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Sandbox Adventures on Jabberwock Island (Non-Canon)

Discussion in 'Convergence Hot Spots' started by Yun Lee, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Rada Rada Staff Member Assistant Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    This roleplay is Non-Canon to The Convergence Series. All you have to do to join in is post! Feel free to check out the OOC thread to discuss interactions with others.



    Welcome to Jabberwock Island! A beautiful island paradise surrounded by beautiful turquoise ocean, nestled away from the everyday worries and woes of the rest of the Multiverse. A highly popular vacation spot, you may have seen this resort featured in a few virtual reality programs. But this right here? This is the real thing.

    As you ride on your plane to this lovely island, maybe you're looking for a getaway from everyday life. Maybe you want to explore this tropical paradise, and enjoy its numerous facilities. Maybe you even took the wrong flight. Who knows? No matter the reason, we're happy to have you. No matter how long it is, we hope you enjoy your stay!​
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  2. Cheese_Pizza

    Cheese_Pizza New Member

    It had been months since his escape from that retched prison. Since birth, Bane knew nothing but pain and malice after being locked away from birth for crimes his father committed before his own time. Now that he escaped, he decided to leave the confines of his own country and go to the alleged Jabberwock Island, a place he had heard of through the “ether”, so to speak, for some... personal getaway.


    The man stood on the beach of the first island with his arms crossed as he silently stared off into the distance in deep thought.
  3. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies For My Sake The Convergence Series GM

    Chilling right outside the Ancient Ruins, Nezu Jirou let out a tired sigh to himself. The ruins itself didn't look like he could stroll right in, so he merely sat outside after making that entire trek from that hotel on the other island for essentially nothing!


    ❝ What am I supposed to tell the Class President? That me coming here was a complete waste of time? Ugh. ❞

  4. Cheese_Pizza

    Cheese_Pizza New Member

    Whilst outside the ruins, Jirou would hear the sound of... something popping? The popping sound was followed up by some rather loud and obnoxious smacking, then yet another pop. If he were to merely direct his attention towards the sudden sound, he’d find the source of the interruption of his inner-monologuing.

    The female lackadaiscally stared off into the distance without a single care in the world. She was so care-free, in fact, that she didn’t even seem to notice the student! Instead she just continued to mindlessly gnaw at her cherry-flavored gum whilst occasionally popping it with her lips.

    @Gummi Bunnies
  5. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies For My Sake The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ Tch. I thought I would be alone since there's literally nothing here, but... ❞ Nezu complained out loud, huffing out some annoyed air. This was the worst trip he's ever taken, even if he was away from the usual crew back at school. ❝ Hey lady, mind giving me the space to be visibly upset at how I've wasted my time already! ❞

    The student was reaching to grab his phone, needing to tell his class president that this trip was a waste.

  6. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Gavin Reed

    Gavin didn't need a fucking vacation. It wasn't his fault that the plastic asshole couldn't handle him bein near him after he had tried to shot him when he thought he went wrong. But Fowler had said that he needed a one. He had been intending to just go down to Florida, but somehow he had taken the wrong plain and wound up on these fucking islands.


    Another fucking coffee," Gavin shouted from across the diner on the third island. He had already had seven coffees and most normal people would say that was too many, but Gavin didn't fucking care. He usually had ten with just his breakfast.

    @Third Island Diner @Anyone
  7. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies For My Sake The Convergence Series GM

    Off to the side inside the diner, there happened to be an eagle perched on top of a chair, minding its own business. Though for a moment, it was mildly agitated by Gavin's shouting.

    ❝ Don't stray away so much, over here. ❞ A woman called out to the bird, which it soon followed suit with her words and flew over to perch itself on her outstretched arm.


    ❝ My apologies for that. ❞ She briefly spoke to him before returning to her seat at the diner. From her attire, it looked like she was a high-ranking person with the navy.

  8. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Gavin Reed

    Gavin looked over at the eagle when it seemed annoyed by his shout. Who the fuck brought a bird into a diner? He didn't know, and he didn't care, ignoring its mild agitation at him.

    Gavin rolled his eyes. Of course, it was some high ranking officer who thought they were outside of leaving their bird in a cage and it needed to be with them at every turn.

    " Just keep the fucking bird away from me," he said, milling over his coffee. Where the fuck was the waitresses with another cup of coffee. " Hey, waitresses, another cup of fucking coffee," he yelled in the poor staff members general direction.

    @Gummi Bunnies
  9. Crimson Spartan

    Crimson Spartan Friendly Spartan

    "...You really like yelling huh..."


    A male happened to sitting at a table in the corner of the diner Gavin and this navy looking girl were in. So far he had simply remained silent but now felt the need to speak up. His tone of voice having no emotion within it as he sat there now looking at the two his comment directed at Gavin.

    @Lucky @Gummi Bunnies
  10. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies For My Sake The Convergence Series GM

    Well, this was some pleasant company at the diner. The woman figured that it was best to keep herself but...


    ❝ Enty!! How's the first day going here? I found this party popper at the gift shop and bought it as soon as I can! ❞ A redhead burst into the diner, immediately firing off a party popper as if celebrating something as simple as their first day on these islands.

    ❝ ... it's Enterprise, not Enty. ❞ The silver-haired woman sighed.

    ❝ Huuuuh? But you always called me Sandy instead of San Diego whenever the commander isn't looking! ❞ She pauses once she realized the weird tension in the diner. ❝ ... did I interrupt something? I didn't ruin the mood, did I?? ❞

    @Lucky @Crimson Spartan @Diner
  11. dark

    dark Active Member


    Ashelin Praxis- Governess of Haven City

    A long haired female with a crop top walked into the diner eyeing around the place. "Commander, come in. Don't be shy."

    Commander Torn


    Torn eyed the Governess of Haven City and nodded "Ashelin, this is a diner. I'm coming. The Commander walked in, eyeing everyone else in the diner."

    @Diner @Lucky @Crimson Spartan @Gummi Bunnies
  12. Lucky

    Lucky Better than the RK800

    Gavin Reed

    Gavin sneered at the other man. " I don't fucking like yelling. I'm yelling because this dumb bitch can't even get me a goddamn cup of coffee that I have been asking for a damn coffee for the past twenty minutes and she has been fucking ignoring me for most of that time. So excuse me for fucking yelling to get her fucking attention. You don't know me and what the fuck has been happening here, so piss off." It seemed that the man was ticked off a lot despite having six and a half finished cups of coffee in front of him.

    He really wanted to shot the man for even suggesting he liked yelling, but he doubted anyone would take too kindly to that.

    Gavin just wanted another goddamn cop of coffee, but he seemed to have entered the diner that everyone wanted to be in and eat at it. " Hey, dumbass, could you fucking not fire off a party popper in the middle of the dinner?" He asked, having absolutely no tact.

    Where the fuck was the waitress with his eighth cup of coffee? He had just seen her a minute ago.
    Gavin rolled his eyes as he looked over at her. " It's hard to fucking ruin the mood when it was already pretty shitty to begin with. So no, you didn't ruin the fucking mood. Have you made my temper worse? Yes, fucking yes. Can everyone please shut the fuck up?"

    Gavin finally decided to get up and walk over to the machine and poured his own damn cup of coffee since the waitress wasn't doing her goddamn job.

    It was too goddamn early in the morning to be dealing with so many people. " It's too fucking early for all of this. " He dragged his eight cup of coffee back with it and drank it in silence. God, he hoped these people weren't morning people and wanted to converse.

    @Crimson Spartan @Gummi Bunnies @dark

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