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The worst genie ever

Chaos Sphere

Blinking and Breathing Manually.
Granted. In this context, "enough" would be defined as infinite.

I wish I could instantly vaporize mosquitos by glancing at them.


I'm not immature, I just know how to have fun
granted but every time you vaporize a mosquito all the blood it consumed goes into your body which eventually turns you into a balloon until it becomes too much and you burst.

I wish I had abbs :emoji_triumph:


The Storyteller of the Circle
He's actually dead!!

I wish I was in a nice house sitting on the couch, the house isn't on fire or otherwise damaged.

Chaos Sphere

Blinking and Breathing Manually.
Granted. They're now in space, whether they like it or not, whether they're ready or not. So far, the worst mass-extinction ever recorded in history, assuming one were to even record it.

I wish mankind is able to fully explore the ocean without stumbling upon some underwater abominations.


The Storyteller of the Circle
Granted, their equipment breaks and all of them are dead.

I wish I had YouTube Premium forever without paying for it

Allan AI

Forum Bartender
granted you know english from earths earliest form when people used to say "whoope" and "Jitterbug"

I wish you were holy for a day :emoji_ok_hand: