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  1. Chung

    Favorite Character to Roleplay?

    I don't know if a thread like this has been made because I am pretty new to this website but here we go. Who's your favorite character to roleplay? It can be any kind of character whether they're already existing media icons or OC's that you made up and love. You should tell me why you love...
  2. PhantomSpecter

    New User A Letter of Introduction

    Greetings Random Readers of this Radically Written Letter, Before we get on with any of this introduction business, I must first declare these words all proper nouns and therefore deserving of my excessive use of capitalization. It wasn't at all that I forgot how capitalization worked at the...
  3. Horicabu

    I need a good place to share my work.

    Hello! I'm feeling discouraged with my writing, not because of the quality of work or inspiration (my writing is decent and my inspiration is overflowing), but a lack of commitment. Whenever I sit down to write, there's just this discouraging feeling of 'nobody is actually going to read this'...
  4. Jail Rose


    He's rude and conceited and so full of himself. They had always known him as someone with a heart full of images... beautiful images that contain him and only him and this causes him to always talk about himself. He loves himself above all, and looks down on others no matter how much they are...
  5. Twisted

    Don't Betray Me

    "Don't betray me..." She says, through tears. "Though I have betrayed you, I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to hurt you so, and now..." Her fists clench. "Now you are gone. Done with the world. It is my fault." A tear drops. Falling. "I ran, I ran as fast as I could. I thought you were...
  6. Disobedient Avocado

    How to Improve?

    I know there are a lot of specific things that we, as writers, would like to improve upon. At least, I know there are things I'm constantly working on. Being more descriptive, being clearer in my writing, working on flow, and personality. What are the things you do in order to try and improve...
  7. Constance Ardeth

    Sunshine in the Night: A Poem

    Darkness falls on a silver ocean, Into it dreams fall Like teardrops Tormenting a still sea. I always wished, though I never knew I always hoped, till despair was tried and true, That I’d be here, here now, And with you. I dreamed until dreams came no more, I sighed till I had no more sighs in...
  8. wild-cryptid


    hey, does anyone have any references for writing like physics or medical things? I'm creating an OC and I'd like them to be as accurate to real-world physics as possible. Also, another character of mine is a doctor and I have a few things I look at every once in a while, but more medical...
  9. Lazzamore

    Need some advice on my writing project

    Alright, so I am writing a short story, or at least I thought I was, anyhow. The short story is set in the Warhammer 40k universe about an OC I have used for my armies warlord (I tend to end up writing a story regardless of what I do. I once did so while doing math homework). I play Orks, so...
  10. Mikkietikkietabbie

    Story too complicated?

    I frequently have problems with making my worlds and plot lines too detailed, but I can't tell when. How can you tell?
  11. Mikkietikkietabbie

    New User Introduction I gues

    Hey! I've never really been on any of these kinds of role play sites before, but I've been dying to give it a try. Well, I guess I can get behind really anything. I can do any kind of genre, I'm interested in all of them. But perhaps not some super duper dark stuff. But maybe. Anyways, I love...
  12. Hannibal ante portas

    What inspires your writing and roleplaying?

    Some people believe in muses and others find inspiration in nature. What ignites the passion of creation in you?
  13. Hannibal ante portas

    What If?

    I am interested in writing prompts so I thought I would throw this one up. The love of your life just told you the last five years were a fiction crafted by…
  14. aryamajor

    Struggling with writing fight scenes?

    Hi all! For a long time I have struggled with writing fight scenes! They either sound too clinical and boring, or come out muddy and poorly done. I've tried different styles and different PoV's but I still cant seem to develop a style of fight scene creation that reads well. That said, I thought...
  15. Lazzamore

    Writing Collaboration

    I am looking to start a collaboration between many writers. My personal goal with it being to write a series of short stories set over a long period of time, about a particular nation. Though you, as potential collaborators, would have the freedom to write about anything within the world we...
  16. Joshua Raxter

    Writer's Block

    Writer's Block I sit in my chair and stare at the blank screen. Wishing upon wishes that a spark of inspiration would strike me down so I can finish this poor portfolio. I have one story left to do and only five days left to complete it. But the ideas do not come. Some say that they work better...
  17. Sean E.

    Sean's Stories - Some Information (#0)

    Hey there! Just wanted to fill you in on a little thing I want to do every month starting February, where I write a little short story and post it here for all to read and hopefully enjoy! So a little info about how this will work. I will spend roughly three weeks every month working on a...
  18. Therris

    New User Sæl!

    Sæl! Hvat segir þú? I am known as Therris, and hello to all of you! I guess this is where I tell a little about me, though I'm not entirely sure what to say. I have a passion for writing, and have had it for the past 9 years. I have random little snippets strewn about, but have never actually...
  19. P

    New User Hiya!

    Hi there, I'm new to this site and roleplaying. The idea interests me and I wanted to give it a try. I've been writing my whole life and started a book about two years ago. I thought roleplaying might give me some inspiration. I'm looking forward to working together with others and improving as...
  20. TheZanta

    Things to avoid as a Roleplayer?

    Since I'm very recently getting back into this kind of thing, and was never truly experienced in creative writing as its own beast anyway, I'd just like to ask those who have been consistently doing this for a while: What things should I avoid as I get back into Roleplay? Or as an expansion...