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original characters

  1. Zhawk55

    New User Me Myself and I

    I’m a Twitch streamer and voice actor. Nuff said. (I also write ocs and cosplay them)
  2. K

    Alien Characters

    ---------------------------- Keito Age: 17 Gender: Male Sexuality: Homosexual Species: Human-Daracon Appearance: Long-ish, fluffy white hair. Keito's eyes are a deep, blood-red. Sharper canines and heightened senses. Keito has a pair of blue-tinted goggles to displace his eye color and protect...
  3. K

    Hunter's Nightmare

    The sun had just disappeared below the horizon, the moon casting a light glow on the stagnant lake. The red-haired man stared at the reflection in the water, the image waving ever so slightly with the water’s movements. Hunter plunged a bloodied hand into the cold lake, scooping up some of the...
  4. Ubel the Jotunn

    Ubel the Jotunn

    Helga the Jotunn's evil sister, Ubel.
  5. Wanda Bara the Necromancer

    Wanda Bara the Necromancer

  6. mama scoots

    The Nicholases

    i have no idea where else to put this, but i'll put it here. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] So, that's about it for now. I have a few more Nicholases, but my laptop's fan won't stop screaming at me. So, I'll stop here. See y'alls later!!
  7. Exif

    Interest Check Rise of the Templars Group RP

    Plot Nevarro is a supercontinent, a colossal mass of land with rivers and streams running through it like pulsing blue veins. It is surrounded by the vast ocean, which stretches far over the horizon, uncharted and daunting. The land is rife with fantastical creatures of all shapes and sizes...
  8. Exif

    Full Dynasty Roleplay

    Well, I think you know what's been going on in the world lately. Since I am effectively confined to my house for the foreseeable future, I think I'll be open for an additional RP slot. I've been looking to tackle a fantasy roleplay. I wanted to take a common pairing, but give it a little twist...
  9. NetherMyth

    Seeking FanFiction BETA Readers

    I am looking for a handful of persons who would be willing to act as BETA readers for my FanFiction saga. For those of you who finish reading this post and decide you are interested, I only ask for two qualities in my BETA readers; 1. You give your honest opinion, even if you think it might...
  10. MoltenLightning

    Lightning's Hideaway

    Gotta keep my children somewhere... Each character will have its own little thread, for easy access This will mostly be for me and to have a place to store characters; but hey I guess if you want you can look through this...
  11. Jeremi

    Shadow Over Gotham (Sign-up thread)

    Premise: A sinister ploy is taking shape in Gotham City. Where else but Gotham? In its dark alleyways and whose protector dresses as a huge bat. The city is ripe with crime and Bane is about to capitalize. Thanks to an unknown benefactor the master criminal Bane has gained access to...
  12. KoshiroWizard

    Akari's Sword Dance Art dump

    I haven't quiet finished this one yet but I'm getting there slowly. Most of you saw this one in my introduction post. Yammy although his last name is now Itamoto.... WELP. I'm starting to dislike this one... This was the poster I did for my art exam. My teachers were really nice letting...
  13. peachy

    game of thrones group roleplay

    “ IN A GAME OF THRONES, YOU WIN OR DIE TRYING Read the books and/or love the show? Then you’re in excellent company! Head on over to our thread if you wish to be involved. There are limited spots—only five houses remaining! Send me a private message or respond on this thread to reserve your spot!
  14. _nebula_

    _nebula_'s characters!

  15. will30358

    Ask my Original Character Max!

    It's kinda like one of those things when you ask an OC and you get to know that character better.
  16. Risha

    Risha's Art /Dump/

    :emoji_hearts: YOUR TYPICAL ART THREAD :emoji_hearts: Trad to Digital May post year-gap re-drawings Original Character/s designs Random sketches *reupload from different social media. ENJOY!