. Aiuto, prego. A cry for help.
  7. LifeIsStrange

    Next Gen Superheroes & Villains IC

    OOC THREAD: We begin in the heart of New York- New York City. Although not much has changed over the years, science and technology has advanced as superhumans have populated the country and...
  8. LifeIsStrange

    Next Gen Superheroes & Villains (Rules and Character Sheets)

    History: Earth has fallen to a new generation of superheroes and villains. The government was not so welcoming to these superhumans when they first arrived on Earth in the year 2150. The government tried to contain all the superhumans, keeping them away from Earth's citizens. They quickly...
  9. Draco Red

    Consolation Squadron Star Ranger

    1996 five people find a shooting star in the sky and made a wish upon it but they didn't realize that they had accidentally release of monster King and his army from the 5000 years of slumber. A second Stars appeared and the five civilian Wish Upon the second Star and was given powers of the...
  10. Draco Red

    Consolation Squadron Star Ranger

    1996 5 people encounter is shooting star in the sky and made a wish upon it but they didn't know that they had accidentally release a powerful monster in his army who are bent on taking over the world. Then a second shooting star appear and the five wished upon it again but this time they are...
  11. Shadowwell

    Thelrose Academy: A Superhero Academy Story

    Riddled throughout history have been stories of those with seemingly magical abilities. They have been recorded in the annals of history, from the Greek Demigods and Monsters to the purported witch craft and wizardry of medieval Europe. There have been many accounts of such beings, though they...
  12. ViceVersus


    This is the OOC thread for the open-world superhero roleplay MASKS.
  13. Ragenaut

    (Fan Fiction) Undertale/One Punch Man Crossover

    WARNING! WARNING! BARRIER BREACHED IN MOUNT EBOTT! Z CITY AT CODE RED! REPEAT, Z CITY AT CODE RED! --- So, this RP will begin both after the defeat of Boros in OPM, and after the True Pacifest ending of Undertale. Not much of a plot idea, just a free roam RP through the world of One Punch Man...
  14. Saarai

    [DC Fanfic] Gods Among Men

    Act 1: Inglorious Prologue Darkness. Pitch black and nothingness. All one would see on the TV set, no men, no women, no cameras. Just darkness. Unsettling darkness with a just as unsettling quiet. Until a voice cut through it like a well-crafted blade. "Welcome to World News with G. Gordon...
  15. Saarai

    Gods Among Men

    "These people, these superheroes, are exactly who we needed to defend our weak and innocent from the terrors that this world and the universe at large will throw at us. Superman is our Hercules, Batman is our Odysseus. They're legendary, larger-than-life, and they are the defenders of our...