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Jason had expected the man to counter his move, though he wasn't expecting him to hit back as strong. Though Jason had suffered some knock-back, he still managed to stay afoot.

Thanks to the enhanced speed, Todd was able to equip both of his handguns as soon as he recovered. He had attempted to get a shot off on Tony, but as fate would have it, Tony would be gone by the time Jason had looked up. "Great..." He muttered.

Jason would simply nod to Lucio. "Yeah." He said. Right when he said that, the rocket had been fired and landed in the center of all of them. Jason was about to attempt to disarm it via his gauntlet, but then Lucio formed some type of shield and protect them from the blast.

"Guess that works too. Thanks." The Knight said before nodding again. He would then use his enhanced speed to run over to Tony rather quickly and tug out his Zip-Kick. When he was close enough, Jason would fire it towards Tony's right leg. If it were to connect, it would wrap around the leg before Jason would be thrust towards The Ironman at a great amount of speed, aiming to kick the man back further once his foot came in contact with Tony's body.​


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"Okay, I get it... you want the Raven here to do more than just peck at you, huh?"

Blake teased as it was proven obvious that the pistol wasn't going to do much. He was about to activate his PWM's shield form but figured that he'll save that for later as Lucio's Sound Barrier proved to be enduring the rocket's explosion. Pushed back into the air, Blake saw no reason to be using his projected wings for now.

"Battle protocol 2."

With the order sent through voice command, Blake's PWM cube stopped projecting those wings that enabled him flight and soon projected a hardlight sword for him. Without the wings, he began to fall from the high altitude he was at earlier, drifting himself to be above Tony with a hardlight sword ready to be swung at him.

Around 3 minutes left... think Blake... what else can I do to maximize the possible outputs with what I've got here and all over?

For now, he'll think of the backup plan for a landing later, seeing that he could easily shift between his projected weapons and projected wings for flight. All it mattered if its power being at five minutes per activation was going to cut it here.​


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"Aw, we just got started,"
I grumbled as we got shoved into an elevator and forced into two vans after an explanation that 'S.H.I.E.L.D' was attacking them. As the lady yapped on, I glared in hopes of melting her face off. As expected, it didn't work.

Once we were forced into the vans, we went on our way. Fate was silent and wore a grim expression to display his distaste for Umbrella. Me? I tormented the driver with puns. However, it diminished as the sounds of warfare grew closer and I steeled myself for war.

Ironic that I pledged to protect humanity after some time when I obtained my immortality and yet I and the others have slain humans and their mutated cousins because they were a threat. Now the skills I've collected over the years were now being used to further a shady corporation's goals.

When the vans stopped and we stepped out, I saw the grunts retreating and smiled. Umbrella must be losing the war then and in an act of desperation, pulled us from our homes. That's good. It meant I could tell the other side what's going on if I carefully tiptoed around my 'commanders' whose balls I shall soon grab and rip off.

Then four men came out and I raised an eyebrow at their outfit. They looked so familiar, like superheroes from old movies I used to watch. Oh well, whatever the case the lighting dude fancying himself after the Norse god of thunder sent a shockwave. I reflexively looked up and felt my very being tear apart, cloth, skin, and organs flaking away and being engulfed in a gray mist accompanied by a sizzle-crackle sound.

Another sizzle-crackle popped just a few feet above the shockwave itself and even when I was still reforming, I could feel my feet vibrate from the force. Wow, Thor was quite electrifying wasn't he?

I landed next to Fate who was already giving commands. I chuckled. He already saw himself as the leader of our little alliance? Couldn't disagree more! But given the chaos that was already happening, I nodded my head in respect and turned my head to observe the battle.

A lot of people were already fighting the men in red iron and blue uniform. That left the last one in a red suit and Thor who seemed ready to fight a woman wearing some questionable clothing and had six... beam swords?

Overkill much.

"Let's help out beam lady over there," I pointed and jumped into Ant-Man's vision.

I smiled and bowed.

"Forgive us for fighting against you. If we don't, bad things happen to us," I told him, being only loud enough for him and the others in this fight to hear, "And please, don't try to harm the black-haired girl," I threw my head to Kujou, "she's a civilian forced to fight against her well as are we. Now Mr. Red, let us fight."

The leather hissed as I pulled out my blades and bent my knees, holding my scimitar back while the straight sword was out front. Granted, this guy was likely to fight with powers rather than blades, but better to make him think I was just a regular swordsman.​


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Well shoot, that wasn't good. Without her sword form to shield the blast of missiles, Setsuna could only watch as the missiles came her way and place herself between them and the others to protect them from the projectiles. After all, protection of others was her first instinct. But in any case, as she crossed her arms in front of her, preparing for impact... She was surprised to find that it never came. Rather, a barrier formed around her and the others, causing her to briefly look around with mild surprise before determining the source was Lucio.

Right. Back in the game.

With the others safe enough with the barrier, Setsuna herself revved up for another attack, only to pause mid-dash upon noticing Blake in the air. Falling. While most people would wonder what the hell he was thinking, Setsuna merely made a mental note he might need to be caught if his aimed attack missed, keeping within range as such while keeping an eye out for anyone in need of support or protection while considering her next attack. Which, wound up looking like she was about to leap into the air for another punch.​


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Agent Rorke looked over a sheet of paper in his hand. "So, Umbrella used you as a weapon to fight SHIELD, then?" He asked. His eyes scanned the paper. He put it down onto another stack, and then stapled the stack together. "Alright, please continue, Miss Wong."

Ada pulled her pistol out of her makeup case. She handed it to Linda. "Just point and shoot," She said. Ada leaned over and pulled a knife from her heel. "Cover me," She placed the makeup case on the ground.

With her knife in hand, she twirled it as she stepped towards Ant-Man, intending to take down the insect-themed superhero with some complicated knife maneuvers.​


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Domon watched as many of the people he had been sparring with rushed off to do battle with the man in the metal suit and his patriotic partner, and was inclined to follow them, but decided his skills would be better put to use against the unarmed man in red. Running at full speed towards his target, Domon prepared himself for battle. He would let out a yell as he neared his opponent, and once he was in range, he would unleash a flurry of punches on Ant-Man.​


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Naomi nodded in agreement with Alice and Miku. "Miku should stand back and take aim at Thor," she suggested, "and Alice can take up the less suspicious one. Alice, I can provide cover fire if you're willing to get up close and personal with the red-suited one,"

Naomi then took a quick scan of the battlefield, searching for her partner. She saw Little Guy running towards the Iron-Clad American-Flag-Clad men. "Stay safe, Little Guy," she said to herself. Her heart wished for his continued safety.

She shook her head clear. If this machine were to run like clockwork, she needed to trust in her partners to do their jobs. She aimed her pistol at Ant-Man, her finger itching against the trigger. She was ready to fire the moment Alice moved towards him.

Navel chased after Jabbers, worried for his safety, but was surprised to see the ferocity and speed at which he attacked, and with only his fists.

He next heard the commands coming from the radio. They didn't have a choice not to fight, and he didn't want to lose his new friend, Doremi.

Watching Lucio use sound waves to support allies gave Navel an idea. "Doremi, see what he's doing with his music? Think you can do the same? Even if you can't attack with your voice, maybe your music can give strength to others."

On that note, if helping others, Jabbers still needed some help. With the Bullet Punch distracting Cap's shield, Little Guy took the opportunity to deliver a shot right at the man's chest.​


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"If that's what you truly believe, then I'm sorry to say whatever "choice" we have hasn't really presented itself. Unless we plan to die early." Azura spoke to Captain America, staying towards the back for now as she kept a close eye on the fight between them as well as the fight with Tony. She took a breath.

"Lucio! Would you like to perform a sort of duet together?" she asked.

Azura overheard Little Guy and glanced towards him.

"Allow me to help as well," she spoke, eager to keep those she cared for his safety somehow.​


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Penny clapped his hands mockingly.

"Yes, try and kill each other. Brilliant. I'm just going to stay over here and watch, instead of trying to get myself killed."

He'd take another swig from the flask, somewhat annoyed that Eliot had almost drunk all of it. Jerk.​


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Twisted Fate acknowledged Ali's opponent: Ant-Man. Before Ali confronted him, T.F said.

"Keep 'em distracted; make sure he doesn't get near me. I'm better at range. Also, try not to get hit by my cards..."

The plan was to have Ali soak up the damage while T.F could do his magic tricks.

With extreme sleight of hand, he threw a barrage of wild cards toward Ant-Man. These kinds of cards didn't have any special effects; they would just deal substantial damage when hit. Paper cuts, am I right?​


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James Proudstar - Warpath

The big apache continued to move slowly, quietly in from the side, where he had run on his initial aborted run towards Thor. Whichever of the remaining big three he could get to, he would. He would almost prefer, again, someone knocking him into next week. Both of his big knives were in his hands, watching out for the people he came with. Then he wondered.... where did the Umbrella guys go? He started to try and track their scent. Perhaps there was still a way...​


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A choice huh.

"My task is to kill... A corpse like me has no choice..." Dark words came from the cold assassin as Joshua moved in to distract Rogers as Jaffar planned his next move.

The speed boost and now shielding from Lucio was just enough for Jaffar to go in. Rushing in behind Rogers with his daggers at the ready. Jaffar faster than ever attempted to backstab Rogers with his daggers.


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The plan was being set into motion. Miku nodded to the both of them, beginning to turn to retreat to a safer distance. "Please stay safe all of you!" She bolted back from which they originally came, seeking debris to use as her makeshift sniper's nest. Her options weren't great, but the crumbled remains of part of a building would have to suffice for now. None of these buildings looked very safe and secure, and for now, she didn't dare enter one of them without orders to.

Unslinging her rifle from her shoulders, she secured her spot, steadying it atop some debris and looking down the scope. Thor was in her sights, and it looked like she was clear to make the shot. Her finger hesitated on the trigger, an internal conflict going on about the implications of what she was doing. She had absolutely no context about the background of these people they were pitted up again; for all she knew, they were the real bad guys here!

But her newfound friends were relying on her. If they were to work like clockwork, she needed to do her part. Lest one of them get hurt because of her. Aim for the head. Aim for the head. The words repeated in her head as she lined up the shot, then pulled the trigger.



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Lucifer wasn't about to argue with the other man. He technically wasn't wrong, but they also didn't care if they died which showed how much worth they had to them.

"Then stand back, so I can analyze what is going on,"

Linda watched as her new friend pulled a gun out of her makeup case. Linda had so many questions but didn't know what to say at the moment. She had to point and shoot and cover her. Whatever that meant, it would seem.

Linda did her best to cover Ada in case someone tried to attack her. Point and shoot, point and shoot. Don't hurt any of your teammates or they kill you. No pressure at all.

Lucifer took a moment to see who was in the most need of aid.

It looked like a lot of people were already on Thor and Iron Man. It seemed there was also a sizable amount on Captain America. He looked back at I don't care.

It seemed that the others were already there and he looked at the radio in his hand. He needed intel. "Excuse me, Commander sir, what can you tell us about our opponents?" He asked.​


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"Good thinking, Naomi. Miku, keep your focus on the thunder man. I'll make sure neither lay a finger on you." With that, Alice charged for Ant-Man, Beam Katanas swinging at him.


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With Alice bursting into the fray, Naomi keeps up on her promise and fires several shots at Ant-Man. However, only one or two have a chance of actually hitting him, as Naomi is careful not to harm her allies fighting alongside Alice.​


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So this was that those people wanted them to fight.

Men in strange suits.

But he would see that they were powerful and that they were going to be standing in the way of home for now.

He was not allowed to leave the battle, nor turn around and attack the ones who had brought him here. And worse, they had instantly been brought to the front to save their own men. They had said they could be tossed aside - they were powerful but not important enough for them. Alucard had time to worry about later, but for now, he turned to focus on the man wielding lightning. His hammer seemed to be a conduit, he looked like someone from Leon Belmont's time. The sparks that flickered off from the hammer were powerful on their own, imagine being struck by one.

His eyes flickered to the side for a moment. Many seemed to be focusing on this hammer man's partner.

Then if so...

Following Road's words, Alucard summoned his spear, swiftly charging - flying - forward with it, its tip shining with energy​


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"Once again, I'm sorry,"
I offered a sad smile and I nodded upon hearing Fate said he was better at range and I should stay out of his card barrage. Better keep that in mind if I didn't want paper cuts.

As Alice charged swinging her beam, laser, swords, or whatever they are, I went behind her and when the opportunity presented itself, I would aim my straight sword and thrust right for Ant-Man's groin.

Why not end this fight quickly with him singing a high-note?​


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Schala Zeal

Shala felt herself blush pretty immensely with Blake's rather... Flirty nature and all, and the added dynamic of Senna in the mix, but after a while, she managed to muster up a response, finally managing to overcome her quirks, just long enough to utter a single word.

"Schala..." She said quietly.

A small smile crossed her face as she seemed to be pulling herself together... And for the first time since she arrived here, she actually felt at peace once more.

This moment was fleeting, like the other moment of peace she had experienced just before arriving here, as she was soon led into battle with the others... Despite all her efforts to fight the influence of that chip each time she tried to refuse, she could not...

Instead, she ended up towing behind the others, to what looked like the battlefront... Where she would surely meet her bitter end against some superpowered individual from SHIELD.

Realizing that standing aside would not grant her the quick liberation she... At least partially wanted at this point, she instead, sought a single target.

That target happened to be Captain America.

She stepped closer, gathering with the others that sought to fight him, just in time to hear his talk about how there is always a choice... Despite what Umbrella told them, despite their promises...

But she knew otherwise.

Tears welled up in her eyes... As she realized that even across dimensions, there was no escaping her horrid fate.

Against her will, and her very desires... She was once again, forced to use her powers to fulfill someone else's goals.

At least this time... She hoped it would end quickly, as she was inexperienced in battle... And despite her magical potential, her time here would soon come to an end...

How did her younger brother, Janus, do it? Though she still did not wish to fight, nor intended to lean upon the crutch of power as he did... She realized that she had to find some way to use it, as much as she did not want to.

Closing her eyes, she made an effort to use her magic once more... And this time, there were results.

Yellow electricity crackled around her as she closed her eyes, concentrating as she channeled her magical energy... It looks like she was going for some sort of area of effect spell.

However, her inexperience left her casting rate a bit hindered for the moment... So, while she was in the process of casting, she had inadvertently left herself wide open for an attack.

Nonetheless, it wouldn't take her too long to gather the magical power she needed to unleash her first combat spell, so if Cap had to act to stop it, he had to act pretty fast.​


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"Huh? But..." Doremi was hesitant. Did she really know how to use her voice for support?

"I really don't know how... I'm so sorry..." Doremi said, not sure what she can do. Granted, she has access to Sing, but she might put her own allies to sleep in the process.​