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Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
A few hours after the Cell Games
HFIL - "Home for Infinite Losers"
Perfect Cell

It has been a few hours since Cell's defeat at the hands of Gohan at the Cell Games. As is customary of all villains, these were tossed into cells where they were kept for all eternity under watch.


Cell was tossed into one such holding chamber alongside other iconic villains: Guldo, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, Ginyu, Frieza and King Cold who all greeted him appropriately. "So, you were defeated by them too, were you?" "God, mate, you look ugly. Makes me almost miss me cousin." "You probably weren't as fast as me, the fastest being in the Universe. Or at least I thought so until I met Goku." "I still refuse to admit that I lost to that filthy monkey. Urgh!" "That boy had quite the sword skill..." They all muttered as the arrival had appeared, much to Cell's distaste.


"You all lost because you were all non-perfect beings. I am the one who should of beaten Goku and his little brat. Once I get out of here, I am going to crush his spirit and make him regret ever beating me at my own game." "Hate to break it to you "Cell"" Frieza exclaimed. "But as much as we all love that idea, we aren't getting out. They have that filthy monkey and that other Namekian on speed-dial, ready to put us back in here. Trust me, we've tried breaking out and that resulted in our butts getting kicked." "Yeah mate. We've thrown in the towel. Sides, we're happy here." "After witnessing that boy kill my son without so much as breaking a sweat? This Goku sounds even worse." Everyone reluctantly agree with King Cold's statement, which angered Cell.


"You just don't get it do you? I am the Perfect Being. Made out of the DNA of all the Earth's strongest fighters and some of you lot. The fact I lost to Goku's son... Urgh! I'm going to find my own Cell in this hellhole, I can't stand being with you losers." Cell exclaimed in a outburst as he got out of the Cell and walked into another one, quite far from the other villains. Taking the opportunity, he stared up into the "clouds" and contemplated his defeat.


"I am the Perfect Being. The fact I lost to a teenager with anger problems... It's infuriating! And this place is a literal hell full of weak-minded imperfect creatures. If only I had the means to escape, only then I shall have my revenge and even more... My Cell Games was a perfect hit, and it must return. That brat needs to be dealt with first... But how can I regain my glory? Even if I start training now, they'll most likely be doing the same, I won't be able to gather nearly enough power to take him on, much less against all his friends."

The Multiverse was a massive plain, home to many universes alongside this one. Was anyone listening in on Cell's desires and sympathised with him? Would anyone help him bring his Revenge to fruition and restore the glory that is the Cell Games?

@Yun Lee

"Mother...Venis and I would like you to look at this."

"Hm? Child, if you're showing me something silly in those little timelines of yours..."

"No, Mother! Aeon and I have been experimenting lately."

"Oh you have now, have you?"

"Well, what else are we supposed to do? This whole Skullgirl plot has been a total waste!"


"Oh come on, Aeon, you know it, too! If we want to get anywhere we need assistance from the outside! It's the only way we can get anything done!"

"The outside...?"

"Yeah. It kind of goes without saying, but I have a front row seat to hundreds of thousands of worlds out there. I've been seeing a lot recently. And Aeon here can actually look through the timelines of other worlds! We've seen a lot so far!"

"Aeon, is this true?"

"...yes, Mother. We've been watching otherworldly events for a while now. We think there may be those out there willing to help us with our plans. We might not need a Skull Heart, after all."

"Especially considering that these worlds have been doing quite a lot of that for each other as of late."


"Oh yes. You see, some demon escaped from this one hellish dimmension-a bit like Gehenna but not really-and worked with some scientist to power himself up through Darkness by using people from other worlds."

"Is that right..."

"Heh, check it out, Aeon. I think Mother is finally interested. Well, Mother, I'm afraid that your dear friend the demon is dead now. But he had a good run, it looks like. Killed a lot of people, destroyed a lot of's a pretty good business to get into, I'd say."

"There have been others, as well. A false priest who spread the news of demonic games, a witch that orchestrated games for her own amusement a parasite that disguised itself as a loving parent...and many, many more. I am sure, if we wanted to, we could find others who could assist us."


"Oh, she must be furious."

"No she's not. I told you she'd like this idea."

"If I get my doujinshis taken away, I blame you."

"Well then. Girls, by no means do I appreciate your keeping this from me."

"...yes, Mother."

"But...this could prove useful. To complete our goal, I'm sure someone out therein one if these many universes could aid us. But, where would we start?"

"Already figured that one out! You see, during one of these little incidents, a fellow named Cell caused a lot of havoc. He was also super powerful, too! We may be able to help him help us..."

"There is a hitch, however. That Cell is dead. The one we contact will not remember anything from those times. He will still retain the same powers, however."

"Hmm...all right. We will contact this Cell. And in doing so...we will set our plans into motion. Now...where exactly is this Cell?"


Fortunately, this place...the Home For Infinite Losers, where the Cell they required was kept, was very similar to Gehenna. In fact, if she didn't know better, it could be called Hell itself. Rather ironic, then, for a nun to appear in its depths, but this nun was far more than meets the eye.

Not like she would let anyone catch onto that, however.

It did not take her long to find the holding cell for her target. Once there, she called out.

"Cell, are you here? Your prayers have been heard, and they are about to be answered."

@Raynar Saassin
Cell was just sitting in his holding chamber, thinking his plans through, hoping to find some way to enact his revenge. Constantly overhearing the bickering of the other Villains was starting to get on his nerves, especially when the topic they kept on discussing was how they all lost to Goku and Gohan, whereas King Cold kept on referring to a "Boy with a sword." which was referring to Trunks.


"Listening to those fools makes me sick. It doesn't help that they are constantly bickering about the same opponents, it really drives me mad thinking about it. Hmm. I honestly hope for some peace and quiet---" He was then cut off when someone had been calling out for him, addressing him by name. "What? Who's there? Show yourself immediately." He muttered as he turned around to see... a nun? What's a nun doing in HFIL? Many questions to be answered, he's sure.


"Oh lookie here, another religious pursuer who tries to convert us into the "Good guys" or whatever. Wait a minute. "Your prayers have been heard and are about to be answered" what is that supposed to mean---"


"I see what this is. You were overhearing my bickering about Gohan and how I lost to such a brat. Hmhm. What business would you, a simple nun, have with such a perfect being such as myself?" Cell asked, crossing his arms. In his eyes, he could see a simple nun who could possibly just be putting on an act. But was it an act?

@Yun Lee
"A simple nun..." Her expression didn't falter at Cell's doubts; a poker face remained on her features as she quietly listened to everything he said. "I believe you must be mistaken. For you see, I am no simple nun, and I have no simple goal of saving your soul. My goal at this time is to save you. You desire freedom, do you not?"

@Raynar Saassin

"You are starting to intrigue me." Cell exclaimed with a smile. Someone must of heard his desires and appeared to give him a hand, but what exactly was their plan? "Yes, I do desire freedom. A way to return and defeat that brat, Gohan. He defeated me in my own tournament, and beat me at my own game. I took advantage of his little temper and even killed his father and he somehow obtained an overwhelming power! It's so infuriating. How about we get to business then."


"Now, I'm sure you have some way of bringing me back to life and allowing me to reek my revenge, however I require a little... boost, to my power. You see, while I have been stuck down here, I have been learning new things about the Universe, including a way to enter something completely unfathomable. Thanks to that boy, Trunks of course. Hmhm. I'm sure you're familiar with the Glory that is the Cell Games?~"

@Yun Lee
"Oh yes, resurrecting you will not be a problem at all. Nor will freeing you from this place. And I do know of your Cell Games.

"I know just about everything about you."

The nun now smiled at Cell, eyes opening to reveal something...unexpected, to tay the least. Black eyes with large red irises that were so bright they almost glowed. And on top of that, rising up on her dress and cowl were veins, turning her dress from a blue on top to a sinister purple below.

"Your story is truly one of sorrow, but do not worry. You are in good hands, Cell. Your revenge, your Cell Games...they shall all be restored to you with no problems whatsoever. All that's asked in return, however, is your assistance once freed."

@Raynar Saassin

"Intriguing. You changed your appearance and began speaking as if you were some kind of deity. Hmhm. Those eyes of yours harbour incredible power... I can practically feel the strength flowing from you, despite it not being entirely made up of the energy I am familiar with." Cell exclaimed, grinning towards the nun who has very clearly made her true appearance known. She definitely looked like the kind of person who is able to aid Cell in his goals.


"Very well. I accept your terms, I shall aid you in whatever you require, so long as I get to do what I desire first, and that's the ability to fight Gohan again but with even more power at my disposal. I require a large boost to my already perfect strength, and I also plan on restoring my Cell Games to stretch all the way across the Multiverse."

@Yun Lee
"That can easily be arranged. There is a young woman from my world that has a power you can harness. All that would require is capturing her for yourself. I'm sure a being such as yourself can utilize her quite nicely." The nun kept the smile on her face, not seeming to mind that he wanted his end of the bargain fulfilled first. "Well then, shall we be off? Leaving this realm shall be of no difficulty for us."

@Raynar Saassin

"Hmhm. I see. I shall indeed handle her quite well. If she's anything like you, she shall be a worthy combatant if it resorts to conflict." Cell responded with a smile as he proceeded to walk towards the exit of the Cell. "Indeed it would not be. Take me to this woman you inquire about, and we shall do many great things together. I'm usually not one for alliances but this one is a..."


"Perfect Exception."

@Yun Lee
"I couldn't agree more."

As Cell exited the, well, cell, he would feel a sudden force around him, as if being grabbed by some massive invisible hand. This hand would pull him along at a rather liesurely pace, but all around him, the world would change rapidly, as if speeding up to a blur. In what felt like a mere ten seconds, he would be deposited on a wooden deck, and the force would vanish as quickly as it had appeared.


The smell of seafood and saltwater would fill the air, with a pleasant breeze wafting around. The clear water reflected Cell, but in this watery district, oddly enough he remained inconspicuous. For the denizens of this area were people?


"Welcome to Little Innsmouth, a small district in my world," a voice spoke behind Cell. Turning around, he would find...


"Fear not, it is still I, Sister Agatha. However, this persona is called Zane. The young woman we seek is most likely around this area...but first we must ascertain when we are."

@Raynar Saassin
As Cell was looking around at the new location he was taken to, he was simply astonished as to how his escape from his imprisonment in HFIL was so easy to this woman. Looking at the water, seeing his Perfect Reflection made him chuckle as he hadn't had the chance to properly look at himself since he had absorbed Android 18 to become what he is now. Looking towards the clouds now and they were crystal clear, looking beautiful.


"Hmhm. You know something? You intrigue me more and more. The fact we were able to escape so quickly and so easily might I add, is simply incredible. So this is what freedom feels like. Looks Perfect."

His attention was then drawn to the mystery voice that spoke to him behind him, as he turned around to discover a man? After hearing that they are still the nun that he was interacting with, he simply chuckled at the thought that this entity was able to shape-shift.


"Interesting. So you can change your form at will. Intriguing."


"So. Our target is somewhere in this district of your planet, hmm? Perfect. I can just feel the power that I so rightfully deserve... As we are investigating this woman's location, would you perhaps tell me about this woman and how she benefits me?"

@Yun Lee
"The woman we seek is named Nadia Fortune. She is a thief and former member of a group of thieves called the Fishbone Gang. A while ago, they had succeeded is stealing an object known as the Life Gem, which grants immortality to whoever holds it." Agatha turned her sunglassed gaze towards a restaurant, where two human men entered. "Do you see those men? They're members of the Medici Mafia, a fearsome group that has caused chaos and grief time and time again. They attacked Nadia's gang for the Life Gem, dismembering them and throwing them into the sea."

Agatha's eyes left the two men and turned to the water. "Nadia was a clever girl. She swallowed the Life Gem, making her body immortal. She still contains the Life Gem even now. Using this Life Gem can prove incredibly useful and keep you from death. Ah, there she is."

As if on cue, a young catlike woman arrived on the scene, strolling into the restaurant as she whistled a tune.


"Now, this world has many timelines, so before you attempt any course of action, we must ascertain which timeline we find ourselves in. Come now." She motioned for Cell to follow her into the restaurant.

@Raynar Saassin

"A way to keep me from death. Hmhm. Oh that sounds Perfect. The very thing to keep me from losing is immortality, and this woman has it. You are intriguing me more and more, hmhm." Cell chuckled as he listened to everything she had to say. This was truly a brilliant way for Cell to gain his revenge, one step at a time. Of course, he had to be careful as he was dealing with powers beyond his world, but he was willing to take the risk to get what he wants.


"Yes. Let's go. I'd rather not keep our deeds waiting any longer!" Cell exclaimed with a smirk as he followed her into the restaurant.

@Yun Lee
The restaurant was your typical small business, with about a half dozen patrons, including the three who just walked in.

"Table for two, please!" 'Zane' called to the Dagonian waitress.


"Right away!" She led the two to a table in the corner, which coincidentally enough was the perfect vantage point for all three targets. "Here are your menus. My name is Minette, I'll be with you shortly."

Minette walked away to the kitchen, and one of the Medici men, a larger fellow in a red shirt, ogled her as she did so, giving his companion, a smaller man with a tidy mustache, a knowing smirk.

"In this world, there was a device known as the Skull Heart." Agatha's voice was back to normal, and she spoke casually as she looked over the menu. "Every seven years, it would grant a wish to a woman who wished upon it, but if she was not pure of heart, she would become a monstrosity known as the Skullgirl. The recent Skullgirl was a child named Marie Korbel, who wad kidnapped and sold into slavery by the Medici mafia. She wished for revenge, and was in the process of getting it, but now...she's vanished."

Agatha closed her menu, looking at Cell as she continued. "Despite this, there are multiple timelines where Marie did not vanish, and where possible Skullgirl candidates can hunt it down. In one, a princess sacrifices herself so that her sister may never become the Skullgirl. In another, a young girl wishes to ease the suffering of her dear friend, and that same dear friend has a tragic end in a third." Glancing at Ms. Fortune, who was happily stuffing her face with food, Agatha continued. "Nadia has one timeline where she herself is killed by the Medicis, and another where she destroys the Skull Heart upon finding it. I still do not know which timeline we have arrived in, but I do know that whatever transpires here will not affect the greater scope of things in this world, as Matie is now gone. So, in as you wish."

"Ah, thank you for waiting!" Minette was back, ready to take the order. "Have you both decided what you'd like to eat today?"

@Raynar Saassin
Cell simply observed everyone as he entered. Some patrons gave him a look as if to say "Who the heck is this guy?" but returned to their drinks as Cell sat at the table designated for them by the waitress. He listened to Sister Agatha speak on about the different timelines and what was constantly mentioned as a "Skull Girl."


"Interesting... Very interesting." Cell exclaimed with a serious expression as he patiently listened in to the conversation. "So these Skullgirls you constantly refer to all had a goal in mind to reach this special gem to gain their wish, but ultimately failed. Very... intriguing to learn." He exclaimed with a nod, crossing his arms as he spoke, taking all information to heart. Now this definitely sounded interesting, and explains why he was to be careful about what timeline they entered, in case things went wrong. Once he heard the words "I still do not know which timeline we have arrived in, but I do know that whatever transpires here will not affect the greater scope of things in this world, as Matie is now gone. So, in as you wish." Cell immediately chuckled at that thought. Being able to do what he wanted in this timeline would mean that he could possibly take his new power by force.

Seeing the Waitress come back, Cell took this as his opportunity and stood up. Being slightly taller than the Waitress, he smirked and outstretched his arm towards her, pointing a finger which began to generate a small purple energy out of the finger tip.


"Yes. I'd like to order me a nice meal of "Perfection" please. Alongside a side dish of a major power increase to yours truly. And I am not afraid to take it."

@Yun Lee
"U-Um..." Minette was a bit startled, but otherwise more confused than anything. "I don't think we sell that here...Yu Wan? Do you know a recipe for something called 'Perfection'?"

From behind the kitchen window, a Dagonian chef shook his head. "Nope."

Minette gave Cell a smile. "Sorry, sir, but we don't sell that here-oh!"

The skinny Medici goon had now arrived, snaking an arm around Minette's waist.


"My, my. I do hate to see a lovely young woman harassed by some mongrel Feral. Isn't that rather nasty, Lawrence?"


"Couldn't agree more, Riccardo." Lawrence cracked his knuckles, grinning rather smugly at Cell. "How about you leave the little lady alone, huh? One thing I hate is seein' a poor defenseless cutie threatened by some freak...even is she IS Dagonian."

"Hmhmhm..." Agatha merely chuckled, enjoying the show. From her table, Nadia stopped midbite, and was now watching, too.

@Raynar Saassin
Cell would discover that two simple goons approached, aiming to defend the Waitress. Do they even know who they are dealing with? They are about to find out as Cell laughed at them.


"Hahahaha! Ahahahaha! Oh this is rich! Ahaha... Two simple goons want to try to take me on? You look nothing more than regular street toughs! Hahaha." Cell exclaimed. "Do you two even know who I am and what I'm capable of? I can literally erase a planet from existence with a mere finger. How about... I give you a demonstration?" Cell then cancelled his Death Beam attack and moved his shoulders in the air, then pushed them back down to create a visible green aura around him, with visible lightning strikes appearing out of his body as a visible wind trail was underneath him. Anyone in the bar could feel the immense power that Cell was displaying right there just from the fiery aura and lightning surrounding him alongside the casual smirk on his face.


"Do you two want to rethink your resolve here before I blast you into pieces? Because you are in the presence of a Perfect Being such as myself. You couldn't possibly fathom the amount of dead men behind me."

@Yun Lee
"What the-Riccardo, this freak ain't normal!"

"I can see that, Lawrence." Shoving Minette aside, Riccardo began circling Cell, wary of his power. "Tell me, Feral...what ARE you? Are you infected with some kind of freak parasite? Or are you just that messed up?" After a full circle, he would smile at Cell. "You might interest Lorenzo more than that little minnow."

"Hell yeah-we could get a raise for this!"

If Cell noticed, Nadia narrowed her eyes at the mention of this Lorenzo. The Medici men didn't. In fact, Riccardo extended his hand for Cell to shake. "What do you say? Care to join us?"

@Raynar Saassin
As this Riccardo circled Cell, he couldn't help but chuckle at his presumptions. He was clearly assuming a lot about him just from his power display, and in good reason, these seem to have already been spooked.


"Hmhm. Oh people wish I was a Parasite~ Judging from my name, it would make some kind of sense but no. I am just that perfect. As for my origins? All you need to know is that I am an Android, created with the DNA of my Universe's strongest fighters which can all harbour incredible power. Except of course that it's my design and strength that makes me a perfect being."

After a full circle, he mentioned someone called "Lorenzo" and chuckled at what he said about him being of more interest then Nadia. "Hmhm." Cell merely chuckled at the thought. He did indeed notice that Nadia narrowed her eyes at the mention of Lorenzo and figured that she could be secretly judging him. After hearing the offer of joining them, Cell had a thought. Maybe he would join them, but he had already worked enough with Sister Agatha to know that his revenge is possible through their design, and not these two thugs.


"Very well." Cell exclaimed as he reached his hand and locked a grip with it to shake. However, this was a trick as Cell would then pump some of his strength into the grip and begin to break Riccardo's hand due to the severe physical strength that he possesses. He smirked at this and stared down Riccardo.


"Did you honestly believe that I would accept such an offer from two simple ruffians? Please. You two are inferior compared to me and the power that I have been seeking, hence my appearance in this place. And considering that you cannot even handle a low-power hand break, you couldn't possibly fathom how much power I require! Let this be a demonstration as to how strong I actually am. Be lucky that I'm nice enough to spare you considering you're so weak, but try to get in my way again? I won't hesitate to kill you and any associates on the spot."

@Yun Lee
"Yiiiiiii!!!" Riccardo shrieked in a very high-pitched manner, desperately trying to yank his hand out of Cell's grip.

"Hey, you freak! Let 'im go!" Lawrence grabbed a chair and smashed it over Cell's head in an attempt to get his grip to ease up on his cohort.

"HEY! You can't just go around smashing my furniture!" Yu Wan yelled from the kitchen.

"Stuff it, Fish Face! The Medicis will compensate ya!"

@Raynar Saassin
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