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the Hugger Troll
That's perfectly all right. I'm a patient sod.

Though I do wish to make it clear that I prefer quality to quantity. Sure, I dislike a single line response because chiefly it makes it difficult to bounce off of, buuut if you want to take the time to be happy with your reply, do feel free. I don't like rushing to make my replies and often do stall to ensure that my reply is to my satisfaction, so I don't mind that/if you do the same!

Equally, your reply doesn't have to match the same length to mine. I might produce a five+ stint of paragraphs, but if you feel you're happy with a paragraph or two in length, then that works for me too. There will be times where you get your writing bug, thrash out five+ paragraphs and I only reply with couple in return... it's tides. I'm happy either way there.



the Hugger Troll
'ey mon

I've role-played World of Warcraft before with a total newbie to the franchise, that newbie is somewhere on this here forum too xD

I'd be happy to do it again!

Can either PM me to talk about it more there or more on here to discuss. <3