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Humble Festive Offerings

Assessing what they've covered in terms of what to do from here on out, Miu figured that it was time to wrap up their discussion as it was nearing the limit of keeping this space isolated from the altered world intact, and that this group was settled on lending their efforts to save this world. Making sure that everyone that was willing to go on was on the lowered white platform, she readied herself to proceed with what was next.

Well, this is it then. From this point onward, the goal is to retrieve the clear crystals that make up my remaining magic and uncover the Witch's identity from the village's people. It's... the most I can give my input toward, as I am unable to further communicate with you all once you're sent back to the village of Hinamizawa. In fact... due to how I'll use the magic I still have in this clustered form of mine, this rendition of myself will cease to exist. It won't be like I'll be permanently gone, as long as you retrieve those clear crystals, there's a chance that I can still exist... I'll simply have no recollection of this meeting no matter what. Despite the fate that she faced after doing this act of magic, Miu was determined to do what she could to ensure this world's survival, entrusting this notion to the individuals that made up the village tour group.

A sudden gust of wind swirled around the platform that they stood upon, a calming sensation began to ease them along with the fact that their senses began to lose their bearings to the situation that they were being pulled away from this empty piece of this world and into another.

The clustered lights that made up Miu's form gradually flickered before petering out one by one, inevitable that there would be nothing left of her in this instance. Even so, she gave her encouraging words to the group as her warping magic was about to do its job. Good luck everyone! I believe that you can save this world after all!

Then, their consciousness should drift off with the breezy wind revolving around them, it should soon.

Before that would inevitably happen, a gentle whisper broke past the rhythmic gusts of wind, relaying a cryptic message to their ears. A message that brought upon those same numbing sounds of ringing bells.

❝ The time for the awaited tragedy... it's almost here. So... please wait for me. ❞

For what felt like an eternity, another voice could be loosely made out as the tour group's consciousness started to come back to reality.

❝ Hey... hey, c'mon already. Hellooo?? ❞

❝ Nia, that's not how you get their attention. We only got here after covering most of the village for the tour, so allow them a moment of rest. ❞

As the bells were no longer heard by the tour group, everyone would slowly recover and return to normal as if such an absurd event never took place. Along with the fact that Nia and Cecilia did not make any mention for any new arrivals, much like they were here to begin with. Evidently, time definitely passed a significant margin since Miu's interjection.

The sun had set and the night sky could be seen. Surrounded by the rural festival scene, the main performance of the village's shrine maiden already concluded, and the young maiden could be seen going up the steps to the shrine with the other assistants atop the hill from the festival grounds. That shrine maiden could be recognized by some of the group as Nozomu, from the schoolyard.

❝ Ahem! ❞ Nia would wave her hands wildly, pouting at how the group seemed to be spacing out. ❝ Don't leave me waiting for a response like that! Anyways, I know that ritual dance was super mesmerizing and stuff, but that isn't an excuse to space out. You could at least, I don't know, chill out in a different way while at a festival occasion. ❞

Cecilia would be seen shaking her head at the other's choice of words, and before she could give her two cents in on what they could do.

❝ Well, besides that, if you need me, I'm going to congratulate Nozomu-chan on her performance over at the shrine! She totes deserves it! ❞ Nia proudly declared before running off on her own, up the hilly staircase toward the village's shrine.

❝ I must have a talk with her after all this. How unprofessional. ❞ Cecilia groaned, turning her attention to the group now, ❝ I would go after her now, but I do have this festival to maintain and such. So I suppose this is the end of the tour, technically speaking. You're free to explore the rest of the festival grounds, rest up for the night at the inn, or if you really wish to, go and make sure Nia doesn't make any trouble for the shrine's occupants and attendants. That is all. ❞

With that, Cecilia left the tour group on their own, presumably attending to the numerous stalls at this festival.

~Guest List~
@Crimson Spartan as Akira Kijima (Spirit Hunter NG)
@Lucky as Allen Chambers (OC)
@mintyy as Ansel (Arknights)
@Jeremi as Barret Wallace (Final Fantasy 7 Remake)
@ShadowCoyote0 as Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
@Yun Lee as Dorothea Arnault (Fire Emblem Three Houses)
@Capri as Kamal Bora (Smile For Me)
@Takumi as Saki Haijima (When a Magician's Pupil Smiles)
@Crow as Tachibana Arisu (The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls)
@York as Yulia (Everlasting Summer)
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Ugh whoa this was starting to get disorienting. Barret looked around confused after yet another scenery change he let out a groan. "Okay, okay, we gotta get control of this entire situation," He remarked to the rest of the group. Despite wanting to go back to the inn and sleep this mess away he had to try and figure this thing out. "I'm gonna go and check the festival area in case I could find somethin'. Y'all welcome to join me."

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