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Side Story For glory!

Discussion in 'Convergence In-Character Forums' started by Jeremi, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Prologue - the gathering

    Resistance base 5

    Six months since the melding

    No one knew how many were actually part of the resistance, but it had spread like wildfire from the moment that the worlds had merged into one. No one had an exact number of how many members there were but they were all scattered around the world fighting against the injustice they found.

    There were bases scattered all over and any communication between them went only through a few select high ranking members.

    That was why this sudden mustering of forces was something no one sitting inside the conference room had seen up to this point. Seventeen people were waiting inside the room and one of them, a woman dressed like she was plucked straight out of a wrestling show, spoke up. “Oh man we’ve been sitting in here for like an hour! I wonder why they gathered us all here?” She looked around the group with excitement. “I don’t think I know anyone here but, I know whatever it is that we’re supposed to do we can do it!”

    That was still the million-dollar question though, why were they here? A quick glance around the room showed no real ties among the group and all of them seemed quite out of place, but they were here now and as the door slid open perhaps it was time for them to know the reason they had been gathered.

    The first to come in was a blond woman, but despite her human appearance the group knew that she was a mechanical being, a Reploid. Her name was Alia and she was a link between the different factions in the Resistance keeping up communications among all of them. A real spider in the web. If there was anything going on, she knew about it.

    Behind her came another that most of the group were familiar with. An actual goddess by the name of Palutena. She as well was quite high in the Resistance and having both here was rather unprecedented.
    Both walked to the end of the table as the lights dimmed, and a screen popped up behind them.

    “Thank you all for being here,”


    “I know it must have been hard for you to get here but we have something big on our hands and we really need your help.” Alia looked around the room. "Looks like some are still missing but this can't wait, we'll fill them in afterwards."

    The screen flickered to life showing two old men on the screen. One was a portly fellow with a red mustache and the other was an old greying man, both of them looked like scientists of some sort. “As all of you know it has been about six months since these two, Dr Albert Wily and Dr Ivo Robotnik caused the melding and staged their attack. A lot of us went underground but most of us have someone close to us that didn’t…”

    Alia had a solemn look on her face as she looked through the crowd before the image on the screen changed again now showing seven brightly colored gems as well as one massive green emerald. “From our intelligence we know that they did this by using these. The smaller ones are called the Chaos Emeralds and the large one is called the Master Emerald. Two of you should be familiar with them.” Alia looked to Silver and Elise specifically when she said that. “As long as they have the entire set they are more or less unstoppable, however…” The screen changed again with only the Master Emerald left on the screen.

    “My sources have told me the Chaos Emeralds have been stolen from right under the Doctor’s noses, and whoever did steal them is going to use them for their own gains. And that’s why you’re all here,” Alia’s eyes filled with conviction as she looked over the gathered group. “You’re going to steal the Chaos Emeralds so that we can use them. Because with the news we also got a location. Getting the Chaos Emeralds means we might just have a fighting chance and bring everything back to how it was before the invasion.”

    A map now emerged on the screen. “Our current world is a mixture from all different parts of our worlds and has created something brand new with all of these sectors tied together by different warp pipes for quick travel between most of them.” A picture of a green pipe emerged for a moment on the screen before returning to the map. “We have done our best to extensively map out these pipes and where they emerge and through that we have plotted a course that will get you to the thief in the quickest way possible.”

    The lights came on and the screen went dark as Alia directed a question straight to the group. “Do any of you have any questions about the mission?"

    Palutena stepped forward, her essence radiant and powerful. She had a radiance to her that only a goddess could have, and a pleasant, motherly smile.

    "Remember, this is to save our worlds and those we lost." She said, raising her staff. “While we can not join you, you have my blessing upon you, and I will try to help you in what ways I can.” She smiles at the gathered group before sitting back down.

    The woman with the wrestling gear was literally shaking with anticipation for the entire time that Palutena had been speaking with her arm held high. “Yes, Rainbow Mika?”

    She leaped up from her chair with such force that it fell to the ground. “No questions I just wanted to tell you how awesome and honored I am that I’m part of this team. We’re not going to let you down! I swear to you we’ll get this Chaos Emeralds and kick that thief’s butt at the same time!”

    Alia looked at Palutena then back at R. Mika before looking at the rest of the group. “So uuh, anymore questions?”

    Cast list

    @Ver as Akihiko Sanada
    @Minerva as Ayane
    @dark as Banjo-Kazooie
    @Crow as Don-chan
    @York as Elise the Third
    @CrunchyCHEEZIT as Geno
    @Crimson Spartan as Hector
    @Hahli Nuva as Joanna Dark
    @Lucky as Kirby
    @ShadowCoyote0 as Link
    @Jackythejack as Louis the Primid
    @Hida Tomonatsu as Makoto Kato
    @Kaykay as Moon
    @Alex Azure as Raiden
    @Sark as Ryoma
    @Yun Lee as Samurai Goroh
    @Gummi Bunnies as Silver
    @Takumi as Yurick

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  2. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic

    Kirby mostly understood the situation they were in, but he was also hungry, so the finer details were lost on.. He pointed to his mouth. " Food?" He asked, looking around to see if there was any to eat in the meeting.

    @Minerva @Jeremi
    Takumi likes this.
  3. Gummi Bunnies

    Gummi Bunnies The Magus of Flowers The Convergence Series GM


    ❝ ... yeah, that explains why my time period changing all of a sudden. ❞ Silver listened attentively, understanding that everything was rearranged and melded due to the power of the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds combined. A part of him felt a vague sense of deja vu, something about this "fixing the problem technically in the past to improve the future" type of thing. Well, it was definitely worth a shot.

    ❝ So do we have any other details about this thief? They must have some tricks up their sleeve if they were able to snatch the Chaos Emeralds away like that, especially after the melding. ❞ He knew a good handful about Dr. Robotnik already, so he figured he'd ask Alia and Palutena about the unknown factor that they were dealing with here.

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Lucky
  4. dark

    dark Active Member



    A bear wearing yellow pants wearing a shark tooth necklace and a red bregal walked in holding a invitation

    "Duh huh, so this es the place, kazooie?!

    Kazooie grunted and pecked Banjo's head "Didn't you read the invitation, it said "the world was in great danger."

    Banjo growled and held his head "Daugggh. I know, Kazooie. But it's not under Grantilda this time."

    Kazooie blinked listening on the situation "Some sort of "Chaos Emeralds?"
    Banjo asked innocently "Are they jiggies?"

    Kazooie grunted "...No."

    She looked over at the pink ball who talked named Kirby.

    "Who is this?"

    @Lucky @Jeremi
  5. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic


    " Haiii, I'm Kirby,"
    he replied, while still looking for food. " Food?" He asked, looking to see if the bird had any food on her.

    @dark @Gummi Bunnies @Jeremi @Minerva
  6. dark

    dark Active Member



    Kazooie popped a chocolate bar out of Banjo's backpack with her beak and began to chew it. "Mmmm good."

    She began to peck at it in front of Kirby.


    @Lucky @Jeremi
  7. Alex Azure

    Alex Azure Prince of the Multiverse

    Raiden looked around the room. Somehow he found himself among stranger characters than the ones he'd met during the Big Shell Incident. This was going to be kind of mission he was prepared for, however. Simple: infiltrate and acquire. Something did bug him, however.

    "How are we getting that Master Emerald thing back? I'd be surprised if the thieves took it in the first place. The smaller ones could probably fit in a pocket with a little work, but I don't see how we're getting out a gemstone of that size without drawing some attention."

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Lucky @Gummi Bunnies @dark @everyone
  8. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Link listened silently to the mission briefing, nodding along in understanding. The objective was clear, but that was about it. Things were rarely as simple as they seemed, especially after the melding. He had woken up only to find 100 years had passed...only for different worlds to start melding together a few weeks later. Now there was a silly bear, and a cute pink...squishy thing. The sassy bird wasn't too weird though, as she reminded Link about Revali. All things considered though, not things you'd see everyday before.

    Some of the other fighters had valid questions though, and Link had some ideas. He had taken a vow of silence when he became a knight, but silence wouldn't be an option anymore. "In the kingdom of Hyrule, there is a great power known as the triforce, and it's power divided amongst 3 chosen ones. If this Master Emerald is also capable of great power, could it also be divided into smaller fragments?"

    @Gummi Bunnies @Alex Azure @Jeremi @Minerva @dark @Lucky @everyone
  9. Crimson Spartan

    Crimson Spartan Friendly Spartan


    "Just point me in the direction of the enemy and i'll let my axe do the talking..."

    A man in heavy riding armor spoke up while standing near one of the walls in the room. The man...Hector had listened to what was said and understood the situation as best he could. So they had to get these chaos emeralds back huh... Hector knew it wouldn't be easy but he also didn't care about difficulty. After all not only were his people suffering from this but many of his friends as well and Hector would do anything for them. He held Armads in a neutral stance while he waited for the time when they get moving. He didn't need to worry about any specifics and was confident that he could help them get the chaos emeralds back even that master emerald despite it's size.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Alex Azure @Jeremi @Minerva @dark @Lucky @AnyoneAndEveryone

  10. Lucky

    Lucky Gay Panic


    Kirby looked over at the chocolate bar and decided to jump up and look to see if there was more food in the bear's backpack.

    If not, he would attempt to suck the chocolate bar into his mouth.

    @Jeremi @dark @Minerva
  11. ShadowCoyote0

    ShadowCoyote0 Senpai

    Link couldn't help but notice the small squishy one was looking for food. He had a few apples in his pack still, and he figured Kirby would need it more than him. He walked on over with an apple in hand. "Here you go little guy. These are pretty good too."
    @Lucky @dark
  12. Crunch

    Crunch Giga God Crunchmeister

    Geno Prologue
    "Strange Adventure, Dangerous Adventure!"

    "Consider it done."

    A bold voice on the other end of the room responded to Alia's explanations, staking a presence in the packed conference room despite silence permeating its end of the table. A relatively small figure slipped its feet off the table's surface, firmly pressing them against the floor with the sound of creaking wood accompanying every movement.


    Time once again punishes ♡♪!?.

    Oh, that name isn't right. The name of this toy that he's once again attached to - Geno - is a lot easier to pronounce, right?

    In any case, the waves of time hadn't had much of an effect on Geno's body since he was the last thrust into a physical setting. Having been summoned from Star Road on behalf of his 'superiors' three times in a row now, one would expect that even an immortal star spirit would ask for some off-time. In his timeless existence, Geno never once questioned the mysterious ways of 'The Authorities' - in all their wisdom, they know what's best for all life, and the right course of action to ensure the stars continue to shine in the night.

    That's a rather wishy-washy way to say Geno has his orders and follows them, but the intention is there. If it weren't for them, he'd never have had the chance to even meet Prince Mallow, or Mario, or any of the residents of the world below. The first time around, to repair the Star Road itself, the adventure was more than enough of a life to live for an immortal being. The constant threat of danger around every corner, an endless tides of villains to thwart, a fellowship of allies to protect; the kind of quest that Geno was destined to be a part of.

    That was Gaz's wish, after all; to see 'Geno' fight and save the day as he'd intended. On top of helping Mario save the world, it was only natural for ♡♪!? to ensure that at least one wish could come true amidst the destruction of the Star Road. The only wish he hadn't fulfilled then was that of his own; to see Gaz at least once before departing for the stars.

    If he'd accounted for this so-called 'multiverse' back then, perhaps that wish would've come true as well. The second mission following the defeat of Smithy and his gang of weapons was a survey of a peculiar event in which beings of many different worlds came together in one place for no particular reason. It would have been a routine observation had ♡♪!? not been thrust into the role of 'Geno' again, with Prince Mallow making an appearance.

    Ever since then... well, the split of identity between the puppet and it's master seemed to blur as a dark, wooden puppet wreathed in a bright cerulean cape-and-cap stood at the center of the room, eyes dim and convicted as they looked on towards nothing in particular.

    Was this whole thing another mission? Would he run into another old ally? Or was it indeed an unfortunate fate that Geno is in the crossfire of another multiverse incident? Only his 'superiors' may know, and just from looking beyond the thin physical barriers of this world, he knew that communication with them wasn't going to happen.

    A lost soldier cut off from his commanders; what is he to do now? Well, find a new purpose.

    The cape-clad puppet crossed his arms and impatiently tapped his foot. "So, are we getting this show on the road or what?"

    @Jeremi @Anyone

    Jeremi likes this.
  13. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    One man at the table leaned forward, a large grin on his face. Without a doubt the largest at the table thus far, he had an aura about him that commanded just as much attention. Even wearing his sunglasses inside, his eyes gleamed at the information presented to them all.


    "Looking for a thief, eh? Well, look no further! Master Thief Samurai Goroh at your service! If anyone can track down these Emeralds of yours, you better believe it's me!"

    Goroh threw back his head and laughed heartily, but a more serious expression took hold after. "I do got one question, though...when you say normal...does that mean everything? Our worlds, the people...all of it is back to how it was?"

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Everyone​
  14. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi


    "They said normal, didn't they?" A grumble came from next to the samurai, a scruffy dark-haired girl decked out in a fraying orange and white hoodie crossing her arms as she leaned on the table, "Not like it could mean anything else, old man - otherwise, they'd be lying to us, and it's a bad idea to lie to the head of the Rindo-kan school of karate when we're putting our lives on the line."

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Yun Lee
  15. Minerva

    Minerva Christian Optimistic Nihilist


    From the back of the room, a Purple Haired girl in a hood spoke up. "You'll need someone who can sneak, gather information." She said from the back.

    "I will defeat anyone who gets in my way." She said, pulling down her hood. ​
  16. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    "Hey! Who you calling old man, kid?" Goroh narrowed his eyes at the girl, but in truth, he was a bit amused she'd talk to him that way. Took a lotta guts. Reminded him of-


    ...Nah. Let's not get into that. Instead, he nodded in agreement at what she had to say. "Oh yeah, if this is all some big joke, someone's gonna pay." He drummed his fingers on the hilt of his katana, which sat at his hip. "BIG time."

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu @Everyone​
  17. Hida Tomonatsu

    Hida Tomonatsu Hida Bushi

    "You, old man," Makoto countered with a slight scowl, daring him to keep barking down at her. Katana or not, she wasn't going to back down on her name for Goroh, "Why waste time with our fists or weapons? We can just throw them out to those metallic freaks."

    @Jeremi @Yun Lee @Minerva
  18. Jeremi

    Jeremi Well-Known Member The Convergence Series GM

    Despite noticing that Kirby got some food Alia called it and after a bit some soldiers came in with an assortment of different foods and placed them on the table. "It's the least we can do before you go on this mission," She said to all of them. "Please take your fill."

    Mika nodded. "You don't have to tell me twice!" She grabbed what looked like a chicken drumstick and began munching down.

    Alia shook her head. "Sadly we don't know much else. You're right though considering the importance of the items...we must be dealing with a master thief of some sort. A master thief with much larger plans."

    The Reploid turned her attention to Raiden next. "For all we know the Master Emerald's still in the clutches of Dr Wily and Dr Eggman." She had a small tablet in her hand that she scrolled through. "From what we know from natives of that world, the Master Emerald has the power to nullify the Chaos Emeralds, they still need to be close to each other to do it. So while they still hold a powerful tool in their midst, we have a plan to get that from them as well...but you don't have to worry about that."

    "It evidently can be shattered," Alia replied to Link, well a Link, she was having a hard time separating them from each other. "But we have to assume the thief didn't have the time and resources for that."

    "What's the rush?!" Mika said between munching down on the chicken. "Well, I know what the rush is but some of us got to eat you know!"

    "It's not a joke," Alia sighed. "I wish it was a joke, with that gigantic structure looming over us, it makes our operations quite difficult." The others knew of it far too well, the Eggxecutioner, the Doctors massive battlestation that was looming over the world. It was the size of a small moon and held enough firepower to obliterate anything it so deemed. "If they had the skills to fuse our worlds then logically we can use what they did to undo it. Now with the Chaos Emeralds away from the station we might just have a chance to get them."

    @Ver @Minerva @dark @York @CrunchyCHEEZIT @Crimson Spartan @Hahli Nuva @Lucky @ShadowCoyote0 @Hida Tomonatsu @Alex Azure @Sark @Yun Lee @Gummi Bunnies @Takumi
  19. Yun Lee

    Yun Lee Soaring White Dragon Staff Member Administrator The Convergence Series GM

    Ignoring Makoto, Goroh grabbed the closest meat dish to him and started munching. Gotta keep your stamina up and all that. "Huh! A master thief, eh? Bet they got quite the stash..." Man, if things went back to normal anyway, would there even be harm in outrobbing this thief before then?

    @Jeremi @Minerva @Hida Tomonatsu
  20. Ver

    Ver Endearing Misanthrope Staff Member Moderator The Convergence Series GM

    Akihiko Sanada: Prologue - I Am Lightning


    "Never a dull moment, huh? It's just like home all over again," Akihiko let out a soft chuckle at the banter between everyone. Of course, all things considered, he probably ought to take the situation just a bit more seriously, but he was in a rather good mood, as far as he could be. He had worked up a nice sweat earlier today, and his blood was pumping healthily like a horse in fine condition. That was always a surefire way of keeping not just his body but his spirits and his mind in check, active, in good standing.

    Of course, the explanation of the current situation and its updates were pretty interesting to say the least. "So we're off to steal from thieves... Sounds like a fun game," he mused, popping a berry into his mouth from the food table. Indeed, he processed all the info that Alia had run by them all, holding his chin thoughtfully as he reflected on the situation, and how he had gotten here.

    The past half year had been rough, to put it lightly. The only way Akihiko Sanada was able to absorb it all was to think of it like a video game or a anime, as ridiculous as that sounded. Fantastical as his experiences had been, who could fathom his life being some sort of game?

    Even so, that was the only way he could register everyone he had met in that time. A pink, gluttonous creature. A talking discolored hedgehog. A ninja. A puppet. An elf. A himbo. And a robot that reminded him of Aigis... except, if he was permitted to say, a little cuter honestly. Probably because Alia had an easier time smiling. Then again, he figured he shouldn't be so conceited either. For as outlandish and unbelievable their existences might have seemed to him the first time they had come across each other, he wondered if his abilities as a Persona user were any sort of impressive to them in their own right as well.

    The answer? Well, inconclusive, but whatever.

    "Let's save our energy for the mission though," he suggested to everyone who might have come off as preemptively eager, those who seemed like they were about to throw down or those who were chowing down without any regard for the cramps they might get if they were gonna be thrown in the field later. Namely...

    "You're gonna get a stomachache if you keep eating like that, y'know..." Akihiko said with a furrowed brow toward Mika.

    @Jeremi @Anybody
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