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  1. Yun Lee

    Side Story Rot and Rule

    The Multiverse had been saved, but save for a select few, no one truly knew it had even been in danger. Once Revan's machinations had been undone, hundreds of thousands of worlds kept right on spinning, blissfully unaware of the war for their very lives that had been building up for years and...
  2. Yun Lee

    Full Rot and Rule (Multifandom Music Roleplay)

    Across the Multiverse, stars shine within all galaxies. No, I'm not talking about the big balls of gas you see in the sky at night, I'm talking stars, man! Actors! Athletes! And the best kind of all, the star just about anyone can be...musicians! With enough hard work and determination, you can...
  3. gabbiwrites

    Open Searching for OC or fandom plots!

    Hi, hello! I'm desperately trying to get some rps rolling here, so I've decided to make a little advertisement here! Feel free to comment/message me if you're interested. You can also like this if you're shy and I'll come to you as well! THE BASICS: I'm Gabbi 22 She/her CST I write past or...
  4. Exif

    Open Fandom Roleplay w/Plots!

    Hello, there! Welcome to my first interest check on the site. I have been looking to try some Fandom roleplays and figured I would compile them all in a single, concise post. I will update this thread every now and then with more fandoms and plots as they come to me, so I don't have a dozen...
  5. Poppy

    Open Fantasy based writer with select fandoms

    Multi-paragraph writer Responses are made a few times a week. I love playing more than one character. My characters are usually female I may play a side male on occasion. Prefer male characters to play against Open to suggestions. Plot ideas soon to come. My Characters Potential fandoms: This...
  6. Sark

    Assassin's Creed: Succession [Illusion Sign-Ups]

    ASSASSIN'S CREED: SUCCESSION SYNOPSIS January 1st, 2020 A.D., London The European Assassins' Brotherhood has been eradicated. The Bloodlines of the Sages have been erased. Order has been brought to a chaotic world. The Templar Order Rules supreme. Although the Assassins are dead, their...
  7. Raynar Saassin

    Non-Canon C&C: Melding of Alternate Futures - Signups & Info!

    Establishing Battlefield Control, Stand By. . . Two Alternate Earths... In one Earth, the one known as Adolf Hitler was eliminated early by Professor Albert Einstein in order to prevent the horrors of World War II, but doing so caused a different war entirely. In another Earth; a meteor landed...
  8. Sark

    Pokemon Illusion Game: Battle Dimensions!

    Illusion Game: Battle Dimensions! Plot Team Rainbow Rocket has returned to the Indigo Plaza, and have installed their own Elite Four. They've put out the call- a challenge- for trainers from across the world to participate in their New World Pokémon League. Travelling from far and wide, you and...
  9. Atomic Knight

    Main Event Fighting of the Spirit Sign-Ups (Flashpoint Part 2)

    The screen flashed to life, grabbing everyone’s attention. The image was hazy and flickered in an out like an illusion. It was the Lord of Spirits, Milla Maxwell, likely bearing a communication from a wholly different realm. An action such as this was unprecedented, that fact alone awe-inspiring...
  10. Yun Lee

    Main Event The Ultimate Game

    (This game was hosted by @Atomic Knight , @Ver , and @Neko Shogun and can be found here.) CHAPTER ONE "Falling Skies" Captain Commander Kieran stood in the Coalition Headquarters command room, watching his fellow members tap hurriedly away at displays and keys he couldn't even begin to...
  11. Raynar Saassin

    1x1 Pathway to Perfection

    A few hours after the Cell Games HFIL - "Home for Infinite Losers" Perfect Cell It has been a few hours since Cell's defeat at the hands of Gohan at the Cell Games. As is customary of all villains, these were tossed into cells where they were kept for all eternity under watch. Cell was...
  12. Blacksmith

    1x1 War Stories

    Set after Civil War, showing the fate of Lucifer Anghelscu and a prelude to the War of Mewni. -------------------- Montressor Spaceport like Avalon catered to all races and types, sailors between the black in this sector of worlds. It was perfect to lose oneself, any would-be seekers afflicted...
  13. Jeremi

    Shadow over Gotham OOC

    Hello and welcome to the OOC for Shadow over Gotham! If you want more casual chat I will direct you to our Discord server. If it is questions pertaining to the rp proper I'd request that you'd post the questions here so I have an easier time finding them. Sign-ups will continue until the...
  14. Glitchy Dragon

    Id(Purpose) seems the number of participants has quite literally jumped XD. Should we re-start the whole thing again? Rather than characters randomly popping in? I think it'd be easier that way so we won't necessarily overlap posts and each character will already be included. What do you think?
  15. Miles

    PMD: Broken Beliefs {Out of Character Chat}

    Last but not least, here's the OOC chat for this RP. Here you can talk about whatever you want. Just remember to have fun and follow the rules. The Roleplay Character Sheet
  16. Griffith

    JoJo's Bizarre Roleplay: Stairway to Heaven OOC thread

    「♛JoJo's Bizarre Roleplay: Stairway to Heaven - OOC Thread This is the OOC thread of Stairway to Heaven. General discussion and updates will be posted here. This thread also serves as the character depository to keep things in one place. Questions, plot ideas and suggestions for posting also go...
  17. Foreigner55

    Slice of life gone Pokemon OOC

    Welcome to the world of Pokemon. A startling place full of many wonders. It consists of various regions, some unknown, that are full of Pokemon. Pokemon are strange wondrous creatures that can be captured and trained by Pokemon trainers. Let's look in on some trainers now. Ah here they are. The...
  18. peachy

    a song of ice and fire occ thread

    Hey there and welcome to our occ thread for the group roleplay A Song of Ice and Fire. Please don't post in this thread unless you are actively involved in our roleplay, cheers!
  19. Squidward Uchiha

    Akame ga Kill! FRESH BLOOD | OOC [CLOSED]

    *WARNING FOR THOSE WHO DID NOT READ THE INTEREST CHECK* The following RP contains spoilers for the anime/manga series "Akame ga Kill!" If you have not finished the original manga or the anime adaption, there are details in the synopsis and the ensuing roleplay that will contain spoilers for...
  20. Yoda

    We Few: A Star Wars Tale OOC (5/7)

    The Idea: This RP takes place in the Star Wars galaxy after Palpatine activates Order 66 and the execution of the Jedi begins. The RP will follow a group of Rebels on a journey to survive in a Galaxy ruled by Darth Sidious and his Imperial Order. Throughout the RP you will journey to lost...