Blackhaven: Fractured Faerie Tales


The Sorcerer
"Kiss you? Now who is being forward? This seemed like a good spot for a date, plus you know this gets us away from the rumors and of course now that you've told Mayor White we're for hire...well we need the break and I wanted you to be happy..."

Declan was engrossed in the menu, as Oriana had suspected he was getting hungry and it was nice that this lot here didn't know who he was or if they did they sure weren't saying much about it. But Oriana had failed to notice a set of eyes on her that were not Declan's, no they were small yellow eyes, lizard like for those who wouldn't know it, whatever it was kept away from Declan, the presence knew Declan to her it would feel like a guardian spirit or something similar. Now of course Declan couldn't sense it unless it made itself known to him, despite what some people had theorized familiars and masters or mistresses can't sense each other unless they made their presence known.

Declan clutched Oriana's hand while he was looking over the menus and brochures, part of him wanted a nice soak in a hot tub, the colder weather was setting in and that was nice way for him to relax. Though he had to wonder if Oriana would actually join him or was it a hope? He didn't know at the moment, all he knew was the moment needed to last. The ravens watching them as they moved up the stairs, whispered to each other, Declan knew who they were, in fact one of his rewards from a labor was the raven that preferred to perch itself on the bust of Athena above his study's door, he'd named it Poe. Odin never parted with his ravens, but this one bonded with Declan.

It was then he'd heard Oriana mention ice cream and the various flavors, he couldn't remember where he'd heard about the alley Oriana was excited about.

"Special bunch? The Addams' are special bunch, this group makes that clown faced villain in Gotham City look tame...not Natalya's fancy huh?"

He didn't know much about Natayla but he had questions about her that would need to be answered, though he wasn't going to use magical or other means, he'd let Oriana handle that one. Declan's literal Jack O' Lantern was a device to detect evil spirits, ward off certain magics to include hexes and curses, and to dispel illusions. The wound Tinkerbell inflicted had not re-opened either to his and he could only guess Oriana's relief, though the looks he was getting from some of the pixies were interesting.

"I smell a geas on you sorcerer."

Declan turned and looked to see who or what had said that. It was one of the pixies who was looking him over trying to see what he wanted to order as he and Oriana were getting ready to enter their room.

"You best be careful sorcerer, they get wind of that thing you could be in for some trouble. Now do you know what you want sent up?"

"Thanks for the...uh...concern. I'll take the precautions. If you could send up the fried cod for two, with chips and mashed peas that would be great, we'll step out for dessert."

Declan slid his fingerless gloves off now and was in the process of removing his overcoat, when the room they got looked very nice, much better than the casino. Once again it was one bed, they'd been accustomed to sleeping in the same bed...but this one looked like more than sleeping could take place.

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Oriana looked around the room, still smiling from Declans response. Forward? Well if she didn't say anything then would he take a step forward or hesitate? The en-suite was great with a large bath and seperate shower. Once they had dinner she defintely wanted to relax in there later.

"I am just saying that you missed a vital step for tonights date." She rubbed the back of her neck, there was only Declan in the room but there was a nagging feeling of being watched. Oriana shrugged the feeling off, defintely had to be the nosy muses again. Blast them.

Sighing she dropped herself on the bed and looked up at the plain blue ceiling. "I am happy though..." It had been a lovely day, now all she had to do was make sure he never saw her on the news until the hype died down about her calling out Mayor White. Inwardly, she still cringed. God she must look like a crazed woman on the television...

The pixie who had taken their food order had been very odd, but Oriana was getting used to random people and beings coming up to both of them and whispering nonsense. Hades was a prime example.

"So where should we go tomorr-" Oriana paused, shooting up to a sitting position and turning her head to one side. "Did you hear was like a dong?" It went off again as if it was right by her ear making her jump.


The Sorcerer
Declan hadn't heard the dong he was too busy checking out the bathroom and hanging up the coats, he was trying to figure out where to put the overnight bags, though he had noticed Oriana seemed satisfied with their first official date, though her commentary on missing steps in their date was lost on him. Still he wasn't interested in clicking on the TV or even the laptop at this time, he was hungry and trying to get settled.

"Dong? I haven't heard anything other than the pixie and you and I talking, did it sound like deep gong being rung? If so..."

He scanned the room, looking for what he thought it could be, if it was who he meant someone rang the gong back in their bedroom at the Arcana Cabana, and only three people could use the gong: Declan, Oriana, and Merlin. Declan hadn't rung it, in fact he was surprised to see it in their bedroom he had expected that to remain in the museum portion of the Arcana Cabana.

"It's not anything bad if you are hearing just means my familiar may have been summoned."

Declan drew her attention back to the brochures sitting on the bed next to her and well, getting affectionate wrapping around her as if they'd been married for years all the while waiting for their food. There were so many places they could go many of which Declan hadn't been to so it would be new to him as well. He adjusted his hand from Oriana's shoulder to her waist pulling her closer in as they reviewed it, he couldn't explain it, this seemed normal for him.

The romantic embrace or touch lasted till the food arrived, Declan again scanning the room for the presence that wasn't making itself known, but the sound of the gong Oriana was hearing was what he was trying to locate...

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His familiar? Ah, well she had heard all Sorcerers tended to have them. Why was she hearing the gong keep going off then? Was it just a way for the familiar to welcome her? Say hello? Or was the familiar not liking her presence around Declan? Who knew?

Oriana had just been leaning forward close to Declan’s lips when he had abandoned her for the food, she grumbled to herself and rolled her eyes thinking that if the night was going to end with just a cuddle, as nice as it was then there would be words to exchange. Before she could express that there was a mysterious fog that suddenly started permeating the room, red and misty vapors circled the room making her stand up in defense.
The team of pixies who had brought in their food and laid it on the coffee table swarmed away with tiny coughing pops coming up from their tiny throats. Oriana felt sorry for them as she fanned the space around them and opened the door to let them out, “Sorry! Sorry we will fix this! Declan, what is thi-“

This time there was a loud gong that made her rock back slightly on her feet and finally the fog cleared to show a tiny lizard like creature standing with the back to her. “Who are you?!” She asked, exasperated and annoyed that this creature had interrupted her date with Declan.

“Who am I? Who am I? I am the guardian of lost souls! I am the powerful, the pleasurable, the indestructible Mushu!” The creature had a manically excited voice, and as the so called Mushu turned Oriana couldn’t help but snort out her laughter.

“You’re um…” Oriana threw her head back and laughed heartedly, this short lizard like creature had just described itself as indestructible.

“Intimidating, awe-inspiring?”

“No. Tiny. Very tiny.”

“Of course, I am travel-size for your convenience. If I was my real size you would die of fright.”

“Why are you here anyway, we didn’t invite you. Am I to guess you are Declans familiar?”

“I’m here to help you-“

“Declan, you’ve been sent a little lizard to help you!” Oriana started laughing again, moving to sit at the table so they could start their dinner.

“Hey! Dragon! Dra-gon. Not lizard! I don’t do that tongue thing.” Mushu hissed at her and then bounced over to Declan, slapping him on the ankle with his tail. “I’ve been watching, you’re failing at this boyfriend thing. I just had to come to do damage control.”


The Sorcerer
Declan had not summoned Mushu, the fact he was trying not to roll his eyes was obvious, in fact he wasn't even sure how this was even summoned. The manic rapid fire speech of the dragon had been something he'd almost forgotten, the dragon consistently joked about and the impressions and voices Mushu did, made most laugh.

"Real size Mushu? You are your actual size and I see your humor hasn't left you."

"Listen here laddie, do I go and call out the way you look? I don't think so!"

Mushu walked around Declan three times in a circle looking him up and down and in a voice that sounded like Jack Nicholson said something to Declan.

"All right, Sparky, here's the deal. If you wanna court the little lady, you gotta be a straight shooter. Do ya got it?"

Boy Declan hadn't missed this, Mushu was clearly trying to push something, but what wasn't know was the dragon's powers, sure all dragons possessed some degree magic but Mushu's was a wilder form, more so after that mess with Mulan, the less said about that the better.

"Mushu, need I bring up the Mulan mess again?"


Oriana would have noticed there was something more than what these two were letting on.

"Oh you hold on now Dec! What about that fire you started when you were a judge on Hell's Kitchen? You know Gordon Ramsay wasn't happy about that! You really borked that up it was so much borking bork!"

Declan rolled his eyes, and to cause a distraction to the situation, he walked over to Oriana lifted her chin and gave her a deep kiss.

Mushu's jaw dropped to the floor he couldn't believe it, he wasn't sure what Oriana was thinking but all he could say.

"Alright whoop-whoop, you go Dec!'

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Everything was happening so fast Oriana had barely time to swallow a chip before Declan was kissing her, and the fork dropped from her hand in surprise. After a moment or so, the surprise gave away to a strange sensation of her head spinning and a dizzying spell. She broke away from Declans lips reluctantly and pressed a hand to her head, “Sor-sorry I don’t feel well.” It hadn’t been a bad feeling, but just as if she was being reeled into something.

Then again, she frowned. Why had Declan kissed her? He’d been avoiding intimacy with her all night beyond hand holding and hugging up until Mushu had come. She lifted her head to glare at the little dragon. “That’s it.” With wobbling legs she got up and grabbed the squealing mite out of the room and slammed the door on Mushu’s indignant face, leaning against the door to catch her breath. “You don’t have to prove or do anything for his benefit Declan.”

Oriana didn’t want him to be coming close to her if it was for the benefit of someone else, not Merida, Crane or now Mushu. It had to be more natural than that or from her demanding the attention. All these years it had been a lesson hard learned that you couldn’t force love from others. Rapunzel and her Mother had been prime examples of that. “Why is there always someone that has to come between us?” She grumbled to herself, ignoring the tiny thuds of Mushu hitting the door to gain entry again. No doubt that he could form up some fog and come in but perhaps he didn’t think that far ahead due to being so angry.


The Sorcerer
"Excuse me? Are you lookin' at me? Did you ring my gong? Did you wake me up? Did you bring me here? And all of a sudden you're throwing me out? I don't think so, not right now. You're getting my services, so sit down!"

Neither one was paying Mushu any mind at this point, more so since Oriana had tossed him from the room the dragon took the hint, butt hurt, but took the hint. What had spurred that reaction from Declan? He couldn't say, instinct? Something he wanted to do? It wasn't known.

"I did it cause I wanted to, not cause he was putting me up to it, it's like that stupid thing Sebastian said, you wanna kiss the girl..."

Declan has noticed the dizzy feeling, Merlin had told him what would happen, and this was it, this time he gently kissed her, deeply but short enough.

"Ori you're going to see my memories, some things may disturb you others...well you'll have to make your own judgement on. I don't know how it will be presented to you given your arcane gifts, everyone will see it differently. Just know the fates or the muses have nothing to do with this, the druids do."

He wasn't sure Oriana was going to continue eating or not, but he tried to help her sit again and eat. He was being slow about his own eating sure he was hungry, but this wasn't thankfully diner food, so many of these darn places borrowed from the local diners, this place actually cooked it's own foods.

"Ori who rang Mushu's gong? I sure didn't and I don't think you saw it in our bedroom..."

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More memories? Curse the muses and darn the druids. Hadn’t the Muses shown her enough, what was left and what more surprise lay in wait for her? The more she saw; the more questions were raised, and she just wanted it over and done with. She just wanted to be. Didn’t he? Who wills he want to kill after she saw more pains he had to endure?

“I have no idea; I haven’t been away from you, so I didn’t do it…But I heard it.” That’s what had been distracting her earlier, “I could have done it I suppose…without realizing...Your brooms and mops brought it into our room, the gong. I don’t question them. They are your creation. When we get back you can inspect it but for now…I say we just…be, well – y’know. Us.” Still, her voice was filled with doubt. There was still so much about herself that she didn’t understand. Her powers so different than most, could she unconsciously influence Declan’s familiar from so far? Make the gong activate? A pang hit her, as much as Declan had issues with his biological father and ancestry…at least he was a part of it and had a link. He knew what he was capable of and what he could do with his training. Idly, she finished off her food and took a swig of the glass of pomegranate juice to the side of her plate.

Slowly she walked around the room, messing with a piece of decoration here or a small statue of some Greek figure there and contemplated about the kiss some more. So far, it had a dizzying effect…a promise of something more. Yet, the why remained.

What did she read once? Humming absently, she whispered the words out loud. “And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee” Nietzsche…these labors caused Declan to slay so many monsters…. was the reason for her existence to keep him from becoming one too? How was that possible, if at times she thought herself as something that needed to be contained? Perhaps inspired by Mushu, a flamed dragon appeared within her palm. It didn’t radiate heat but shimmered with light. A furrow of her eyebrows and intense concentration, and she somehow managed to animate it so it flew around her and Declan, with wisps of fire puffing out of its mouth and scaly fiery wings beating to stay within the air and off the carpeted ground. “Ah…Mini Mushu…best keep him company?” Oriana sprung Mini Mushu right through the door, leaving a scorch mark. She heard Mushu getting excited over his new flamed friend, a miniature fire dragon…one that would disappear after a few hours but would keep him occupied surely.

The sounds of Mushu getting attacked by an even tinier dragon, his yelp and then fond laugh had her smirking. “Down Bessie!”


Oriana stared at him as she spoke his name out loud. So, she would stop Declan from walking into an abyss? Possible. Would he stop her? Most certainly. “Come here, I want to kiss you.”

Hardly the most romantic way of propositioning something, but she wanted the rest of these memories and had a feeling that it simply wouldn’t work with his initiation of it. She needed to take control of the situation. “Sit on the bed, if I faint, I’d rather not drop to the floor. And don’t get a big head about making me swoon.” The humor was to help herself more than him.

She still hadn’t said the three words that hung between them, and Oriana knew that she was only a few steps away from them. “Hurry up before I change my mind.” She patted the bed, sitting down herself and looking at him again.


The Sorcerer
Odd that the flame dragon entertained Mushu, but the pain in the ass deserved it, the humor of the dragon had helped him get through some of the worst of what he'd thus far endured in the labors. True this was a form of old Arthurian or ancient Greek form of cleansing oneself, but his own uncle had his own walks through the darkest times. Peter Pan's antics didn't help either, there had been countless battles with him and those he allied with just to get at Declan, what did Peter have to gain now? That was a mystery to all involved.

There was still the underlying issue with Mordu and what Merida had done as well when she turned Eleanor into a bear, boy was Fergus mad about that whole thing, yet the public face that was put on it was done to save Fergus not Declan, like many things it wasn't the true story in fact the details about that whole thing weren't known to anyone but a select few. What would Oriana think once she saw what really happened? True it was written in Declan's grimoire and immortalized at Saint Paul's (Tuck had been careful to contain that particular incident in Declan's life).

Declan meanwhile had been pacing the room a bit, not nervously but more in the sense he was trying to get familiar with the room before he could settle down, drinking the dragon fruit juice helped as well, when it was then he'd heard Oriana's beckoning to him to sit on the bed.

There wasn't much hesitation on his part it wasn't one of those things that he needed his guard up, this wasn't Helen of Troy or Pandora or even what Oriana's mother was rumored to be a seductress. Declan moved the bed and sat down next to Oriana, maybe now she'd understand what certain things were. What his bond with Athena and Hades was, simply put he was Hades champion, it was a way to protect him during the trials he went on as Athena was known to look after the famed heroes of mythology.

He sat down where she'd patted on the bed, she could see there was something he was incapable of saying due to the oaths sworn and such, but the same inhuman flare in his eyes remained as he took her hand.

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“Don’t be afraid…I won’t judge you.” Oriana reassured him, squeezing his hand and for the first few moments resting her head on his shoulder. There was a strange ringing in her head, which she recognised as an instrument after a while. “All we are missing is mistletoe…. but I guess we don’t need it.” More humorous words, to fill an empty space.

Slowly she shuffled so her legs went on either side of his lap, suddenly feeling shy. Oriana straddled him and glanced at the space beyond his shoulder at first.

No, she didn’t have to move into such an intimate position for a simple kiss, but no doubt there were things Declan wouldn’t be able talk about freely and these memories would serve as a higher bonding experience for them both. Who knew if she would be physically weak after undergoing this strange druid ritual, and Declan still had the aftereffects of his actions from yesterday? Excuses really, but if he didn’t ask then she wouldn’t have to provide them. “It’s just easier like this.”

Was it only yesterday though? Achilles already felt like a lifetime ago as she studied the collar of his shirt and fiddled with one of his buttons. In the distant part of her mind, the instrument she had been briefly hearing started to fill the silence more and more. Unbidden, a lilting murmur came forward from her own mouth, “In a lifetime…made of memories…I believe, in destiny.” With a deep breath, Oriana pressed a hand to the back of his head and brought him down into a soft but deep kiss.

There was a roar of fire in her ears, did he hear it too? Pressure mounted behind her eyes and the lids closed, seeing blue blurs and flames spinning in her minds eye. Out of control…dragon fire.

The tiny dragon she had created earlier, was nothing in comparison to the fiery beast creating heat between her mind and Declans. It consumed everything she thought she knew and what was until there was only bright light and too large drooping trees. Mystical shadows bounded from tree to tree, and the irony of her residing at The Faraway Tree wasn’t lost on her.

Every moment returns again in time
When I've got the future on my mind
Know that you'll be the only one

Oriana wondered if Declan could hear her….see her, feel her. She leaned against the bark of a tree, hearing the birds and other night creatures sing along with the whispered melody in the sky. The Druids were more gentle to her than the Muses so far. Everything was serene and peaceful here...

Something nudged her along, making her take a step forward towards a lake where she bent to her knees in the dirt and peered into the rippling water. “Show me.”


The Sorcerer
Druidic rituals were something unique, sure Declan had been dealing with Greek deities as well as battling with Mordu, Peter, Hook, Grimhidle, and countless others. Still Tinkerbell's attempt to gain the ancient knowledge and break the sorcerer-apprentice bond that had been ongoing for centuries and she had failed miserably.

Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Out where the world belongs
To only you and I
Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Make this a new beginning of another life

The kiss opened a door, one that Oriana had seen before the one that was to the main entrance to the Tea Party, the visions she'd seen of Declan now would make sense to her:

The little boy by the stream sitting under Merlin's watch, she now could see what happened--Merlin had finally stepped in and removed Declan from Fergus' wrath and was to begin Declan's training, the longing the boy was feeling was homesickness and loneliness, with that longing to be like the heroes of lore.

His training went well, until Merlin allowed him some time at home, now it was revealed what Fergus was reprimanding him about: Merida had changed Eleanor into a bear in order to avoid a marriage she didn't want and in an act of rebellion against it, Declan could not get through to Fergus who was already unhappy about his son being there, still the events of what went on with Mordu and Declan's involvement were now clear, he'd worked on getting the spell reversed, helped subdue Mordu, and took the blame for the whole incident, including the triplets being turned to bears. Merlin had arrived too late to help smooth it all over, and Declan stormed off with the faerie Excalibur to Neverland.

The battle with Peter and Hook ensued and as Declan was fixing to claim victory over Peter, Hook pulled a trick allowing Peter to regain his footing and sword, Excalibur jumped in front of the strike and was stabbed by both Peter and Declan.

Declan returned to Merlin soon after, they were summoned to assist with Ping, who had gotten himself into some major trouble and Mulan had no where else to turn. Declan was now stronger and more focused but not what he currently was, now Oriana could see the battle with the terra cotta warriors, it was to rescue Ping.

Merlin now had deemed him ready, he was to face four trials to become the sorcerer: Freeing Elsa and Ana's kingdom form Olaf; defeating Jafar and preventing him from raising Iblis and then having Jafar turned in to a genie; Stopping Elizabeth Bathory from plunging the world into internal darkness and the vampiress almost succeeded; finally stopping Cronos and Prometheus from setting the world ablaze. Through it all he had made friends and enemies and earned his title of the sorcerer.

Now again she could see what happened with the council of Gods and Goddesses, Declan while Merlin looked on powerlessly, requested the labors to cleanse himself from Excalibur's death.

And it was revealed as well that he was anointed Hades and Persephone's champion, with Athena watching our for him, more so during his ill fated relationship with Tinkerbell.

The whole Mordred episode was shown, complete with Tinkerbell's betrayal and Mordred's gruesome death.

Now she could hear what Hades and Persephone had told Declan, why they were shaking hands, and most important of all what it was about: the death of Thor and keeping the hammer safe.

All his labors up to this point, were shown more from what she had seen at Saint Paul's, it was all in graphic detail, at least the ones she didn't know about what happened.

Finally she got to see what exactly his relationship with the Addams' was all about. Kooky as it was, even he could be adored by them...

The flash of something more would catch Oriana's attention: The Minotaur.

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Coming out of the vision was accompanied with shudders, and the usual overload of information. Oriana rested her head on Declans shoulder breathing through her nose, still settled in his lap and feeling rather dizzy. “Well…that was a trip.” She wasn’t sure if she could discuss with him yet all that she had seen, believing that she already knew everything there was to be told had been a mistake.

Oriana raised her head slowly and looked at Declan sternly when she finally had a grip on herself, and swallowed. “From now on, you don’t take crap from anybody. Not even your family.” Before she had been mildly angry at Merida and Eleanor, but now she was downright fuming. There next meeting would be a downright struggle. “Am I going to have these visions every time we kiss or was it just this one-time deal?”

It was a worry that it would be a regular occurrence and if so, they would end up having issues. There was a desire for normality between them. “I-“ The moment was disturbed by a hard thud at the door followed by Mushu’s pained voice of “Ow.”

Oriana rolled her eyes, just once she’d like to be alone with Declan without Crane, Merida, Winston, mops and brooms or now Mushu.


The Sorcerer
"No, if you want more insight, you'll have the read my grimoire. I am not sure how those visions work entirely, but it won't continue to happen every time. Besides you're the first one to see them as it happened."

He didn't know what she saw and what spawned the 'don't take crap' commentary, but he agreed, so much had occurred. He could feel and see the end of his self imposed labors. He had made Heracles own labors look minor, in fact Megara had told him that Heracles was jealous over it all.

"Ori, have you ever heard of the famed shroud of Penelope?"

Declan had the bow of Odysseus and the shroud of Penelope, however the two objects could not be used without the other. Merida had wanted to use that bow for years and could not. They didn't know who the shroud would react to.

That aside, Declan looked at the many places the mirrors and branches could take them, the oddest one to Declan was this place called Hogwarts. It called itself a Wizardry school. That was odd to Declan, none of the other people (and there were few in Blackhaven) who practiced the magical arts never mentioned the place nor did they ever say there was such a school, it was all the master-apprentice teachings.

For now he was just going to enjoy the quiet with Oriana as best he could.

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“Nope…and really couldn’t care less about a shroud right at this precise moment.” Oriana gibed back, sliding off his lap pointedly and laying across the bed lazily, “I should be offended that you’re thinking of Penelope’s shroud right now. I thought that was Hades job.” It was said with a bit of a grumble towards the end and a roll of her eyes, picking at the material fluff of the duvet under her. “But since I know you find a mystery more exciting than me right now we might as well pick where to go for a mini trip.”

Her gaze faltered at the brochure and then the imitation branches on the walls. “You know…I never really went to a school.” Oriana tried not to let her face twitch; it was a sore subject. “Wouldn’t a magical school be fun?” The idea of wearing a uniform and sitting within a canteen, sharing textbooks and dealing with a boring teacher seemed like any other person’s idea of complete and utter boredom. Who would want to repeat their time of crazy hormones and acne? Except she did, maybe for just those few moments she would get to experience something that everyone around her had taken for granted and that would suffice. For the rest of her life.


The Sorcerer
"Oh who says I wasn't interested in you? I merely asked as I was thinking about that incident at the casino...and the well dress those nymphs had you in."

Declan made a playful grab at Oriana's butt, nothing too obnoxious just a term of affection while she was going on about a magic school, he had to admit the thought of something like that was foreign to him, true his uncle had mentioned there was one but he never called it a wizarding school or anything like that, merely stating some that knew the magical arts started a boarding school or something like that, the way uncle Merlin talked about it was almost in a sense of a joke. Though Declan was aware of a doctor in New York City that was called the "Sorcerer Supreme" but that wasn't Declan's stomping grounds and he had no desire to go to New York City.

"I can relate, I didn't go to school in the traditional sense of the word, uncle Merlin saw to my education...among others, I rarely got to go home and the like though. I have heard that sitting in a classroom was interesting or boring depending on who you ask. Well why don't you pick the first place to visit after we've eaten and have some down time, you feel quite nice, not sure why I haven't noticed...I guess when we sleep at night my mind isn't focused there."

Oriana did feel nice and Declan not having to have his mind going six different directions was also nice he could no longer remember when that last happened, finally a quiet moment. Sure there was still one more labor to complete, but no one said he had to do it right at this moment, he and Oriana had earned this. His hand rubbed up and down her back side: from her neck to her ankles.

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Oriana hummed in response, eyes closing to a restful silence and a small smile lingering on her face. Every time his hand fell on her neck, she felt pinpricks or tingles, it was nice, but it made her wonder if he was ready for more? Most of the time she avoided other people’s touch but tonight especially was completely fine – but only because it was with Declan.

Everything that had happened to her previously thanks to Lancelot disappeared from her mind and all that was left were the memories she had shared with Declan about his past and their coming future. She still wasn’t ready to say the three words, that was a commitment beyond any physical activity. Hades could hound her for years to come but until they had been together for a time, Oriana wouldn’t come out with her feelings for Declan. Not verbally at least. Most definitely not before understanding them herself.

Unbidden, the memory of Tigerlilly came to the front of her mind and she pursed her lips. It was too soon in their relationship to think about that but surely there was some protection in this room? Maybe in the en-suite? She wasn’t too sure about having children so early on but Oriana knew she wanted to take the next step with him.

It was after their kiss that she had realized she wanted tonight to be memorable. They’d shared too much at this point to end it by just falling asleep as if it had been any other day. To her, it was important to complete their connection.

Her hand wandered to the buttons of his shirt and started slowly popping them open. “What was so important about that silly dress?” Oriana asked with a grin. At the time the nymphs had annoyed her greatly but looking back now it was rather amusing. She would stop trying to remove his clothes the second he looked uncomfortable but Oriana didn’t have the courage to outright demand it like she had done with the kiss.


The Sorcerer
Declan's own mind was at ease, though as Oriana removed his shirt, she would be able to see the results of his struggles in Blackhaven, even the nice mark Tinkerbell had left him. His mark on his left arm aside, there were some faint signs of gunshot injuries, some of the bruises from their recent encounter with Achilles and the Hydra.

The expression he gave was one that he had no idea what Oriana was talking about in reference to a dress, and it was a shrug as if to say "who cares". His hands showed some hesitation in touching her, to remove her shirt, and she could feel his hands shaking, not due to nerves, more like fighting an divine impulse. He had to give in to the desire now, Oriana was clear on where this was going.

The mark Tinkerbell had left no longer concerned him, this had been a long road with them one the fates despite their attempts not to acknowledge it, had seen this endgame.

Now there was a connection, he'd seen Oriana in some of the worst moments, given their situation with the Ripper, the Addams', and even in her training outfits.

He had to wonder to himself if Oriana without her clothes looked like those perfect women in the Greek statues, her pale skin certainly indicated it might, he refrained from removing her bra with one had, no need to show off, more removed it gently to get a look at her naked top, he'd slide his hands down to her butt after the top came off...but a first the deep meaningful kiss, one that Oriana would not have to suffer memories or anything but just a mere kiss.

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Oriana felt a thrum in the room, it was as if their outward energies were merging for just for this moment. Her toes curled in at the kiss and she tried not to feel too shy at her top half being revealed and instead pushed him, so he was flat on his back and she hovered over him for a few minutes to catch her bearings.

Although Lancelot was very far from her mind, the experience had left her wanting to have some semblance of control between her and Declan. “One minute.” Giving him a quick brief kiss of her own, she nipped to the en-suite to rip open the drawers there and topping over the mini bottles of shampoo and shower gels kept for guests. Towards the back of one drawer she found a silver wrapper and Oriana pulled it out with a grin of success. “Bingo.” It did not look too old and had a few months left to its expiration.

Feeling a little awkward, returning to Declan on the bed half naked she smiled at him and put the still sealed condom into his hand. At least this part held no involvement from her side. “We…should be careful.” It was still early days yet between them and she didn’t want any ‘surprises’ from tonight.

Her eyes did get distracted by all his scars. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t seen him bare chested or touched him before but tonight seemed more intimate. With one finger she traced most of them and her brows furrowed into a dark expression when she came to the mark gifted by Tinkerbell. “I’ll kill her.” She grumbled under her breath, peeling off her jeans so she was left with just her underwear on.

Oriana wasn’t sure how he found her body, some said she was too pale. Others were fine with her complexion. Her time working for the Mad Hatter made her remember that men could have all sorts of ‘types’. Although she had a slim waistline Oriana had always carried a heavier bust and had been dealing with wide set hips since she hit puberty. It made her self-conscious but figured if Declan hadn’t liked the way she looked he would have said something by now.


The Sorcerer

It was 0600 in the morning, and Mushu was starting it early but was cut off by Declan casting an ice spell and freezing the min-dragon. True Oriana and Declan had finally been intimate, and it was probably all over to the gods and goddesses by now, same with his uncle. Declan didn't care, they'd deal with that when they needed to.

Frozen dragon aside, Declan turned over to check on Oriana, she was still sound asleep, he couldn't tell if her hair was a mess from their night or not, but certainly could see the red in her cheeks. He had been fine with her complexion, she had the beauty of the classic Greek statues, with her skin tone. Her chest and butt were never anything he looked at one way or the other, it was her face that attracted him. He thought there was a glow to her, but that could have been her aura. No way of knowing as auras were not in his training, only illusion and evocation. Still he freed himself from her, to order them breakfast, they'd been sleeping in the same bed for some time now, but this had never crossed their minds, something about it felt right.

Declan hadn't sat there and though about his previous liaisons, but he knew Elsa was going to come unglued once this got out. Declan slid on a pair of shorts and had to walk gingerly due to the pain in his foot from their encounter with Achilles, still he got the complimentary bathrobe on to answer the door for their breakfast, tipping generously for the bellhop that brought it up. He went simple for Oriana getting her scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sliced steak. He went simpler for himself getting an omelette with gyro meat, tomato, spinich, onion, and feta. A side of hash browns and toast. He'd ordered them hot tea, orange juice, and pomegranate juice as well. As much as he wanted to let her sleep, she did need to eat after last night's activities.

"And you Mushu, stay on ice for a bit...don't need you making issues."

"Aw c'mon Dec, all I wanted to do was congradulate you on finally--"

"Enough, Mushu, tend to your duties."

The dragon could do nothing more he had to obey Declan when he was told to tend to his duties.

Declan wheeled the cart in to the foot of their bed, affectionately he grabbed Oriana's bare behind in a playful squeeze or pinch to try and get her to wake up, worst case they'd have another round if it turned her on...but they did have additional plans, Oriana had mentioned that branch that went to that supposed "Wizarding School".

"Come on sleepy head, breakfast is here."

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Oriana’s nose already had caught the scent of breakfast and she rose with a struggle, her body felt sore and tired. With a puff of effort, she pushed herself back against the headboard and lifted the blanket to tuck it around her chest and underarms. They had trays luckily, so she didn’t immediately have to get out the warm bed.

Her naturally curly red hair was tangled all over the place, sticking out in every direction as if she had been electrocuted and, in some ways, it felt she had. “Ah.” She tutted, finger combing it, so it was patted down and pushed it behind her ears. “Smells good.”

After eating her full from the tray laid out in front of her, she placed it on the floor and grabbed her vest from the night before pulling it on. Who knew when Mushu would break from his icy hold and charge in?

“From what they said last night, we leave bang on at nine.” She looked pensive then, “Do you think we’ll fit in?” There was a touch of anxiety. Oriana hadn’t had the common childhood and neither had Declan but he had more confidence than her.

“It said in the pamphlet students get organized into four different houses…we don’t have to fight a troll do you think?” She squinted in thought and brought her hands to the front of her legs. Oriana rubbed at the various red marks on her skin and wished she didn’t bruise easily. There definitely would be a scarf involved in her outfit today. “Not that it would be a problem for you to fight one off, but I doubt they’d let me bring Mjölnir with me.” Oriana grabbed the pamphlet from the bedside table and ran her eyes over it again. “Oh and we land in a shopping area called Diagon Alley and – oh yes, we are definitely getting all those ice creams…and there’s a list of essentials we have to buy like…a wand, amateurs and eurgh there is a uniform. I didn’t ever want to wear another uniform again after The Tea Party but needs must…and oh, there’s another area near the school called Hogsmeade…I want to try Blood Pops.” All this was garbled out excitedly whilst waiting for Declan to finish his food. “We have to travel by Floo from Diagon Alley…what is that, we sneeze and teleport?” She laughed.